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The 2-month Breath Therapy Kit contains 2 AktivOxigen kits. Each AktivOxigen kit contains 4 tablets in 2 pouches. Each tablet is dissolved into the 8 oz. bottle shown above and will last approximately 2 weeks. The 8 tablets will make 32 oz. of concentrated stabilized chlorine dioxide, flavorless, sulfur eliminating rinse.

AktivOxigen rinse utilizes unique tablets as shown in the picture. The big advantage to using the tablets to create the rinse is the light weight, portable 8 oz. container so you can bring it with you virtually anywhere.

The Breath Therapy Kit also comes with a tongue srcaper as shown above.

All of our products contain the most effective prescription strength ingredient, stabilized chlorine dioxide, and have been developed at our own facilities. Our scientifically advanced products are the most effective to eliminate bad breath. Our lead researcher's background in pharmacology has lead to ground breaking formulations of treatments for the elimination of halitosis and bad breath.

The ground breaking science is how the these advanced products oxygenate the odor causing sulfides into odorless sulfates.

When used on a regular basis, they will cure the worst cases of bad breath and gum disease while whitening teeth and curing gum disease. Educate yourself on each product using the easy to follow hyperlinks, then purchase the product that best suits your needs.