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Hyperhidrosis - There is a finally a permanent cure for excessive sweating
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Hyperhidrosis throughout the day is a nuisance to many people around the world. Studies show that 1%-5% of the population suffer from hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating. Underarm perspiration is a major cause of frustration, embarrassment and quite frankly, a costly life style due to the amount of dry cleaning, washing and ruining of clothing that one who experiences hyperhidrosis will endure.

Our bodies were designed to regulate temperature. One way in which we do this is through normal perspiration (not hyperhidrosis). A thin layer of sweat covers the skin and evaporates. Evaporation causes cooling. Hyperhidrosis (or hyperhydrosis) is a condition whereby the body for one reason or another produces too much sweat wherein the amount of sweat that covers the skin is essentially too much to cause efficient evaporation. Often times the excess layer of sweat or hyperhidrosis will cause skin temperature to rise, in essence, acting like a layer of insulation, warming the body rather than cooling.

Items worth discussing with respect to hyperhidrosis:

* Sweaty feet
* Facial blushing and facial sweating
* Facial hyperhidrosis
* Armpit hyperhidrosis
* Alternatives to surgery

The sympathetic nervous system controls the process of sweatnig. This complex system of fibers, nerves and neurotransmitters maintains five million or sweat glands throughout the body. Two thirds of the sweat glands in the human body are located in the hands alone. So if one is to severe the nerve that supplies the hands the chemical transmitters that allow the hands to sweat, then you severe the ability of the hands to sweat. This can be extremely dangerous and result in massive over heating and compensatory sweating in other parts of the body. Since 2/3rd of your body's ability is no longer able to sweat, the body will find other parts from which to sweat, including the back, legs, stomach and crotch. The hands become extremely dry and are unable to grip surfaces such as paper and cardboard. The feeling is horrible that one experiences with such dry hands and is irreversilbe despite what some Dr.'s say.

There seems to be a genetic correlation with hyperhidrosis. A recent study identified a gene in the hands that causes the hyperhidrosis although scientists do not know what to make of this.

Be very leary of surgical treatments that promote a "cure" for hyperhidrosis. The surgeries are often riddled with side-effects that surgeons do not disclose or simply down play.