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Ache joints, arthritis, eye health, rosacea, tendonitus, ligaments, repetitive use syndrome, ADHD, fibromylagia, chronic fatigue syndrome? A diet rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants can help treat disease. Vibe is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. "After taking Vibe for one week, my tendonitus that was making my knees feel like I was 70 years old, had improved by 60%." KR, St. Paul, MN (38 years old)

Just ONE POTENT OUNCE of VIBE is EQUIVALENT to nutrients found in:

13 tomatoes
Vitamin A
20 peaches
Vitamin C
15 raw mangos
Vitamin E
25 fresh walleye fillets
10 cups raw green beans
2.5 cups Green Tea
(EGCG Content)
5 6 oz. beef steaks
10% Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera Gel
13 cracked wheat slices
35 cherries
ORAC Score

The development of VIBE™ has been years in the making. The pioneer of water-soluble nutrient delivery technology - the Eniva Corporation - offers VIBE as the benchmark by which other liquid nutritional supplements are measured. The success of the company's line of potent, water-soluble nutrients has helped millions of people and has laid the foundation for the development of VIBE. Experience the vigor, feel the positive energy,
claim the essence that is yours.

The VIBE™ formula begins with USP23 pharmaceutical grade water. The water molecules are then enhanced using Eniva's unique structured water process, called Negative Field Activation™. Next, Eniva's proprietary Solutomic™ technology is applied. This breakthrough process engages various nutritional components and produces a superior water-soluble nutrient delivery system. Lastly, the composition and effectiveness of the solution are enhanced through the application of Vibrational Frequency technology.The specialized processes and nutritional components incorporated into the VIBE™ product allow for superior nutrient assimilation and provide the foundation for lifelong vibrant living.