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AktivOxigen Toothpaste

AktivOxigen Toothpaste For bad cases of gum disease (with bleeding), bad breath and whitening. AktivOxigen toothpaste contains the newest antioxidant compound, Co-Enzyme Q-10 (ubiquinone). This ingredient has been tested for over 1 year with amazing results. Other researchers have come up with the same conclusion as we have: CoQ10 provides excellent benefits to fight the symptoms of oral disease, which are part of the bad breath process. This is because the "tougher" gum tissue, the less likelihood that your gums will bleed. Blood cells contain proteins, whose amino acids (Cysteine and Methionine) are precursors to Hydrogen Sulfide (the rotten egg smell) and Methyl Mercaptan (a much stronger odor than H2S, but thankfully in lower concentrations.) The AktivOxigen toothpaste is an ideal complement to the AktivOxigen tablets and they are designed to be used together for best results. The toothpaste also contains a very healthy dose of Aloe Vera, along with the bacteria's natural enemy, zinc - in the pleasant tasting form of zinc gluconate. This version also uses Fluoride to fight decay and tooth sensitivity.