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TheraBrite FAQ's and Testimonials

Q: Will TheraBrite make my teeth sensitive like my current home bleaching kit?

A: NO! TheraBrite is the only tooth whitening system on the market that does not contain any peroxide or peroxide precursor like Carbomer. Plus, the polishing agents in TheraBrite toothpaste are very gentle to tooth enamel.

Q: Can I use TheraBrite with my TheraBreath and AktivOxigen products? A: YES. All of our products were designed to work together. That's because they are all based on the oxygenating action of the special pharmaceutical grade of chlorine dioxide used exclusively by us.

Q: Will TheraBrite damage my porcelain veneers?

A: NO. TheraBrite products are safe for all types of dental work including Porcelain veneers, crowns, bonding, acrylic and/or composite restorations, and partial or full dentures. In fact, TheraBrite toothpaste is a very effective toothpaste for denture wearers because it "oxygenates out" stains and odors from deep in the acrylic used in dentures.

Q: How often should I use the TheraBrite QuikStart Gels?

A: For best results we recommend the use of the QuikStart Gels, followed by TheraBrite toothpaste, and AktivOxigen rinse at least twice daily. But, because the ingredients are so safe and gentle, you can actually use them as often as you'd like.

Q: Do I need to use the QuikStart Gels forever? Can I just use the TheraBrite toothpaste by itself?

A: The QuikStart Gels are used to "jump start" the oxygenating process. For most people, using the QuikStart Gels twice a day for 3-4 weeks should be enough - you can then just use the TheraBrite toothpaste alone. However, since there is no problem using the QuikStart Gels every day, most of the TheraBrite users preferred to use it at least once a day, after they achieved their best possible result.

Q: I have tetracycline stains from my childhood. Will TheraBrite work?

A: In some cases, it will help because it will renew the outer (extrinsic) layer. However, you should understand that TheraBrite is used to "bleach" the protein layer (the pellicle) and the outer enamel layer. It cannot "bleach" any underlying chemical stains caused by permanent damage or trauma (chemical or physical).