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AktivOxigen Tablets

This is most definitely our most unique and exciting product. AktivOxigen tablets make the process even more convenient becasue the tablets allow you to create your own solution of TheraBreath whenever and wherever you want. The Solution Is Here: Introducing the 1st Oxygenating Solution Made From a Tablet + H2O. Perfect for travelers: Use as Potent Uflavored Oral Rinse and Gargle (no need to worry if accidentally swallowed during gargling like Listerine or Scope. This in an ACTIVATED chlorine dioxide solution with FREE molecular CIO2, offering the only system with obth versions of Chlorine Dioxide. Each tablet produces up to 8 oz. of Fresh Potent AktivOxigen liquied Solution for rinsing or gargling. Attacks sulfur-producing bacteria in your throat/tonsil area and beyond. Diinsfects in areas that tongue scraping can't. 2 tablets per 8 oz.bottle of water makes a significant Extra Strenght Solution, but tastes like fresh, clean spring water. Perfect for travelers and buisness people - no leed to lug around big bottles of oral rinses with you. For an even stronger dose, some patients even mix the tablets with 8 oz's of TheraBreath Oral Rinse!! 4 tablets of AktivOxigen will make 32 oz. of an oxygenated rinse.

Clinical studies at the California Breath Clinic show AktivOxigen works on the toughest cases! AktivOxigen Tabs are not a replacemetn for any TheraBreath Products, but an ADDITION to the TheraBreath System, allowing you to detryoy the sulfur-producing bacteria and their odorous lousy-tasting compounds deep in the throat and tonsil area, and beyond!

To Cleanse The Throat And Tonsil Area With AktivOxigen Tabs: Place 1 tab into the 8 oz. bottle, fill with water, shake for 5 seconds and then gargle with the equivalent of 2-3 capfuls twice daily (usually first thing in the morning and right before bedtime - to stop morning breath. Lasts up to 12 hours.

To Make Extra Strength Oral Rinse Using Tabs: Just add 2 tabs into the 8 oz. bottle of water that you purchase with the tabs. The solution created by AktivOxigen tabs creats an unflavored rinse, while the TheraBreath products contain natural mint flavors. Many patients have been able to attack the formerly "hidden" source of the odorous sulfur in the back of the throat and tonsils by actually swallowing a few capfuls of the solution created with the tabs. It's completely safe, so is TheraBreath!