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Incredible Real Testimonials!

The following are a series of testimonials and 3 case studies including a compelling one from Dr. Katz himself and his 14 year old daughter. You'll be amazed at what you read. Some of the stories will probably hit home for a lot you who suffer from embarrassing bad breath. Read testimonials from people who've had marriages ruined, been humiliated in school and one person even lost their job over their breath. These testimonials are truly amazing. Several people have even contemplated suicide. But there is a cure for you and it's here. Read testimonials from people who've tried everything from Listerine, Oxyfresh, gums, mints, brushing, flossing and even surgery, all which don't work! (Copyright 1999, Dr. Harold Katz & Fresh Start LLC. All international rights reserved. Last revised: June 02, 2000)

Date: 7/13/99 12:59:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time To: Dr. Katz; I received my starter kit of your product last Thursday. I am 45 years old and have suffered most of my adult like with severe bad breath problems as a result of chronic sinus problems. It has caused me to lose total self confidence, not wanting to look people in the eye as I speak to them. I've been self conscious in crowds at church and even around my family. It has been a hopeless situation for years. Then, one day I stumbled on an advertisement for your product in the back of a magazine while I was at a doctor's office. I tore the advertisement out and put it in my purse and carried it around for months. I was so apprehensive that your product wouldn't work that I was afraid to risk ordering it. But I did - and I can truly say that even for these few days it has made a remarkable change in my life. Since the first treatment, there was significant improvement....and the next morning I was astonished....I didn't have the piercing, sickening morning breath that I have had for as long as I can remember. With each treatment I am feeling more and more self-confident. I don't feel like I have to stay in the back of the room anymore. Your product is truly a God send. I will be a customer for life as I see your product as an investment in freedom - my freedom to live, love, share, smile and laugh. Thank you Dr. Katz for your remarkable vision. Sincerely, A. R.

P. Date: 12/20/99 8:25:11 AM Pacific Standard Time Dear Dr. Katz, I have had halitosis since I was a kid. I am 33 years old now. I have tried various products such as Profresh from Dr. Richter. I visited the Fresh Breath Clinic in Toronto, Canada (where I live) and got their Chlorine Dioxide solution. I even bought a time release mint called Intimint that is supposed to provide fresh breath for 2 hours. Nothing really helped. Then I tried your product. IT WORKS! For the first time I have fresh breath and I can talk to people without fear of offending them. Thank you, Z.S., Toronto, Ontario Canada Date: 12/28/99

10:52:23 AM Pacific Standard Time To: Hola Dr. Katz, Great news, your product really works! I saw you last Thursday at San Francisco and I was the Mexican patient that wrote That my husband called me "Dragon Breath". Well so far so good no more dragon, Incredible! I am so happy since I feel much better and I can now talk to people with out feeling conscious of my breath. Again muchas gracias Dr. Katz and the best wishes for this year 2000. Sincerely, Ex- dragon breath : ) .... B.M.G. December 28, 1999 Dear Dr. Katz: I have been extremely happy with your products. I have noticed the pink color in my tongue returning while the whitish coating disappearing. For many years, I have scraped my tongue to remove the white film, brushed constantly, but still seemed to have a problem. I didn't understand why my mouth tasted so bad just minutes after brushing and it seemed no one else had this problem. I also tend to have sinus problems. After using your products, the mucus in my throat is removed. Your products make me feel so much better. What a great product you have. Thanks for helping me!

T.N. Subject: AktivOxigen Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 09:05:02 EDT To: Dr. Katz, It has been two weeks since I started using the AktivOxigen tablets. To date, my halitosis problem has disappeared! My co-workers and family commented on the change in my attitude. I'm more confident and outgoing now. I wish I had heard of the tablets sooner. I'm glad to see that you are actively promoting this product. There are a lot of people out there that could benefit from the AktivOxigen tablets. As I've told you before, the first product I tried was Oxyfresh, which was given to me by my dentist. When this didn't work he suggested I see my physician. I returned after my doctor didn't find anything abnormal; he suggested an ENT. You know how many doctors I've seen after that? Thinking back I feel that my problem would have been solved a long time ago if my physician would have recommended your products to me. (I don't fault my dentist. It doesn't make sense for businessman to promote another dentist's products.) Has there been anything written about your research in the JAMA? Or is it that the M.D.'s don't pay much attention to the problem of halitosis because it's not their specialty? Anyway, thanks again for introducing me to the tablets.

NMS Subject: RESULTS! Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 12:12:48 -0700 To: Dr. Katz, I wanted to let you know that I received my order 2 days after you responded to my pleas for help. I was so excited to receive it. I t was very easy to use and I immediately had a very cool fresh feeling in my mouth! I havn't had that....I can't remember..honestly. I of course had to test it on my kids. Afterall, they always made it a point to tell me that "you reek mom"! They said that they couldn't smell anything. I always tried to scrape my tongue clean with my tooth brush and it continued to have that thick film. Well, it came off the first time that I used the scraper. It was really a thick nasty yellow crud! Well, I have a pink tongue, a clean feeling mouth and very normal/slight morning breath. I don't even feel like I need to run to brush my teeth first thing in the morning. My mouth still feels clean. I keep a bottle of the rinse at work with my toothbrush and that works well. I used to feel nasty 1 minute after brushing and gargling. I will be reordering soon. I need to order the tablets that go into water. In the middle of the day I feel like swallowing some to freshen my throat. I am very satisfied and grateful to you. I have to tell me this used to be such a problem that it was on my mind every minute of the day (no lie). I wanted to write to you the very next day but I was feeling so good that my problem one day earlier was out of my thoughts and I forgot to write to you. Anyways, THANKYOU to you and your daughter! I want to tell my dentist and doctor about this. Is it possible for them to stock it or how does that work? I told my sister and she is telling people at work. THANKYOU ! L.C. By the way, the first time I saw your advertisement was on an airplane. I was flying back from Italy. I must've read that advertisement over and over for most of the 8 hour trip. It made such sense to me. I tore out the advertisement and put it into my purse and I kept thinking (for 1 year) that I needed to order it. I never did and lost the advertisement. I always remembered it though and that was why I was on the internet, because I remembered the name..Thera Breath. I was looking for it. Thank God I found it. This truly is amazing!!! I have not had a problem since the day I started using these products!!!

M.K. - NewYork City May 13, 1999 I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how impressed I am with your products. I've always had dental/oral problems. I take antibiotics every time i visit the dentist and over the years that has played havoc on my system. I've always had 'bad breath' syndrome. nothing serious, yet serious to me. then during the last several years, i noticed a white coating on my tonque. nobody questioned it. i tried everything from other 'tonque brushes and gels' to aromatherapy oils. some would work, but not completely and not long term. then i saw your add and ordered your starter kit. i must admit, within one day, the whitish coating on my tonque was just about all gone and my dry mouth is improving with each day. thank you very much. you have a customer for life.

CPM I tried the TheraBreath System and finished it up (received 11/12/98 and finished it up 12/3/98). It has definitely helped to suppress the foul bacteria in my mouth and the back of my throat. I no longer have thick mucous strands hanging at the back of my throat. Thank you, H.V. I feel a difference after only using this product for two weeks, but have already run out of everything. I want more!!

R.W. San Jose Dear Dr Katz, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the valuable dedication and service you have rendered to the treatment of the most devastating ailment, Halitosis. I have been a victim for the past 20 years with no remedy. It has drastically affected my social life and has chnaged my personality too. I became too reserved, having the deep most fear that people would know that I have bad breath. I am a female, age 34, Indian origin residing in Singapore. I have got a good personality with a good set of teeth, free from decays or gum disease. I have checked with several dental doctors and the only answer I got from them is...there is no cure and that I have got to live with it and take precautions by using the normal mouth rinse and having some sweets in my mouth all the time. The series of treatment I have taken over the years... (1) I visit my dentist periodically (2) Have removed my tonsils (3) Have gone for sinus surgery (4) Gone for gastroscopy-nothing! (5) Detox my system often by taking pure organic juices (6) Acildophilis capsules for my gastro-intestinal system (7) Switched to pure vegetarian meals since Aug 99. (8) Refrained from drinking favourite! (9) all sorts of mouth rinse/mints I saw your ad in the internet and immediately contacted your local agent, Afresh Marketing 2 months ago and started using the Therabreath range of products.I bought the whole dental kit...gel,rinse,concentrated drop,mouth spray,stimulating tablet. I am able to see the improvement!! I have gone thru so much of agonies and god knows the amount of pain I have taken to overcome this delimma. I am now preparing for my wedding. Once again I am very grateful to your new found treatment for halitosis.

KAT (Singapore) Dear Dr. Katz: I just want you to tell you that your TheraBreath Kits really works. I am 25 years old, and I had bad breath since I was 12 years old. I was frustrating because doctors and dentists ignored my problem. I thought I will live the rest of my life with this problem because I could not find any cure to my problem. Sometimes I thought that It will be better to die instead of living with this problem that causes me low self-esteem and depression. I tried your products a week ago, I was skeptical, but it was my last chance to find a cure to my probem. I am amazed that your products really worked on me. I wish I could know about your products long time ago. You are a genius, my life is going to change, I am going to be a normal person from now on. Thank you for your research about bad breath, I hope doctors and dentists know about your research so they don't ignore people who suffers from bad breath anymore. I think that to have bad breath is like having a contagious disease because nobody wants to be around you. I am glad that your products cured my bad breath.

Thank you, J.M I would like to say that after years of embarrassment and no confidence, your product has given me life again. Thanks so much for helping me and others overcome this horrible mouth disorder. By the way, I LOVE your Oxigen tablets. They make me feel so energized!! C.H. I just wanted to let you know that I wanted to be absolutley sure that your products really work, so after I used them for 3 weeks I went to my dentist in Manhattan who has a Hali-Meter (bad breath testing machine). My score, after using your formulas was 29! He said it was the lowest reading he ever saw. I broke his heart when I told him I used TheraBreath. (He thought I was using Oxyfresh. But, when I used his Oxyfresh product, I never tested below 100. A TheraBreath user for life! A.E. Dr. Katz,

Thought you might enjoy the following story: A few months ago, I talked to my local dentist about my bad breath problem. He gave me a product he had, which contained zinc, (called Breath RX) but it had no effect. I then ordered your products from your website. When I used your TheraBreath, I had instant success. Thanks a million! Pam M. I have a long history of gum problems. I have already tried PerioTherapy rinse and toothpaste by ordering through your website: It is a remarkable product and it takes care of my problem much better than any other product When do you think it will be available in stores? J.A. (Vancouver, BC).

Subj: Re: Mouthwash Date: 1/25/00 1:07:14 PM Pacific Standard Time Thank you for responding to my questions. Oh I think that if you put your TheraBreath products and AktivOxigen tablets in the market y'all would make a lot more money off of it and help a lot more people. Also, I was wondering if you knew just how long until you try and go public with your Therabreath system. Thanks W.E. (Atlanta, Georgia) Dear Dr. Katz: I love your products - they work so much better than Listerine, Scope, Colgate, etc. I am wondering if your products are found in local retail outlet like Wal-Mart, CVS pharmacy, K-Mart, Target, etc. If not, why? I am asking because in that way I'll not be bothering myself with the added cost of shipping and packaging. I'll just walk into one of the above stores and obtain the product- no waiting, no hassle, no extra cost.

R.S. (Columbus, OH) You've Got a Great Product! Hey, thanks for the quick response to my emails. Please feel free to use my name (initials) and send my letter into your testimonials section. I reside in sunny, beautiful Jacksonville, Florida. You truly have a wonderful product and I am a firm believer of "word of mouth" advertising. Continued best wishes, and thank you for a revolutionary product enriching ourlives..................

HR P.S. Which retailer will be carrying your product here in Jacksonville? May 24, 1999 Dr. Katz, First, I have to tell you how impressed I was that you actually took my call, live and in person this morning. I had hoped to speak with a product expert, and instead I was surprised to find you on the phone. I have used your products for approximately one week, and I am SHOCKED at the difference it has made. I have been a student of holistic alternatives for years, and with each new alternative product announcement, I'm embarrassed to admit that I get caught up in all the marketing hype. My expectations this time were no different. This is the one product that has SURPASSED my wildest expectations. I am not a medical practitioner of any sort. I cannot perform double-blind studies or mimic any other approved medical testing protocols in my home, nor do I have any desire to do so. However, anecdotally, I can tell you that every single time I use the TheraBreath program my mouth feels better than it does when I return from the dentist. There is no aftertaste of any sort, and the freshness remains until the next "treatment." First thing in the morning is a pleasure. Given all that, there must be some medical benefit to this regimen. I don't plan to find out otherwise. I plan to remain your customer for life. Thank you for sharing the fruits of your research with mere mortals. Quality care such yours should be available affordably to all of us interested in our well-being. Please add me to your mailing list so that I will find out about any new advances. Best Regards,

M.J.P. Glad to receive your email message. My husband and I live in Houston, Texas. I believe we have truly been blessed by accidentally finding your product. His halitosis began out of the blue about 1 1/2 yrs ago, like I said earlier. Before this time, he had absolutely no problem with bad breath. I had no idea what I should do about it, and it continued to get worse and worse. But, our time span was relatively short. I can certainly empathize with people who have had this problem for multiple years, and will do my part to spread the word of your great stuff! Beth Date:

12/2/99 2:24:29 PM Pacific Standard Time - To: Dear Dr. Katz Your treatment for Bad Breath Works!!.After suffering for 40 years (since I was a teenager) with the problem, I finally have a solution. I, like many others in your testimonials, tried all sorts of things -- toothpastes, mouthwashes, mints, gums, BreathAssure, antacid tables, antacid liquids, not eating milk products, not drinking (acidic) juices, and just plain avoiding talking and breathing. It was extremely frustrating and a major confidence buster. I could never detect my bad breath but my wife would let me know (when it was probably really bad). I would sleep with my head facing the other way to my wife's, and avoiding close contact. I feel so badly for all the people that I offended in circumstances that I had no knowledge of, or control over. I always practiced good dental hygiene but to no avail.In the last two years, I constantly chewed chlorophyll gum. The gum did not solve the problem, just masked it -- then my jaw became unbearably sore from constant gum chewing. As well, I was embarrassed to chew gum all the time - especially at business meetings. I can relate to most of the situations described in your other testimonials. The most frustrating thing was not knowing when my breath was bad and thinking later that I offended someone. Over the years, I searched Medical Books, Health Books, Home Remedies, and the Internet for a solution. I read through many Internet sites but found that they contained conflicting information - "Bad breath is caused by poor mouth hygiene" -- another would say that "Bad Breath can be caused by stomach acids" and so on. I ran across your Internet site in November and what you said made sense but I was skeptical of this being another over-hyped product. The testimonials helped encourage me to give the products a try. I started using your TheraBreath products and stopped taking any other counter-measures (like chewing chlorophyll gum). I then waited for three days before asking my wife if she noticed any difference. She said that she did not notice any breath problem whatsoever!. I then asked my wife several times a day over the next two weeks. I would ask her first thing in the morning, while up close, while in the car - Nothing !! -- not even "morning breath" odor. Your products have been a cure for me, -- no question. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Cured Canadian Date: Mon, 06 Sep 1999 17:18:24 PDT To: Dear Doctor, I became a fan of you after using your products. I have to say you that for the first time in my adult life I could feel confidence talking to someone. I have never seen thing like that in all my life. You said in your site what thousands of companies say every day, but there was one difference: you said THE TRUTH. Since the first time I used the products I noticed the difference. Sincerely, Carlo

(A big fan of yours) Yes, thank you soo much for responding back so soon. I am very much interested in ordering TheraBreath again. your information online helped a lot. You see we had to make up our own commercial on a product that we think would make a good sell. When I came across your product I decided to use that as my project commercial, because I also needed it for my own problem. Not only did I get a good grade but the people in my class are interested in trying the toothpaste or the mouth wash also. And so are my teachers. Your product really did a lot for my confidence. Where i can buy the products in Guam? or a website to order from? i'd appreciate your help. Jane D. (Guam)

Dear Harold Katz DDS Thank you for you e-mail. I have get my product in Hong Kong in very well condition. Thank you very much. I have used toothgel, oral rinse, breathspary, powerdrops, aktive oxigen tablets, and chewing gum in very first time under the instructions. The feeling is quite good. I want to order more products. Please email to me. J.H. I started using your TheraBreath system about 6 months ago and it has definitely helped my chronic lifelong breath problem. Than You!

MB from San Francisco Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 23:31:07 -0400 (EDT) To: Dr.Katz, I work part-time as a colorist in a salon. I am also a full-time student studying to be a teacher. I love science. Thank you for your detailed scientific explanations. By the way, your products are wonderful. I'm hooked for life. Nothing else on the market makes your mouth feel cleaner. I have several clients who have purchased them too after I told them how great they are and the benefits of using them. Thanks again.

GB Date: Mon, 02 Aug 1999 11:41:36 PDT To: I would like to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Your product is a great invention. I have nothing but good things to say about this product. At first I must admit I was a little skeptical but after experiencing fresh breath for myself I was sold. Not only am I back again to reorder more of your great products, I have also, been spreading the word about it. Yes, I'm all smiles now. I would like to purchase more tooth gel, gum (12piece) and mouth rinse. Would you please total this up and email me back with a price and I will give you my credit card number again.Once, again thank you so much.

R.W. Date: 8/12/99 3:32:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time To: Hello i have tried your products and love it - my mouth feels so clean, i want to order more!! CC Dr. Katz- Just wanted to let you know, the TheraBreath worked GREAT for me! I performed your test by licking my hand prior to ordering your product... had the symptoms of sulfur. Sure enough, after using your product, I'm now a past victim of halitosis. I no longer chew gum, to cover up for bad breath, chewing gum only makes my breath clean, not temporarily covered up! Anyway, I have a few friends that I may just have to purchase some product for, to help them, the same way your products helped me!

K.N. - Roseville, CA Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 00:59:33 EDT To: Dear Dr. Katz, Thank you so much. I never thought it would be quite so simple to end the horrendous problem I've had for so long. I feel much better about myself and finally feel like I can concentrate on more important matters. You're a genius and I wish you all the best. Kind Regards,

C.X.C. P.S. You've made a faithful customer out of me! It is such a blessing to be using your wonderful products! I am so much more comfortable being around others, and my mouth feels so fresh and clean for hours. Thank you!!

Betty S. It certainly looks like you've been at this for a long time. I have been surprised that the big splash the Breath Assure made seems to have settled down to near nothing. I guess the product is still on the shelves but I never found it to be at all effective in my case or my wife's. Glad to have found your products - love your gum! Best regards - Harrison

Dr. Katz Thank you so much for making a long-lasting TheraBreath products for bad breath and sour taste. Last year I spent $150.00 on toothpaste that does not work, called. ClosysII.. . Using ClosysII toothpaste is just like using regular toothpaste. Your breath smells good for about 5 minutes, then the bad taste is back.

P.G. - Sacramento Subj: Thank You Date: 1/14/00 5:39:49 PM Pacific Standard Time To: FrshBreath Dr. Katz: Same story here--housewife--thirty years of embarrassment--had seen your ads in magazines before, but was skeptical. I had tried everything, like many of your testimonials I have read. Toothpaste and mouthwash actually made my breath worse. I'm surprised my husband is still married to me after 21 years! I have chewed so much gum and had so many sugary mints, that--I know this might sound strange--but I actually think that those things contributed to my tooth decay and the many fillings and root canals I have had. It seemed like a "catch 22"--brush more, floss more, eat more gum and mints--I felt like my breath situation was hopeless. I finally ordered your kit from a magazine ad and to my astonishment, after the first use I felt elated. My mouth had never felt cleaner and I could tell instantly that this was going to work. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times! D. in Georgia

Dear Dr. Katz: I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how well your products worked for me, , your products do the trick. I, like so many other testimonies you've printed, have experienced almost everything others have. I have tried every product I could find, visited numerous types of doctors, etc. My children who are 6 and 10 are amazed at the difference since I began using TheraBreath. Thank you for your research. No one could ever know the embarrassment unless they had experienced it first. I understand these products will shortly be in GNC, but when will you release them to common places such as Wal-Mart. I don't want to "cheapen" the value of your product, but this is a product for everyone, not just "health nuts." There are many people who would never set foot in GNC but hundreds of thousands, possible millions, who would grab it off the shelf at Wal-Mart. Just a suggestion. It seems that you would sell more if it were more convenient to attain. Thanks a million!

D.R. Thanks, Dr. Katz! :) Doing MUCH better! I've tried the "lick test" (licking theback of my hand for odor) and it's NOTHING like it was before. I can't thank you enough. I think if I can faithfully brush/scrape/rinse after every meal AND snack, I'll be fine. And your mouth spray stops any odor immediately. If your product didn't work, I was going to cancel a planned week-long vacation to Disney World with my son and his future in-laws. I was too embarrassed to be close to them. Again, my sincere and everlasting thanks.

EW Date: 1/16/00 2:42:59 PM Pacific Standard Time To: FrshBreath Your products are very very good. Let me know when they get into drug stores or health stores and I will guide my friends to them.

Y.P. Date: 1/18/00 6:58:29 AM Pacific Standard Time To: FrshBreath Hi, I use Dr Katz' products and I'm sold on Therabreath- I appreciate all the detailed information and personal responses to my questions. thank you for your halitosis products.

A.B. Dear Dr. Katz, I have halitosis and I tried Oxyfresh Mouth rinse and toothpaste, however it made my breath smell like garlic. What causes it to smell like garlic? Your TheraBreath breath products are so different and refreshing. Thank You!

A.E. Dear Dr. Katz, I have suffered with bad breath and a terrible taste in my mouth for years. Since using your products I feel much more confident. Being a singer /actress, it is a God send!

"Famous i n the UK" Dr. Katz, I have been using your products for several months and have been very happy with the results! THANK YOU!!!! My mouth feels so much better after using your products. I definitely can tell a great improvement by using your products. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions and helping so many people like myself. I appreciate all your efforts and hard work. Thanks again for everything!! T.N. Thank you for responding to my questions. Oh I think that if you put your products and AktivOxigen tablets in the market y'all would make a lot more money off of it and help a lot more people. Also, I was wondering if you knew just how long until you try and go public with your Therabreath system. Thanks

W.E. Dear Dr Katz I am a user of the Therabreath products (the gel, AktivOxigen tablets solution rinse, power drop and oxygenating gum) and I am already feeling better as the constant sour taste is no more. kind regards.

G.Z. Here's some feedback on the AktivOxigen tablets. From a practical point of view, the smaller size of bottle makes it much easier to take when travelling, rather than a huge bottle of rinse. From a personal point of view, I also like the bottle because it doesn't advertise what the product is for(!), which I always feel a bit embarrassed about. The tablets themselves certainly seem to do the job.

C.W. (from England) Thank you for TheraBreath and AktivOxigen! I had been using another product - ClosysII, which lasted for only 10-15 minutes, and it wears off and is effectively gone within 30 minutes!! CloSysII also affected my stomach, yours doesnt Thanks AC Dear Dr Katz, Just a note to let you know how things are going. I've been using your products for about 3 weeks now and I have noticed a difference. They're able to get rid of the discolouration of my tongue and generate a fresher feeling in my mouth. Thank you,

Damon. Thank you. The results from my initial order have been good. This is the most improvement I've ever enjoyed. I believe the rest of my problem is to do with allergies & sinus problems, but the improvement I've enjoyed from your products has been a significant improvement for me. Thank you...Jim

Dear Dr. Katz After the first few days of use I could tell a difference in my husbands breath, and he became interested to learn more. So I gave him the literature that I found on your website about halitosis and your product. He started taking better care of his oral hygiene than he ever had before. He even started picking up on other people who seemed to have a problem. This month my husband and I will have been married 2 years. TheraBreath and your website have helped return a closeness that we have not enjoyed for about a year and a half. Thank you. E. B.

Yahoo! I live in San Jose. There are two Walgreens stores within walking distance from my house and one GNC store in Eastridge Mall which is right across the street from me! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I knew the demand for your product would eventually cause it to be featured in retail stores. -

A.G. Wednesday, December 15, 1999 Dr. Katz: I've been using your products for a few months now. I started with the TheraBreath Oral Rinse and Gel then moved to the Ativ Oxigen Rinse and Gel and Gum and I just today ordered the TheraBreath+ Rinse and Gel and Gum. You responded to me via e-mail this past spring and took the time to telephone me and we had a long conversation wherein you provided me with a lot of information. Thank you. I have been out of Oral Rinse for over a week now and, I tell you, the best way to know if something is working is to do without.

Doctor, your products are FANTASTIC. I can't thank you enough. My Friday delivery can't get here quick enough. Due to my EXTREMELY SEVERE sinus condition, my breath smelled like s _ _ t. Need I say more. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU It takes someone in the "land of beautiful people" to come up with something like this that WORKS. The Best to You. Sincerely yours

MC 21 year old college student from Honolulu, Hawaii wrote me: "Dear Dr. Katz, Hi! I thought about writing you a letter to tell you that your TheraBreath Kits really work. I really had a "Makes-You-Gag" and Malodorous breath for over 7 years despite having very good oral hygiene. It was so distressing for me. I was so devastated. What a torture! You know, I used to go through a very, grueling dental/oral regimen but nothing seemed to work. I used to gargle mouthwash (LISTERINE, SCOPE, MENTADENT, etc), I would brush my teeth (CREST, COLGATE TOTAL, TOM'S OF MAINE) as often as I could, I flossed regularly; I've tried gargling with Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda Solution. For years I've been scraping my tongue and scrubbing my palate! I've been using Binaca and all of the internal breath fresheners, such as "BreathAsure" and "Crystal Breath"; I've used the "Ionic H-6 Toothbrush", been eating raw parsley and drinking glasses of liquefied parsley. I even used "OXYFRESH", and THAT DIDN'T WORK AT ALL! .... I was sofrustrated that I had thought about trying to gargle with "CLOROX BLEACH", but I knew it was a pretty dumb/stupid thing to do. But, when I tried your THERABREATH Starter Kit, I WAS SO AMAZED. At first I was very skeptical. It really deodorized my Halitosis! I've been using your products for over a week and it has indeed reduced and eliminated my yucky malodorous breath. I'm so delighted to tell that it really does work. I feel great each day for having cleaner and fresher breath. I reiterate, your products are effective! I am now very confident that you have helped me put an end to chronic halitosis! I will recommend it to my friends and even to my dentist. Thanx (again) for your effective TheraBreath." Sincerely, S.G. Honolulu, Hawaii

From a 45 year old "New Man" in Northern California: "Dearest Dr. Katz, I came to see you on my 45th birthday, hoping you could resolve my problem. I've had this problem since I was 15 years old. For 25 years, my life went completely down hill, due to my lack of self-esteem. I had gone to many general dentists as well as specialists and I'd hear the same story "brush and floss regularly", but that didn't work. "BREATH ASURE" seemed to last for only a few minutes, and then back to that same old rotten taste. I truly tried just about 'every thing known to man' for bad breath. After a while, I just lost hope. untilI came to see you. From the first day of treatment I noticed a change. Oh, Dr. Katz I can't begin to thank, you enough for improving my self esteem to its fullest. I'm positive that what I paid for this treatment was well worth anything I ever purchased. Once again, thanks for everything you've done for me." "The New Man" Tom B., San Mateo, CA

September 5, 1997 Dear Dr. Katz, For years I have been suffering with embarrassing bad breath. I tried everything the market had to offer without success. I consulted several doctors and dentists as well and I even had my tonsils removed, but everything failed. Your products have worked miracles. In 2 weeks time my problem was totally gone. I'm truly grateful to you and to your wonderful products. Sincerely, J.T., Palmdale, CA

CHAPLAINCY MINISTRIES Dear Dr. Katz, I could write a 12 page letter chronicling the efforts I have made to escape the curse that has plagued me since acquiring my false teeth. I had finally come to believe that there was no escape from the malady that has completely destroyed my social life. My colleagues avoided me like a plague because they could not stand to be anywhere near me. The lady that I had hoped to marry could tolerate my grossly bad breath NO MORE. I became a recluse. I don't mean to sound melodramatic, but I seriously considered taking my own life. The heading of this letter (MINISTER & CHAPLAIN), was no longer me. I resigned my position with the Chaplaincy, because I could no longer help those I was trained, and felt called, to deal with. I have a good retirement income and work part time for a large publisher so I do not lack sustenance, but for me life was pretty much over and I seemed to be waiting for the inevitable. I spent much time in prayer. And miracle of miracles. God answered that prayer. I heard about your program (TheraBreath) and while I felt that I was continuing to pursue the elusive phantom of hope, I felt I had nothing to lose. Doubts again began to creep in, when I discovered the amazingly low cost of the program. It must have cost a lot to develop. To make a long story short I ordered and put your program to use. My romance has been restored, my Ministry has been re-established and life once more holds a great deal of hope and happiness. An amazing answer to a desperate prayer. I hope that others will find new hope in your fantastic program. If my simple story can encourage others, please feel free to use this letter in any way you see fit. You may condense it or use parts of it as befits the need. You may give my name and telephone number to anyone you want. I will be glad to tell them of the miracle that has changed my life so completely. May God bless you and extend your efforts to the millions that are going through the torture and hopelessness that I previously experienced. Most Sincerely, Rev. R.T., San Bruno, CA

August 1, 1997 Dr. Katz: Your product has been a miracle for me. I haven't felt this way in such a long time. I have confidence in myself and I don't have low self-esteem anymore. I am not afraid being around people and talking to them anymore. I feel really GREAT! I felt a difference the first time I used it. P.S. I have had 2 sinus surgeries; All of my teeth removed; And I even had the glands removed from under my armpits! They all were unnecessary, because the problem was still there, until I heard of your product and I ordered it. I use it now and the bad odor is gone. But one thing, I wish I can have my teeth back. Thanks, B.W., Baton Rouge, LA

Dear Dr. Katz: Firstly, I would like to take this time to thank you and to commend you on your astonishing invention, "TheraBreath"! To tell you a little about myself, I am a 34-year old female from New Jersey. As far as I can remember, I have been told that I had "bad breath" since I was 5 years old and nothing was never done until I was of high school age where I was beginning to participate in sports and other social activities, where I became more sociable in my everyday life. It seemed my problem became worse. I tried every type of breath spray, mouthwash, toothpaste, changed my diet, was prescribed sinus medication, I even appointed with a astroenterologist who told me "it was the way nature intended me to be - there is nothing thatcan be done - continue chewing on gums and mints." Of course I wouldn't accept that and continued on spending hundreds of dollars on herbal remedies, chlorophyll, acidophilus, etc...and NOTHING WORKED. I also coughed up the little white particles that came from the back of my throat and guessed my tonsils was the cause. I ended up having my tonsils removed...IT DIDN'T WORK. After finding out my wisdom teeth had grown in sideways and were still impacted in my gums had me thinking maybe food was being trapped, so I got my wisdom teeth removed..IT DIDN'T WORK! I've seen articles where tongue scraping was the answer...THAT WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH. After spending the most important years of my life talking with my hand over my mouth, holding my breath in crowded places, restraining from many social activities, and becoming a very quiet, secluded person, I GAVE UP. Even though I had boyfriends, the relationships wouldn't last once they found out my breath wasn't just one of those "hot dog with chili and onion" days. I always wondered why isn't someone working on a cure for this dreadful disease! Until, one day I picked up a "For Women First" magazine in Wal-Mart on 1/18/98. As soon as I read your article, I called the 800 number and ordered right away. I received my package of TheraBreath on 1/22/98 and started using it the morning of 1/23. It is now the evening of 1/23 and I must say..."IT WORKS!!!!" The LORD has answered my prayers! Now I'm ready to join the church choir! Thanks again - You have changed my life! Sincerely yours, M.G., New Jersey

12/3/97 Dear Dr.Katz, You have saved my life. May the almighty God who gave you the wisdom, motivation, strength and spirit of accomplishment continue to shower his blessing upon you. I never believed that I would be able to talk in public without exposing the pungent gas that filled my mouth. I am now just like a new born child in this world. The most important thing is for me to be able to express myself in public without receiving insult. I have always been at loggerheads with my boss, because of the pungent gas that jumps out of my mouth. I may say that Malodour is the most insulting disorder one may encounter. It has crippled me for over 20 years. Thanks and praise God who guided me to the Internet, to Dr. Katz and all his workers that contributed in one way or the other to keep up the good work. I have attempted to commit suicide several times, especially after undergoing a series of surgical operations (4 times within one Year) and ALL to no avail. I have once prepared diluted sulfuric acid for use as mouth wash, but after I got burnt slightly I had to discontinue. It's unbelievable. Only God knows what I have done to put this situation under control. I wish you and your team all the best. Yours sincerely, J.O., Malta

From the mother of an Oklahoma college student: Dear Dr. Katz, We are like the other people that I read about in your literature. Our son had a breath problem since about 6th grade. He is now a sophomore in college and has Fresh Breath for the first time in all those years. We took him to several doctors and dentists, had scans done of his sinuses, had his tonsils taken out, I had him using mouthwash all the time, and he always had a roll of CERTS with him. But, nothing helped. I was so frustrated. And, his breath was the "Across the room kind." But, the first time he used your product, it was gone! I am so thankful and thrilled. I am so glad someone searched out the problem and found the solution. He is a tall, handsome boy and now there is nothing holding him back! Thank You, T. Y., Norman, OK

September 8, 1997 Dear Dr. Katz, First, I would like to introduce myself, my name is J**** B******. I watched your televised program on treating bad breath, or simple chronic halitosis. I have had a problem with bad breath all of my life. I have tried EVERYTHING, but NOTHING seems to work. I am 29 years old and fed up with this undesirable problem. Through high school, my self esteem was very low because of this problem and today I am still very self-conscious about talking to people because of this long-lasting problem. I have asked EVERY Dentist that I ever had, for advice, but I get the same response: "USE ADA-approved MOUTHWASH AND PRACTICE GOOD ORAL HYGIENE". It is very frustrating when the medical/dental community writes this problem off as "BAD ORAL HYGIENE", when matter of factly, this is not the case for everyone, including myself. When I saw your program, I was so ecstatic that someone took special interest into this problem. Thanks for your interest in this dreadful problem, I appreciate it a BUNDLE! Many Thanks, J.B., Ventura,

eMail from an ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) specialist in Alabama: I'm a practicing Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist) in ******, Alabama. I have several patients with tremendous Halitosis. Please send, either by mail or email, your literature on evaluation and treatment of this problem. One patient is a Minister, and claims members of his Church sitting 60 feet from the pulpit, can detect his Halitosis. I look forward to your reply. H.M., MD

eMail from a Gastroenterologist ("Stomach doctor") in Santa Monica, CA Dear Harold: Thank for helping **** ******* with his bad breath problem. As you know he's been to every physician in town with this problem and he was at the end of his rope, when he was referred to me by ***** *****. Why don't you create a special program to teach Physicians about Halitosis? You'd make a bundle, because we've all been taught (inaccurately) that it's digestive or sinus.Keep up the good work. I'm sure I'll have more referrals for you in the future, as long as George Kennedy keeps on saying that Bad Breath comes from the stomach! C.F., M.D

6/16/98 Dr. Katz, Without a doubt, I can honestly say that TheraBreath Works! Having suffered with a very bad breath problem for many years, your TheraBreath is a God Send! Upon my first use, I felt and smelled results. The air around me was no longer stale. For me this has been true freedom. You have created a REAL CONFIDENCE BUILDER beyond belief! Thank you, Thank you, so-ooo much, D.L., San Diego, CA 2/13/97 Dear Sirs: Before ordering your products over the Internet, I had tried everything to cure my Halitosis. It was affecting my career, marriage, and social life. People physically covered their noses within 4 metres of me. I could not go to a cinema. Important meetings were a nightmare. My doctors had tried: Full dental examination - Nothing Wrong Tonsillectomy Barium enema and X-rays Antibiotics and flexonase spray Thorough, compete physical examinations All to no effect. I was getting desperate. I had considered suicide and it would be easy if I didn't have children. Thank you very much for the sending these effective products. I could never have afforded to fly to your clinics in the U.S. D.F., Johannesburg, South Africa July 16, 1997 Dear Dr. Katz & The California Breath Clinics, I can't thank you enough for your TheraBreath breath freshening products. For many years I suffered from very bad breath and a horrible sticky taste in my mouth and throat. But, it was my husband who suffered the most. He was sickened by my bad breath! I went to the dentist numerous times and told them of my problem, but they all said the same thing. "See your regular doctor - The problem doesn't seem to be in your mouth." So, I went to my family doctor, who said: "See your Dentist - We don't deal with Bad Breath!". I tried every mouthwash available in the stores and every toothpaste too. But NOTHING helped me. I heard your ad on the radio and thought about calling for a long time before I did. Boy, am I glad I did! My bad breath is gone thanks to your TheraBreath. I can't believe how simple it was to cure, with your products. I have since referred several of my friends to you and they all have thanked me a thousand times over. I really can't say thank you enough. Sincerely, J.M., New York, NY

August 6, 1997 Dear Dr. Katz, I just wanted to write to you again and let you know that I am having great success using your TheraBreath products. YOU WERE RIGHT! My tongue is beginning to turn more pink all the time and my mouth feels fresh all day long. This is the first time in years that I have experienced this. I feel so much more confident during the day. Thank you and I hope your products will continue to be available for years to come. Sincerely, R.G., Scottsdale, AZ

August 2, 1998 Dear Sirs: I have been a user of TheraBreath products for the past year and I am extremely pleased with the results. I had the type of breath problem common to this disorder, which caused me a great deal of discomfort. Since I have been using this product, I feel so much more confident when speaking with others, or during an intimate moment. My wife has told me on numerous occasions that she now ENJOYS KISSING ME ONCE AGAIN! When I read some of your other success stories, I was of course very skeptical, but using the product has made a believer out of me. My life has really changed, and I owe a great deal of that to your product! Thank you so much! Both my father and my brother have the same exact problem and I would like very much if you would send one of your information packages to them, explaining just how your product works. Perhaps they will elect to try it for themselves. Their addresses are: xxxx xxxx Thank you again for your wonderful TheraBreath Products. You have my permission to use my letter in any of your future testimonials! I sincerely believe in what you are doing. Sincerely, C.D., South Bend, Indiana

September 1, 1998 Dr. Katz, Your TheraBreath home treatment has provided to me a significant noticeable improvement regarding my oral malodor problem. I began using the products several months ago and I must say that your toothpaste (without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and with an acid-buffering agent has helped a great deal. There is a vast improvement over the ProFresh liquid products that I had been ordering from Dr. Richter in Philadelphia. Sincerely, S.W., San Jose, CA

5/7/98 Dr. Katz, I used to use Oxyfresh. It did not help my breath at all! I'm very much interested in making sure that I can always get your TheraBreath products to maintain my fresh breath and taste! I'm offering to help you get TheraBreath into drug stores, etc. Please contact me, I'm your number #1 booster! E.L., Raleigh, NC

Lost Job Because of her bad breath disorder: Dear Dr. Katz, I've just started using your TheraBreath products a few days ago. May God Bless You for making a product that worked. When I first saw you on TV, it was like a dream come true. I was so tired of being the butt of everyone's jokes, I was tired of people looking at me with the expression of disgust. I haven't been out socially for years. My friends and family don't want to be around me. I was thinking about killing myself because I didn't have a life anyway. It's your product that gave me my life back. I've been to the Dentist, to the Doctor, I've even had my tonsils removed, but NOTHING WORKED! I lost my job because of this problem! My mouth smelled like sewage and if you didn't come along with TheraBreath, I don't think I could have lived with this problem much longer. P.M., Jacksonville, FL

4/21/97 Thanks for helping me with my tonsilolith problem. I used the TheraBreath Rinse exactly as you told me and it worked! You're not going to believe this, but here's the history of "that" problem: I had a problem where I felt like something was caught in the back of my throat at times. This "something" sometimes dislodged and it was always a "stinky white ball". I described this problem to my doctor and to an Ear Nose & Throat doctor a while back, and NEITHER DOCTOR had any idea what I was talking about. I called my doctor back after I spoke to you, and he never heard the word "tonsilolith". Very sad! Thanks for making the world "more fragrant"! E.M., Chicago, IL

A letter from a satisfied client in Northern Ireland: Dear Sir: I'm just writing a note to say thank you for all of the assistance you've given me. Regarding your products, ALL I KNOW IS THAT THEY WORK!! Your product has the ABILITY TO CHANGE LIVES, and for that I send my appreciation. Indeed EVERYBODY should use such a product!" Thanks for all of your help, William M. Coleraine, Northern Ireland "scroll up or down for more testimonials" From a Client who almost had gum surgery for her bad breath! Dear Dr. Katz: Thank you for seeing me 2 weeks ago in your San Francisco office. I've been following your instructions exactly as written because I want to make sure that my breath and taste stay as fresh and clean as that day 2 weeks ago when I met you! I must admit that I was very suspicious that someone could get rid of my lifelong problem, just by basically switching my mouthwash and toothpaste. You don't know how close I was to having that gum surgery. But, when you emphatically stated: "I'll bet you that he never took a look or commented on the white coating on your tongue," you were right on target. My tongue is now a pretty pink, by the way. I can't wait to go back and show that Periodontist how wrong he was. In fact, my gums don't bleed anymore! (He had me using this awful tasting prescription mouthwash called Peridex that turned my teeth yellow and ruined the taste of everything!) I'm sorry that I asked so many questions 2 weeks ago. But please, Just one more question... Why don't other dentists know anything about bad breath? B.R., Berkeley, CA

Another Oxyfresh Failure: Thank you so much for finding the cure (TheraBreath) to mine and so many other people's problem. I have been suffering from Bad Breath all my life and as a young child and teenager, it was very difficult to have healthy self-esteem, when your breath is bad and there's nothing you can do about it. Unfortunately, it took me until I was 21 to find a product that works. But, I am so glad I did and thank you for all your hard work. My old dentist insisted that Oxyfresh would get rid of my problem, but it felt like water compared to TheraBreath. Lastly, please consider a chat room for people to share and compare their horror stories of having bad breath and all of the "hyped" products (BreathAsure, Crystal Breath, Binaca, tongue scrapers, Sweet Breath drops, etc.) that make us feel like "suckers" because they don't work! B.K.,Salt Lake City, UT

Chewing Gum, Altoids & Candies Made his Breath Worse: Dear Dr. Katz: Thank you so much for inventing your TheraBreath Gum. I'm a salesperson and I'm either on the phone or talking face-to-face with my customers from 7 AM to 7 PM, six days a week. To stop my mouth from getting dry and sticky, I used to chew gum, but it got to the point where I had to keep adding more and more gum as the day went on. (The lousy sour taste that developed when my mouth got dry, returned only after a few minutes of gum chewing.) I started to notice billboards for Altoids and was intrigued by their implied strength. They tasted extremely strong, but strange thing started to happen: The lousy taste came back rapidly, my tongue and teeth felt like they were getting coated, and worst of all, some of my customers started to back away from me. ( I was puzzled, because I assumed - falsely, I found out - that the minty taste in my mouth, did not mean that my breath was minty! Now, everything is great. I use your gum at work (twice a day I use the TheraBreath spray at work) and I do my regular 3 minute regimen in the morning and evening. I've never felt more confident at work, and it shows. Sales are way up! Thanks for your research. Sincerely, P.Y., San Francisco, CA BreathRx (Zinc Chloride) burned her mouth! Dear Doc: A thousand thanks for coming up with the most pleasant, easiest, most straight forward method of getting rid of my 20 year battle with bad breath! I searched through the entire Internet and tried every product from every dentist and/or charlatan I found. I'm still flabbergasted that your TheraBreath System was so simple. It literally destroys all onion and garlic odors in a second! I even use the rinse in the kitchen to de-odorize my hands after working with fish, onions, etc. I did have one unfortunate altercation with a dentist who thought he knew something about bad breath. He gave me this blue murky stuff called

Breath Rx. One swig of this stuff was like using hot, concentrated Listerine. My mouth burned for weeks. I couldn't taste anything when I ate except that burning crap. How can dentists allow this product on the market? Maybe you can do something about it and report this company to the ADA or something, before somebody gets seriously hurt or damaged. D.D., Los Angeles, CA

1999 Testimonials: Your product is OUTSTANDING. It's about time someone addressed this private, yet very important issue. It's obvious that commercial products are ineffective after a few hours. My wife sleeps with her mouth open, as do many people, and my sense of smell is acute. This began to become an issue until we discovered your products. Thanks for helping my marriage! M.B., Baltimore, MD

A A Medical "Merry-Go-Round", When Doctors refuse to say "I don't know":

Case #A Mr. S., a 50 year old Stock Broker from the San Diego area A very successful 50 year old stock broker. Mr. S. in the San Diego area came to see us a few months ago. Since he was a teenager, he had experienced chronic bad breath and a related terrible taste in his mouth. Furthermore, his tongue was completely covered with a white film. Over the years, he had discussed the problem with his dentist during his regular visits. The dentist basically responded with the standard retort, "Brush more and floss more." Upset with his unimaginative answer, he sought out physicians who may have had some insight into this anguishing problem. (By that time, he was in college and started developing a "whispery" speech pattern., so that he would not offend those to whom he was speaking.) His internist told him that it was due to an "over-acid" stomach. and put him on antacids. Of course this therapy did absolutely no good, because bad breath and taste disorders do not originate in the digestive system. After telling the physician that antacids did not work, the physician, undaunted by his patient's negative response prescribed stronger prescription antacids ... first Tagamet, and several weeks later, Pepcid, and eventually Zantac. Of course, none of these were effective, and his breath progressively grew worse. (He had now started to speak at an angle, away from direct contact with people, again, not to offend them. He developed a large clientele, but did almost all of his business over the phone.) His physician again ignored him, when Mr. S. told him that dairy foods and coffee seemed to make the problem worse. The response was to refer him to a gastroenterologist, so that further tests could be performed. The G.I. doctor performed a few tests, after scoping the patient on several occasions. The gastroenterologist could not find any problem, but responded that he felt an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist should take a look. His hunch was that it could be a sinus problem. The ENT specialist took a CAT scan and although he was not 100% sure, he said that the only thing that it could be was a chronic sinus infection, where the bacteria in the sinus were altering Mr. S's breath and taste. Mr. S. was quickly scheduled for sinus surgery. After recovering from this serious surgery, Mr. S. still had all of the symptoms he had prior to the surgery...except that now he was in terrible pain. The surgeon told him that complications had set in and that the surgery would have to be redone. Several months later, he was back at the hospital undergoing the second sinus surgery. After a long recovery, the symptoms which brought him to the hospital were still there. The ENT doctor told him that as far as he could tell, the sinus infection was gone. Perhaps, said the doctor to Mr. S. "Tests should be done on your tonsils." At that point in time, Mr. S. was 45 years old, and logically tonsils are not removed at this age, because of the complications that set in afterward. Sure enough...he had underdone the surgery and complications did set in. Mr. S. was hospitalized an additional 2 weeks. After leaving the hospital, Mr. S. still had the bad breath symptoms which led him to these surgeries. At that time, Mr. S. realized that he was put on the medical merry-go-around, with no end in sight. Out of complete frustration and despair, Mr. S. stopped taking care of his mouth...he stopped brushing his teeth. He figured that he'd gone through all of these complicated procedures with some of the finest physicians in town, why bother doing anything else..nothing seemed to work. Five years later, Mrs. S saw an article about us in the local paper. She cut it out and gave it to him - begging him to try our therapy. He felt he had nothing to lose, so he made an appointment. Within three visits, and after following our detailed instructions and using our TheraBreath formulas, Mr. S. no longer had bad breath. He was a changed person. He no longer spoke out of the side of his mouth. His voice was direct and loud, and he regained the confidence that had eluded him for so many years. Unfortunately, he will never get back all of those lost years .... lost to the untruths that bad breath and taste disorders originate in the stomach or sinuses.

C My 1st "Breath Patient" - My Own 13 year old Daughter (How I got started) Case #C:

A True Story that may sound familiar to You. The real story of my very first patient, my own daughter: About four years ago, my daughter, who was 14 at the time came home from school one day telling us that her classmates had made comments about her "bad breath". I was quite surprised, because as a practicing dentist for over 20 years, I knew that her teeth and gums were in excellent condition. In dental school, as almost all dentists, we were taught that bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene or periodontal disease. My partner, who is a physician, was taught in Medical school that bad breath comes from the stomach, sinus, or lung disorders. Well, we found out rapidly that these beliefs are rarely true. First of all, my daughter brushed and flossed her teeth and also brushed her tongue at least 4 times daily, if not more! She used Listerine and Scope, which are both approved by the AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION (but actually can make your problem worse). She had even tried BreathAsure capsules, which did not work at all. (In fact, after treating nearly 11,000 patients, we have not yet had any patients get any relief from these capsules. We took her to the gastroenterologist to examine and digestive ailments. She had none. We took her to an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist to investigate problems in those areas. She had none. At about the same time, because I also have a degree in Bacteriology from UCLA, I noticed in some of the Microbiology Journals which I receive, research was being initiated with regards to analysis of breath testing. Scientists in Europe, Israel, and Canada were attempting to establish new methods of diagnosis, as an adjunct to blood testing and urinalysis to determine the source of various illnesses. One of the most startling revelations to come out of this "breath sampling was that a significant percentage of those tested showed very high levels of SULFUR gases in their breath. The scientists were puzzled as to why such high levels of sulfur were prevalent in supposedly healthy individuals. What illness or disease did these people have? After careful analysis of the subject group, it turned out that these people, for some as yet unknown reason, had slightly higher levels of certain anaerobic bacteria, located specifically on the back portion of the tongue and in the throat. These bacteria produced Volatile Sulfur Compounds (Hydrogen Sulfide and Methyl Mercaptan gases), which caused the high sulfur levels. These are the very same compounds that produce "bad breath" and an associated sour, bitter, or metallic taste. Based on that research, the scientists decided that since the cause of the problem was due to those bacteria, antibiotics should be used as the treatment of choice. Unfortunately, when the proper antibiotics were used, there were two side effects. The antibiotics killed off a group of "good" bacteria, which caused a yeast infection to develop in the mouth. Secondly, an antibiotic resistance in the bacteria developed, which would cause the antibiotics to be ineffective in life-threatening situations. Consequently, the use of antibiotics will not end the problem. We then realized that since these bacteria were extremely sensitive to various factors in the mouth, and based on the most recent resources being done on the topic, an effective methodology was necessary to stop the Sulfur gas production by these bacteria. Working together with various Specialists and based on this research, we developed our technique using specialized pharmaceutical grade medicated products to break the sulfur bonds in these bacteria. I used these very same procedures on my daughter and we were able to stop the sulfur gas production immediately. She now uses the medicated products 3 times daily (after breakfast, after lunch, before bedtime.) From that point on, we have successfully treated nearly 20,000 people anguished by this highly misunderstood problem. (Since we started, we have always attempted to improve our protocols. We recently decided to add imported saliva stimulation tablets to the treatment in order to reduce potential dryness in your mouth or thicker saliva, which can make your breath and taste perception worse.) I now know personally that our procedures work, and that our medicated products are highly effective when used according to the instructions given to our patients and which will also be provided to you. I am confident that your end result will be as rewarding as it was to my daughter. Copyright 1999, Dr. Harold Katz & Fresh Start LLC. All international rights reserved. Last revised: June 02, 2000