CORAD Healthcare, Inc. is a an innovative healthcare company specializing the marketing and distribution of the most effective product OTC and natural treatments for some of life's most embarrassing ailments.

CORAD Healthcare, Inc. is dedicated to providing educational information and the marketing of effective OTC medications. We have partnered with modern science and coupled it with common sense and excellent service to be able to offer the most effective comprehensive remedies for the most common, yet unpleasant disorders.

We also understand the importance of physical and mental well-being to the overall health of the individual. In addition to manufacturing our hallmark anti-perspirant product Maxim, we are pleased to offer the following products:

Maxim® roll-on for excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis
Maxim® wipes for excessive sweating (great for travel)
Liquid Vibe® - world's most powerful, ultra-pure liquid vitamin supplement
Iceland Health Omega 3
Xenadrine weight-loss supplement
Equalactin for irritable bowel syndrome
Cystex - OTC antibacterial for urinary tract infections
Famous TheraBreath Oxygenating Toothgel and Oral Rinse for chronic halitosis and bad breath. Unique AktivOxigen portable tablets for oxygenating rinse-on-the-go.
ThermoTabs for chronic fatigue associated with excessive sweating
Stabelite and Lipoflavinoid for ringing in the ears or meniere's disease
Lydia Pynkham for PMS and hotflashes
ExcelArrest XT 4"x4" Hemostat Bandage for Severe Bleeding.




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