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TheraBreath Toothgel

Our toothgel is designed to be your daily oral hygiene toothpaste. Besides OXYD-VIII component that fights bad breath, we also use a medical grade of aloe vera concentrate to help soothe damaged and fragile gums. We use natural sweeteners (stevia and sorbitol) and never saccharin or sugar. The basic version comes with Fluoride to fight decay and it also happens to be great for sensitive teeth. And of course, TheraBreath Toothgel does not contain harsh Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, found in so many toothpastes.

When you use TheraBraeth Toothgel, you don't need to use any other toothpaste. It does it all. Tooth Gel (4 oz) - TherabreathTM is a unique gel and does not contain harmful foaming detergent agents like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) contained in most toothpastes (SLS has been known to cause canker sores as well). Chemically, gels contain smaller molecules than pastes. Therefore, there is deeper penetration with our toothgel into the pockets of your tongue and throat, killing the sulfur producing bacteria.

TheraBreathTM toothgel also contains premiere tooth polishing and whitening agents which will brighten your teeth without harming them with damaging peroxides and abrasives. Contains Flouride for fighting cavities and aloe vera for gum disease treatment. We also recommend that the TherabreathTM rinse and gel be used in conjunction with one another. The rinse will not be as affective if used with your normal toothpaste and the gel will not be as affective if used with your normal mouthwash.