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TheraBrite Fast, Safe Tooth Whitenening and Anti-Halitosis Products With Fluoride For Cavity Fighting



TheraBrite Toothgels and Toothpaste contain Oxyd-8 components along with natural polishing agents to blast away stains deeply embedded in your enamel. No aluminum, as used in other products, and most importantly NO hydrogen peroxides or carbomer peroxides, which can form free radicals and damage gum tissue. Some produtcts use extremely high concentration of these bleaching agents, that they can cause nerve damage by "cooking" the nerve tissue inside the tooth pulp. Use the 2 component gel for safe rapid bleaching (3-4 weeks, applied twice daily), then use the toothpaste for whiteness maintanence.



TheraBrite Toothgel (tube of gel only) as shown onleft without the accelerater starter kit for whitening maintenance, halitosis control and cavity fighting is sold separately for $11.95.


TheraBrite Oxygenated Chewing Gum

Discolored, yellow teeth are often caused by proteninaceous stains deeply embedded in a stick layer (the pellicle) on your enamel. Bad breath is caused by anaeroboice sulfur producing bacteria that live within the surface of your tongue and in your throat. These bacteria react to cerain changes in their environment, which allow them to extract Volatile Sulfur Compounds from proteins (in foods, oral tissue, or mucous) which then become detectable as bad breath or Sour, Bittler, metallic Tastes! Now there's a formula that can whiten teeth and freshen breath safely and effectively - with oxygenation.




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