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The Science Behind TheraBreath

The TheraBreath System and its products are based on highly potent but extremely safe OXYD-VIIITM . OXYD-VIII is a refined and properly pH balanced formula derived from a chemical used in water purification for over 100 years, Sodium Chlorite. Our products have surpassed the "older chemical known as "active" Chlorine Dioxide, to provide amazing results. The significant improvements have been registered both clinically and from Real People just like you, who have switched from one product to another.

(..."Dr. Katz, when I switched from a competitor of yours to your new formula, I was a bit skeptical, but I wanted to try to get rid of that lousy taste in my mouth. Thank you for explaining the difference, now my taste is the freshest it's been in 30 years and even my grandchildren have started to kiss me again. Thank God for your miracle cure...")

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The Most Recent Clinical Study of TheraBreath:

Presented on August 20 , 1999 at UCLA - The University of California at Los Angeles - (at the 4th International Conference on Odor Malodor).

The Effects of Oxygenating ThereBreath Products on Bad Breath Patients - Testing of Saliva Production, and Reduction of VSC by Flame Chromatography and Halimeter Values.

Bacteria production of Hydrogen Sulfide plays the main role in the ethiopathogenesis of bad breath, although there are several other etiologic factors which also play a role. The anaerobic bacteria live in ideal areas, unreachable by oxygen, such as the back of the throat and tongue, interporoximal areas of the teeth, periodontal pockets, and enlarged tonsilla. An oxygenating agent able to act in regions could provide a benefit in eliminating halitosis.

Our study monitored 25 subjects at the Department of Periodontology of our University Dental School. Thhe subjects all suffered the most common sighs of bad breath and were evaluated both before and after the study using GCF, Halimeter (manufactured by Interscan) readings, and their level of saliva production by Periotron 8000.

Results showed a statistically significant decrease in Halimneter readings and GCF values, while at the same time increasing their level of saliva production.

Conclusion: TheraBreath products (Oral Rinse, Toothgel, Spray, PowerDrops, Chewing Gum, AktivOxigen Tablets) are able to scientifically eliminate bad breath (halitosis) while at the same time helping to create more saliva for those who suffer with dry mouth.

Independent study conducted by the following Doctors: G. Acikgoz, I. Devrim, M. Aldikacti, A. Kayipmaz, G Keles of the Ondokuz Mayis University Dental School, Samun Turkey.