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TheraBreath and AktivOxygen - The Basics to Fresh Breath & Taste

Many people have tried to copy Dr. Katz's products and the formulations, but as hard as they try, they always come up short. The reason, TheraBreath and AktivOxygen products are made with proprietary pharmaceutical-grade Chlorine Dioxide and specific oxychlor complexes, both in the active and stabilized formats, using technology developed by the leading scientists in this field. Despite what jealous competitors may say, we use chlorine dioxide in our products at concentration s sufficient enough to make us the best-selling, direct to the public, brand in our category, both in the U.S. and worldwide. No one comes close. In fact, a catalog company has recently asked us to replace the competitor that uses bleach in their mouthwash, because of their poor sales and high returns!

If you suffer with bad breath and or taste disorders, or you want to protect yourself from these problems, then TheraBreath or AktivOxigen products are for you. Both provide oxygenating action to attack the anaerobic bacteria which create bad breath and sour/bitter/metallic tastes. The difference is in how they generate the oxidation process. TheraBreath does it with our liquid pharmaceutical grade oxychlor compounds, while AktivOxigen does it with tabletized Aseptrol Technology, or a combination of various technologies. We do not use any alcohol, detergent (sodium lauryl sulfate), saccharin, artificial colors, or artificial flavors in any of these products. We do not need to fool the public by creating strong medicinal or minty flavors, because our formulas work.