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9/4/05 - After applying your product for just the first night, I woke up and stayed sweat free all day!!! I was really surprised since I have used many other products claiming to do the same thing and none worked. Just want to say Thanks to Maxim for showing me I can have a worry free and sweat free day!! I will definately be back to buy more. Stacy

9/4/05 - Dear Corad Healthcare, I just wanted to thank you for offering such a truly amazing product. I ordered the product, with much doubt, on a Wednesday, I received it
Friday. I put it on Friday night and when I awoke Saturday, I figured that it would be a typical day. My underarms were always sweating, no matter what I did. After about 10 minutes of having a shirt on, the underarm of it would be soaked with sweat. I was embarassed to go anywhere. Well, that is over. When I got up Saturday morning, after
only one night of use, the Maxim had worked. I went all day long without sweating one drop. I wish I had found your product earlier. You really should consider marketing it on TV commericals so more people can learn about it and not have to suffer any longer. Once again, thank you for making my life much better. A Truly Grateful Customer, J.B.

9/16/04 - -I have had excessive sweating for about 2 years now. I mean I had it really bad, I am only 14 and in our society it's just embarresing for that kind of thing. I would find myself in school sweating so I would always wear a black sweater and when I got home from school you could see the sweat just begin to seep threw my sweater. I would put paper towel under my arms ext. to stop the embarresment, I was even on some pretty powerfull drugs perscribed to me, and I'd take double the correct dose and it would only work for 4 hours max and the side effects just wornt worth it. Your product worked the first day, non-stop, and w/ no side effects. Maxim changed my life for the better, it saved my social life. I started to almost get depressed about it and stop going to social events untill now. Thank you so much

9/17/04 - Dear CORAD, Here is just another of your many testimonials about how well your product works. For years and years I had endured the embarrassment of underarm wetness. One night while searching this topic on Google I came across your product and decided to try it. Ever since the day (night) I first used it I have not had any wetness whatsoever., absolutely none, not even when being nervous or under stress. Fantastic!. I can now select the many colored dress shirts that before I would avoid wearing since they tended to show wetness more than others. Great!. I've now been using Maxim for 7 months and I have become extremely more confident and comfortable in public knowing that my underarms are dry. Wow! It's such a great feeling and one that I've never had before. Thank you. T.C. Mountain Top, Pennsylvania

9/20/04 - I didn't know where to send the testimonial but i just wanted to tell you your product worked great, i saw results the first day, i've only used it 2 times and im already satisfied, i would recommend this to anyone! Thanks again! ~Laura

9/20/04 - Hello, I just wanted to let you guys know that I have been using Maxim for the past 5 months. I suffer from Hyperhidrosis and it really has effected my self confidence. Since using your product, I hardly sweat anymore! My self confidence has gone way up and I dont have to worry about having puddles of sweat underneath my arms anymore. I tried a prescription deodorant, but it didnt work. I dont have to veer away from buying light colored shirts or worry about whether or not you will see the sweat rings under my arms. I am so glad that I did an internet search on Hyperhidrosis and found your product!
Sincerely, S.S. - Tampa, FL

9/21/04 - Your appointment that is scheduled for Tuesday, September 28, 2004, is currently planned to be held at the Wal-Mart Home Office. This meeting will now be at the Wal-Mart Layout Center. The time will remain the same, 8am to 9am, only the location will change. Please let me know who all will be attending the meeting so I can make sure everyone has access to the layout center for your appointment. Thanks!

9/23/04 - Dear Customer service, I just received my order for MAXIM on Monday Sept 20th and can't believe how well your product works. I tried the product that evening and was completely DRY the next day. UNBELIEVABLE !!!! I'm have excessive underarm perspiration and nothing I tried worked. I applied the product again on Tuesday night (just because I thought I had to) and on Wednesday, wore a silk shirt that I've always encountered heavy sweating with. NOT ONE DROP !!!!!! I purposely didn't apply any Maxim last night and it is now 12:30pm Thursday afternoon and not one drop of perspiration. I have suffered with this problem for 7 years, not realizing that their was help for it. I've never mentioned it to my doctor, thinking that it was a normal problem with some people. I can't tell you how many shirts have been tossed out due to stains and odor. Your product is a miracle for me. The only side-effect I have is a dry, itchy feeling that I'm sure will subside in time. I think I can live with "DRY, ITCHY ARM PITS" instead of wet smelly one's. I will tell everyone I know about your product with much pride as I feel I'm a new person! Thank You, J.K.

9/25/04 - I just wanted to thank you for your product. I was VERY skeptical of it but my doubts were turned away with just ONE APPLICATION...thank you so much. I will definitely be purchasing more! Cheers, DRP

9/28/04 - You changed my life, I can wear anything I want now, Its so much fun to walk into a store and not have to think about if a fabric will show if it’s wet. I lived the last 10 years constantly wet. I would buy things I would think I could wear, only to have to give them away, because I could not wear them. I was so sick of being wet under my arms all the time, Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! You have made me so happy, J.P.

9/27/04 - yes, I remember the day in 6th grade when I came home to find a sweat spot on my shirt for the first time. I'm in 9th grade now, and everyday this has been a daily routine. I got so sick of buying shirts not realizing I would never wear them, and then getting in trouble when I would have to throw them out because they were to small. I can wear anything I want now without having to worry about a wet spot appearing. I also hated the social situations. I could never go out with a guy without worrying about sweating. I can now raise my hand in class, and I can play my violin with confidence. Thanks so much for your wonderful product, and the speedy delivery was awesome! You have a new life long customer. -MM

9/28/04 - I just had to email you guys right away to thank you for your product. I received my bottle of Maxim yesterday and I couldn't wait until bedtime just so I could try it out. I am 21 years old and have suffered from excessive sweating since around the 4th grade, age 11. I have always pinpointed my own problem to genetics, since my mother and her mother were both the same way. "You'll get used to it honey", they'd say. "It will subside over time, and your nerves won't be so out of whack". When I would iquire when this nighttmare would end, they'd tell me, "Oh...around 40 or so. It's not so bad after that". 40??? No matter what I tried to do, nothing seemed to ever work. Wintertime was the worst because I would sweat straight through bulky sweaters and sweatshirts. At least sweating in the summertime isn't so unusual. School was a nighttmare because I never wanted to raise my hand or stand in front of people - and let's not even get started on dating. Oh, I tried every trick in the book. Layering shirts, wearing white or black all of the time, buying sweater shirts so that I could still keep cool and hide my huge sweat circles. I sewed rags into old shirts to wear under my outer shirts so that it would sop it up, and that didn't even work. Nothing worked. I would even dress for places, be sweated up before I left my house, and use my hair dryer to blow out the circles. I became really dependent on hand driers in one-person restrooms-at least they did the trick for a little while. It was just a mess, and I couldn't stand it anymore. When I heard about your product, I figured I would be part of the small percentage that it wouldn't work for, because nothing else had up to this point. But all the money I use buying things that "won't show sweat" and all the money I have wasted by buying shirts/sweaters/tops etc. that I know will show it immediately and just sit in my closet being dust collectors - what is $14? This morning I noticed a difference immediately. I usually can feel the old familiar moisture under my arms as soon as I dry off out of the shower. But not today. I even wore a BRIGHT ORANGE, fitted shirt that always shows my sweat circles so I could monitor it!!! It sounds so funny, but I can't get done looking under my arms, and seeing that I am as DRY as a BONE! And today has been particularly stressful here at work - I would normally be walking around with my arms glued to my sides. I can't tell you how happy I am and what a difference your product has made - already!!!! Thank you so much!!! =)

9/29/04 - I oredered Maxim about three months ago and I just wanted to let you know it works GREAT and I love it. Now I can wear any color I want because I dont sweat anymore. I use to only wear black shirts so the sweating wouldn't show as bad. I have had this problem for years and now I feel free. Thank you so much. Lynn

10/04/04 - I just wanted to say thank you for your Maxim Antiperspirant. My teenage daughter was always wearing larger dark colored shirts to hide the sweat marks from her constant sweating. She was too embarassed to wear some of her nicer, form fitting shirts as she would have huge, noticable wet spots under her arms. Whenever she went out, the first thing she thought of was what was she going to wear that wouldn't show her sweating. Now after using Maxim, she doesn't have to worry about it anymore and wears whatever she wants. You have changed her life and now she can be a normal teenager again. Sincerely, lp

10/07/04 - CORAD, I just wanted to say that I am completely satisfied w/ your product. I was totally amazed at how quickly and effectively it worked on me. I used to sit at my desk a drip sweat from my armpits for no reason it seemed, but your product completely stopped all armpit sweating w/ one single application... You have officially "blown my mind" :) Thanks for developing this stuff for use w/o a prescription.... Sincerly - N.F.

10/08/04 - I am so pleased with the results I have seen with Maxim. When you say it changes lives, it truly has changed mine. I have so much more confidence. I no longer ruin clothing....and on and on. Everything I am sure you have heard before. What I really want to say is simply THANK YOU!!!!

10/11/04 - I recently ordered Maxim, to be honest I was sceptical, but you have a truely amazing product. I has changed my life overnight. I now feel more confident as I am not worrying about embarrasing sweat marks under my armpits, can wear cloths that are light coloured etc. Thanks Again. Kind regards, G.I.

10/19/04 - I want to thank you so much for your product. It is unbelieveable! A friend who suffered from the same hyperhidrosis problem as me recommended your product. I have been suffereing from groin sweating for the past few years after I got botox injections in my underarms. I am a skater and was always embarrassed and self-conscious whenever I went into a spin. I have been using your product for a week. Now, I can go to practice and work hard and be completely dry in the groin area. It is wonderful. No more wet bathing suit feeling. I have renewed confidence in my skating and in myself.
Thank you, H.N.

11/08/04 - When I searched the Internet for "perspiration problems" I never thought I would actually come across a product that would eliminate this problem from my life. I am a 30 year old female who has been embarrassed most of my life because of my heavy sweating. I would sweat even when I wasn't hot. When I was nervous the sweat rings would appear immediately. Even after applying deodorant/antiperspirant multiple times a day I still had tons of wetness and always felt unclean. I even smelled bad after applying deodorant multiple times a day. I was 100% skeptical of Maxim when I ordered it, but I had nothing to lose. I was pleasantly surprised at the affordable price. It arrived only a couple of days after submitting my order. The first night, I applied it very sparingly because I wasn't sure what to expect. The very next day, my wetness was GONE. I felt like I was in a dream. That may sound stupid, but when you've had to live with this embarrassment all your life, you can hardly believe it when all of the sudden that problem no longer exists. I just received a promotion at work and it involved three hard-core rounds of panel interviews. My underarms were 100%dry after all interviews. I may have been sweating on the inside, but it never showed on the outside. My confidence level has turned 180 degrees. I am very grateful to have discovered Maxim. I tell everyone about it. Thank you so much! ~Kim from Minnesota

11/14//04 - When I ordered this product a year ago, I was sure it wouldn't work for me. After applying it the first night, I was amazed the next day. I couldn't believe it really worked. I stayed at home that day just trying on different shirts to see if the sweating would come back and if I would get the awful sweat rings again. To my amazement, they did not come back and they haven't now that I've been using your product over a year. I only put it on about two to three times a week and I don't have to worry anymore. It is such a freeing feeling to be able to wear all the cute styles of shirts and the pretty colors that I used to not be able to wear. I truly think this product is a miracle and I wish I would have found it sooner. Thank you so much for this gift and the new lease on life it has given me. Valerie

11/14/04 - This is it: "6/05/02 - Thank you soooooooooo much !!!!!! Maxim is the greatest thing out there. Trust me, I've tried almost all antiperspirants on the market,
but none of them worked. I got Maxim yesterday and applied it last night...Guess
what - I AM TOTALLY DRY today. I simply cannot believe this. I've had hyperhydrosis since I was 10. I felt so embarrassed at school, I was always worried that someone would see the huge wet marks on my clothes or notice the unpleasant smell. I could only wear a few synthetic shirts during the summer, which turned it into the most unpleasant season. I'm 16 now and I feel like a new person. I actually went to the mall today and bought a slamming T-shirt. I also hugged my friends, something that I was too
embarrassed and stressed to do before. Thank you! Love, Alissa Tongova
Sofia, Bulgaria"

11/16/04 - Hi I am a 14 year old girl I have had terrible problems with major sweating since I was in the 6th grade. I remember going to the movies with my friends and just constantly looking at my arm pits to see if they were dry but of course they weren't I even remember tucking my arms in my shirt acting like I was cold (even though I was not) and waiting for my shirt to dry. This past year has been the worst for my Hyperhidrosis it got so bad that I would wear jackets in the summer time and even then my sweat would go through. I even wore double shirts and that certainly did not work I dripped through. I even tried different deodorants and anti-perspirants and nothing seemed to work. I have also wore white T-Shirts and Black so the sweat would not show as bad , I was wearing the same shirts every week at school. When I started 8th grade I decided to take action, I talked to my mom about what I could do and she said she heard of something on Television that you could get a shot once a month under your arms, and still you would sweat a little. I turned down the shot because I wanted COMPLETE DRYNESS but mom said there was no such thing so I gave up hope I went to bed crying because I was so embarrassed of the sweat rings ! A couple of weeks later I decided to research it on the internet and came up to your web-site and and I jumped up after I read some of the testimonies and went and told my mom she was doubtful but she would do anything to make her little girl happy, so we ordered it and as we waited every night I would get on the internet and read some more testimonies! When the box came in our mail-box I was taking friends out to eat and to a movie when I pulled it out of the box I said yes finally they asked me what it was first I was spectacle about telling them about my problem but I did and guess what they said they do that to but maybe not as bad, they even told me to tell them if it worked! I told them that following Monday at school and they said wow it does I can tell because you are wearing something you never wore before I was so proud I even raised my hand up in class to answer questions and COMPLETE DRYNESS!!! Thanks for MAXIM you keep makin I keep buyin!!--T.B. P.S. Up date your Testimonies and put mine up please thanks!!

11/17/04 - Wow, what a truly amazing product, for such a small investment this
stuff is life changing. I now no longer have to worry about getting sweat patches under the arms (for no reason at all most of the time). Also what else is amazing is I only got the product a week ago and I have not applied it fo the last 3 days so far and im still fine Thanks again..... Damien

11/19/04 - I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation to whomever is responsible for developing this product. I am not the type of person who responds to feedback card, emails, etc..., let alone writing this endorsing email. I am a busy wife, mother and professional and I never feel like I can justify the time to do surveys or give feedback for products or companies. I struggled with this embarrassing problem for 25 years before discovering MAXIM. It literally solved my problem. I can't even say that just reduced the sweating - - - it totally eliminated the "excessive sweating". Now, I only sweat when it's normal to sweat - - -like when I'm working out!! I experienced some irritation with regular MAXIM but it was worth it so I switched my application from night time to morning so it wouldn't interrupt my sleep. Then I tried the MAXIM Sensitive and that has worked just as well for me without any irritation. I still use it every morning b/c I was in that habit. I have never been so impressed with a product's claim as I have with this one. After years of living with tissues under my arms that I had to constantly replace, the painful trial period of electric stimulation, (what a nightmare!), underarm shields that just temporarily solved the problem until my sweat leaked beyond the dimensions of the shield, and many other embarrassing situations, I am very grateful to have found MAXIM. You can count on my patronage for the rest of my life.P.S. My 13 year old daughter has the same problem and luckily doesn't have to suffer as long as I did!! Sincerely, Mrs. Anonymus

11/19/04 - A couple months ago, I decided to purchase your product online. I had never heard of it before but your ad's were very convincing.
However, I had no luck with your product, nor did a friend of mine who really has no problem with over perspiration. I read all of your testimonials, and I wish that I could give you the positive feedback that others did. That was not the case in my situation though. Thank you for another false hope. Michael Age 22

11/19/04 - To whom it may concern, I really wanted to give your company many thanks. In my case, deodorants just couldn't cut it! I would sweat on the hottest days of the year, I would sweat on the coldest. With this product, I am happy to say that this problem does not exist anymore. For the first time in my life, I have found a product that I can truly rely on. Sincerely, Randy McLeod

11/24/04 - Hi there Just had to send you this email. Just over 1 month ago I placed an order for Maxim on your website and received the goods without a problem. Prior to this I suffered from under-arm sweating, and my life was a clothes misery. Now due to Maxim, I have been out buying those clothes that I could not wear before. I feel so confident now, thanks to you. I was considering surgery, but heard of the bad reports and thought that nothing was ever going to change my life. But, you have and this is why I write this email. Thankyou so much for selling this product and making my life happy.
Best Regards Nicola UK


12/2/04 - Hi Keith, Thanks to you, in deed your product changed my life and gave me more confidence. I just have a couple of questions, and I hope you'll be able to help me. Since I started using Maxim, I noticing that my feet started to excessively sweat, and as soon as I take off my shoes I can see my socks are wet, I did not have that problem in the past and before using Maxim product - So can you please advise what could be causing this issue, and what is the effectively treat? In the meantime, I have purchase a couple of Maxim Antiperspirant bottles, and I have one which I am still using in a weekly bases, and the second bottle is still un-opened, but will soon be expired, so can this un-opened bottled be replaced with a new one? Thank you for your help and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Samir

12/5/04 - Hello,

I have been using your product for almost 1 year now and just love it! I was skeptical in the beginning since I have tried other products/ideas and even throught about surgery options since I had such a bad underarm sweating problem. I have been sweating for most of my life, even in high school. Now I am in management at my job and have to speak in front of people, give interviews, etc, and I was really looking for something that works. One day I decided to do yet another google search and found your product and read about it. I could not believe all the testimonials you had from other users of your product, so I had to give it a try. I ordered it and within one week after receiving the product, I began seeing results. Now after using the product for almost 1 year, the only time I sweat under my arms is in the Gym, where I am supposed to sweat and even that is not much like it used to be. THIS PRODUCT IS AWESOME, and I highly recommend it for anyone that has a sweating roblem. IT WORKS! Now I am ordering my second bottle for the next year. Thanks again and hope your product makes it to the Store shelves one day so it can be easily available for everyone. EH - La.

12/7/04 - I have been using your maxim product for 2 weeks and have noticed a significant eleviation to my excessive sweating problem. I have told several friends about it and they are going to order it for themselves. I feel so much more confident knowing I don't have to worry about the faucet in my armpits. Thank you so very much maxim, thank you!! Sincerely, Mark D. Schon

12/7/04 - To Whom It May Concern: I just wanted to give you my testimonial of how wonderful your product is. I am 41 yrs old and have always had excessive arm pit wetness. My problem wasn't stress or nerves, it WAS just my arm pits would become
wet and stay wet throughout the day. On my lunch hour, I would go home and change into a fresh T-shirt. Just last week, before I became aware of your product, I took a T-shirt and turned it inside-out and put duck tape, believe it or not, on the arm pits. Then turn if right-side out and before I put that T-shirt on, I put on another T-shirt. So, I had a
T-shirt on to absorb the wetness, then I had a T-shirt which had duck tape on the inside to prevent the wetness from absorbing into my actual shirt. I know, it sounds crazy, but I was so desperate. I'm just not believing my pits are actually dry. I keep feeling under my arms in disbelief. THANKS AGAIN and I will be purchasing the 3 pack soon.....Take Care and God Bless! KEVIN FULLILOVE

12/10/04 -
My name is Chris. I am a 20 year old college student, and ever since my freshman year of high school, I have suffered from excessive underarm sweating. I tried every different type of anti-persperant on the market. Ocasionally one would work for a little bit but nothing would stop my sweating. I could never wear a light colored shirt and I usually would
wear two so the under shirt to absorb the sweat. If I went to my schools basketball game, I would have to leave my coast on because I would have to leave my arms down the whole time, thus causing me to sweat excessivly. Any ways....I ordered a bottle about three months ago, and just wanted to let you know how great it worked. I was a little
sceptical at first that it wouldn't work. I noticed a difference in just 2 days after I started using it. I put some on every night for about a week or I only put it on maybe once a month. I wish I had an opportunity to use your product a long time ago. It would've saved me throwing away some stained white shirts and my pride. Your product in a way saved my life! THANKS!Chris M.

12/4/04 - I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this product. I have lived with this very embarrassing problem for many years and thought that I was the only one who had this problem as I have never met anyone else who suffers from excessive sweating. I would sweat even if it was very cold. I only wore dark clothes and even then I kept my arms down all the time because I would still get a very large dark stain under my arms. I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years on every kind of deoderant out there, none of them worked no matter how expensive they were. I went online to look for sweat pads to wear under my shirts and found your site. I admit I almost did not try it but with all the testimonials I read and the guarantee I decided it was well worth the price. It brings tears to my eyes to think about the day after I started using your product. I kept feeling like I was sweating because I was so used to it, but I would look and I was dry! Words cannot express my gratitude and I will NEVER be without your product, PLEASE never stop making this as I do not know what I would do if I had to go back to sweating again. I am ordering the 4 pack this time as it is a great savings and that way I know I will not run out. I did experience a little itching and redness at first but I realized that I had shaved that day so I started skipping a day of shaving and apply the deoderant the night I did not shave and now it doesn't bother me at all. I would have gladly continued to use this even if I had not figured this out as it is well worth it to be able to wake up each day knowing I do not have to worry about sweating. Now I can lead a normal life like everyone else and not have to worry about keeping my arms to my side to keep from being embarrassed because of the ugly sweat stains. If anyone is having doubts about trying this product as I was, please try it as it really does work and you can start wearing white again as I am. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart and Merry Christmas J. Knox Tennessee

12/12/04 - Please do! I want everyone who comes to your website to see that so many others do suffer from this. I thought I was an oddball because I had talked to others about it and no one else knew anyone with this problem, even my doctor said there was nothing I could do about it except take shots that costs over $1000! The sweating was getting worse with each year that passed, it was so embarrassing! I still cannot get over how this completely stops the sweating it is truly an amazing and wonderful product! God Bless you for making my life better, I now have so much more confidence and love being able to wear "normal" clothes again. I will definately tell everyone I know about your product.
I also meant to ask if you have distributors? I had noticed someone else asked when I read the testimonials before I made my first purchase. If you do I would be interested in information on becoming a distributor. No matter what you have a loyal customer for life :) Have a great night and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jennifer


12/29/04 - I am a 31 year old homicide detective who has had problems with underarm sweating since high school. For years I never thought that there was a product that could actually stop my underarm sweating. I thought that I was going to lead a lifetime of embarrassing underarm sweating. Things only got worse when I began working for my agency as a patrol office since I had to wear a ballistic vest every day under my dark brown uniform even during the hottest days of summer. Once I got promoted to detective, I had to wear a shirt and tie every day which made things even worse. Cops tend to have a profound sense of humor, and if I couldn’t find a effectively treat for my excessive underarm sweating soon, I would be destined for a career full of nicknames and other embarrassment. I was to the point of which that if I could not find something to stop the sweating, I was going to consider surgery or I was actually going to turn down my promotion and go back to being a patrol officer where I could hide my underarm sweating easier. Being a police officer, I tend to be skeptical in nature and I rarely ever believe what people tell me at face value. Remember, I deal with people who lie to me every day… I figured that I would give Maxim a try, but I didn’t expect that the product would work for me since no other anti-per spirant has ever remotely worked with my body chemistry. Shockingly, Maxim worked on its first application. When I finished my first full day of work with a dry shirt, I almost cried. Keep in mind that I’m a tough guy and I never cry… Maxim has changed my life and has given me a sense of self confidence that I haven’t had since I was 17 years old. I look back at all of the years that I silently suffered with my condition and cringe since I didn’t try this product sooner. I used to spend so much time thinking about how wet my clothing was every day, and now I don’t even give my dry clothing a second thought. I can now wear anything I want in terms of dark or light shirts without ever having to worry about underarm sweating. If you are a first time Maxim user who happens to be on the fence in terms of ordering this product or not, please do your self a favor and make the purchase. Its well worth it and it may change your life. Respectfully, Detective T.S.(P lease feel free to post this on your site if you should choose)

1/03/05 - Hello, I've been using Maxim for several months now and it's working great! I wish I had it years ago! Thanks for providing this product and please continue to provide it. I hope you are selling enough to make it worth your effort? If not, let me (and the rest of us very grateful customers) know what you need to continue. I'm going to order another bottle even though I don't need it yet. Thanks, Ian

1/06/05 - Hello, You may use this as a testimonial: [I have suffered from excessive underarm perspiration since I was a teenager. It was embarrassing and frustrating to deal with because normal antiperspirants didn't work. For years I tried to ignore it and dress in a way to hide it as best I could. A couple years ago I decided to look into treatment.
I was discouraged by the operations which some doctors used and wished there was something less drastic. Then, several months ago, I came across Maxim while searching online. I decided to try it after reading the testimonials. I'm very happy that I did! It works! I only have to use it once every 2-3 days to keep my perspiration to normal level. It started working after the first night I applied it. Now, I am more comfortable throughout the day and have more freedom to wear what I want without embarrassment. Thank you Maxim! I.C.]

1/13/05 - I Just want to thank you for bring me back to the business world without any fear or embarrassed of my excessive sweating problem. After a first day of using Maxim I notice immediately the changes and my sweating problem starting disappear. I'm a Top sales and marketing executive in Puerto Rico a beautiful but calories Tropical Caribbean Island. Today I recover my self confidence thanks to Maxim. Is a great product please let me know if you need distributors in this region my personal testimony is the best marketing tool? Thanks Raul

1/14/05 - Dear Maxim, I don't know what to say! This product is a god send. I am truly amazed by how well it has worked. I had read some of the testimonials on your site and was somewhat skeptical, but also in desperate need of a solution. I have only been using Maxim for a few days and I am completely free of the embarrassing underarm sweat rings that I used to get almost constantly. I have been truly liberated from those embarrassing situations! I have so much more confidence and peace of mind. I wear a suit every day and was restricted mainly to white shirts, but now I am able to wear shirts of all colors! No longer do I have to worry about raising my arms or stretching. This is product is absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for changing my life! SMR

1/15/05 - I recently purchase 2 bottles of Maxim for myself and a co-worker. We both share the embarassing problem of excessive armpit sweating. We can't wear certain color shirts and often go through white shirts like crazy due to stains. I used it for the first time on Thursday night and went all day on Friday without wetness at all! I wore a gray polo-style shirt that usually has a wet spot on it within the first hour that I am at work. There was nothing there at all. I wanted to share my excitement and thank you for developing this product. Sincerely, H. Diaz

1/20/05 - I love you because you helped make my life so much better. You don't know the pain of humiliation and self conscious I have been through for years. I ruined all my shirts and could not wear many others because I knew the sweat would seep through. I was considering surgery, botox, and other dangerous and ludicrous procedure. But, I found you. This product is magic. Thank you so much and I am grateful to the whole Corad staff that made this life changing product possible.

1/21/05 - I love you because you helped make my life so much better. You don't know the pain of humiliation and self consciousnes I have been through for years. I ruined all my shirts and could not wear many others because I knew the sweat would seep through. I was considering surgery, botox, and other dangerous and ludicrous procedures . But, I found you. This product is magic. Thank you so much and I am grateful to the whole Corad staff that made this life changing product possible.

1/23/05 - I would just like to express my thanks for such a wonderful product! I would sweat under my arms very bad in the past. It would ruin shirts and make for uncomfortable days in the office. I could not believe the results with Maxim. 100% dry the next day after using it. I was shocked! Thanks again for a wonderful product! Jason

1/28/0 5- I am 17 years old, I have been suffering from excessive sweating for the past 2 years in school. I can't tell you how rough it is in high school to sweat so much. I have to change my undershirts 3 times a day just at school. Its so embarrassing I would sweat so much my friends would make fun of me for not wearing deodorant and say i didn't take showers because I always had a big ring under my arms. When really I would take a shower 3 times a day be for school, after school, and be for bed and I would apply a ton of antiperspirant and deodorant. So I got your product two days ago I have put it on as directed every night. And what do you know I really didn't sweat today or yesterday I couldn't believe it. I am so happy my dad sweats to and he tried it last night at he didn't sweat a bit!!!! Thanks so much my whole family is going to use this product it truly is a life saver! Daniel Siska

2/04/05 - Thank you for making a great product that actually works! I have been using it for a week and would estimate it has stopped about 90% of my unnecessary daytime underarm sweating. Now I only need to wear one shirt to work in the office instead of bringing two or three to change into over the course of the day. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone I know who has trouble with excessive sweating! Everett K.Seattle, WA

2/07/05 - I just wanted to send a message letting you know how pleased I am with
your product. I have been suffering from this problem since I entered into pubertiy. I was very skeptical at first but I saw results immediately. I have been able to wear my clothes without fear of those dreadful sweat stains. I highly reccomend this product to anyone who suffers from excessive underarm sweat. I thought that there was nothing to do about
this problem. Thanks again for creating this product. DP

2/08/05 - Hello I would like you to post this as a testimonial.

I am currently 16 and in high school. My problem with excessive sweating started last year and I only noticed it in one class. I thought it was just that the classroom I was in was usually hot and that it was mid summer so it was a nature thing. But this year as a junior I noticed that I would get this sweating in every class I was in. I would wear a regular shirt with a white undershirt or a sweat shirt to hide the sweat stains. It was so bad. I would feel uncomfortable when I would go out with my girlfriend because I thought maybe the sweat would bleed through and she would notice it. Thank god that never happened. Then one day I typed "ways to stop sweating" in a search engine and found your site. I had tried every deodorant out there and nothing stop it. After reading your testimonials I decided to tell my mom about your product to see if I could order it. I am currently writing this after using your product for almost 1 month now. The results have me smiling even as we speak. Today I went to choir with one green shirt on that would show stains no matter what. I danced all period (1 hour 30 minutes) and sang and I looked down to see no stains what so ever. I couldn't be more happy with you product. It really really works. I am currently using it every other night and even on the off day I have no problems with sweating. In the beginning it itched a little bit at bed time but now I don't even remember putting it on when I go to bed. Thank you so much for your product and I look forward to using it throughout my high school career and into college. For anyone who doubts this product take it from me, it works. I had my doubts but the friendly people of Maxim have made a believer out of me and can make one out of you too. Thank you. JC from Illinois

2/24/05 - MAXIM Antiperpirant is the 1st product that has ever worked for me. I'm a nurse and I've tried a variety of anti-perspirants with no success. I can finally do my job without being embarrassed or uncomfortable. Thank you so much. -RN

2/24/05 - I want to thank you for this product. I am a 48 year old woman and have
ruined many pieces of clothing with my excessive sweating. It has always been an embarrassment to me, and I have had to change the way I dressed because of it. I could not wear cotton blouses, or light colored clothing because of it. In fact recently I bought a very expensive black leather coat and wore it to work. During the drive in to work I must have been sweating pretty heavily, because when I got to work my co-worker and friend alerted me to large white salt stains on my beautiful new coat under the arms. I was so upset, that is when I went on-line and found your product. It started working the first day. I have had a little irritation, so I will skip a day or two and then reapply. Next week, I'm going to try to apply it only once or twice. I just want to thank you again, this has solved a problem that has been horrible for me for DECADES!!!! You have a customer for life, and I have recommended it to all of my friends and family who have complained
of the same problem. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3/01/05 - I was very sceptable about your product but after one night's use I immediately felt and saw a difference. I wasn't completely dry the first day, but to feel an onze of sweat underneath my arms rather than a gallon definitely was a great feeling. I am a freshman in college and I dread the warm months. I am so excited to see summer come now! I can't wait to wear light colored shirts and keep shirts longer because they won't be stained with odor and yellow stains from over sweating. I am so happy that I found the website because I was going to order Drysol which costed so much more and being a college student I really didn't have that much money to spend. Not only does your stuff work, it is AFFORDABLE! I now can finally get into the dating scene because I will no longer be worried about smelly, sweating armpits. Thank you so much! T, Tennessee

3/01/05 - I seem to be one of a great number of very satisfied customers. I was skeptical of your claims, but I have to say that Maxim has worked beautifully for me. As so many testimonials have stated, this product is a life-saver in a way that only those who suffer from hyperhydrosis can understand. To be able to wear whatever clothing you want without the worry of noticeable axillary perspiration soaking through the fabric is something you cannot appreciate unless you've dealt with the profoundly embarassing problem. I can only say thank you...your product is truly remarkable and has changed my life. JM in Florida

3/02/05 - I have to say I was skeptical in that I did not believe your product could stop the excessive underarm sweating I have experienced for 25 years. When I was 13 I even went to a hypnotherapist without success in order to try to control it. Ultimately I learned to just adapt. In doing more research I came across your site. I had tried Rx products many many years ago and they never worked.

Well, I tried it and gave it the ultimate test as I had a job interview. As anyone knows who suffers from this condition, being nervous doesn't necessarily cause the sweating, but it can definately make it worse. I came home and ... nothing! My t-shirt was not even wet. Normally I would have sweated through 3 layers of clothing. I was actually kind of freaked out. I did notice that for best results I needed to shower and wash my underarms before applying at night. It did seem to interact with my regular anti-perspirant and caused some itching and redness but washing any other product off seems to solve that problem. And putting my normal anti-perspirant on in the morning after another shower caused no interaction and did not diminish the effect of Maxim. I would live with some redness anyway. I have only tried it a few times so far but an excellent product. Definitely worth a try. On another note, I e-mailed with a status and received a very quick response. This seems rare these days for internet companies. Nice work. Please feel free to use this testimonial on your website, just withold my last name. Thanks again, Andy McIntyre

3/02/05 - I have to say I was skeptical in that I did not believe your product could stop the excessive underarm sweating I have experienced for 25 years. When I was 13 I even went to a hypnotherapist without success in order to try to control it. Ultimately I learned to just adapt. In doing more research I came across your site. I had tried Rx products many many years ago and they never worked.

Well, I tried it and gave it the ultimate test as I had a job interview. As anyone knows who suffers from this condition, being nervous doesn't necessarily cause the sweating, but it can definately make it worse. I came home and ... nothing! My t-shirt was not even wet. Normally I would have sweated through 3 layers of clothing. I was actually kind of freaked out. I did notice that for best results I needed to shower and wash my underarms before applying at night. It did seem to interact with my regular anti-perspirant and caused some itching and redness but washing any other product off seems to solve that problem. And putting my normal anti-perspirant on in the morning after another shower caused no interaction and did not diminish the effect of Maxim. I would live with some redness anyway. I have only tried it a few times so far but an excellent product. Definitely worth a try. On another note, I e-mailed with a status and received a very quick response. This seems rare these days for internet companies. Nice work. Please feel free to use this testimonial on your website, just withold my last name. Thanks again, Andy McIntyre

3/03/05 - I'm writing a little note to tell you I'm a new client to your product, and a new believer. Your product is amazing and it really works. Thanks so much Best Regards PK

3/03/05 - I am writing to tell you that I have been using your product for nine months and it has changed my life in so many ways. No more embarrassment, ruined clothes or limiting what I wear due to perspiration. My wardrobe if full of colours and fabrics that I was unable to wear in the past- shopping is fun! I had been suffering from hyper-hydrosis for about 23 years and was resigned to the fact that it was a life sentence. Nine months ago I purchased Maxim and after only a few applications and minor redness, it began to work! I now only need to apply it every 2 weeks or so. Thank you so much for offering such an effective life-changing product. Lisa Ontario, Canada

3/07/05 - Hey man, I'm a repeat orderer and I will continue ordering from you as long as I have armpits. You rock! -Robert, Michigan

3/17/05 - I just wanted to take the time to tell you how happy my son is with your product. It has made his life wonderful. He can now wear a color besides black and he is not ruining his shirts. This is the first time in 2 years that he has not sweat like a race horse. That is why I am ordering the four pack this time. Thanks Nancy P.

3/22/05 - I am a fifteen year old female, and I have had excessive armpit sweating for about two years. I'm not positive, but I believe that the hyperhidrosis began when I began menstruating. When the problem began, I was too embarrassed to wear the form-fit shirts that I had previously worn, and I was even more embarrassed to tell my mother about the problem. For the past two years, I have had to wear tops that are too big for me and oversized sweatshirts in order to hide the problem. My mom would get angry with me and ask, "Why don't you ever wear the nice tops that I buy for you?" Finally, I decided that the problem needed to stop. I got up the courage to tell my mom about the problem, and she believed that the answer was a stronger anti-perspirant and some powder. Those didn't work. Before finding your web site, I had believed that I was a lost cause. I was sweating so much in the armpits, and I didn't think that anyone had the problem as bad as I had it. When I went online, I saw your web site and read all of the testimonials with little hope. My mother reminded me that most testimonials were fake, but I figured your product was worth a try. Within three days of ordering it, the Maxim arrived at my house! I have been using Maxim for two weeks now, and my armpits are the driest they've ever been! I can now wear all of the nice, pretty tops that my mother bought for me months ago! I have never written a testimonial before, but after experiencing such great results with your product, I knew that I had to let other teenage girls with hyperhidrosis know that there is help out there! Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back! Nicole

3/24/05 - Dear Corad,

Thank you so much for making my life more confident.Your Maxim product is trully effectived! Im so happy with Maxim product! I've noticed that maxim is working good to my armpit,but unfortunately not to my hand ang feet. I hope Corad will help me again to solve my problem? Pls! let me know if you have another product that can solve my problem? Again, thank you so much Corad!!! God bless you all!!!!!!

3/29/05 - i wish i would have known about Maxim a really long time ago. please
give whoever came up with that stuff a big huge thank you from me. you
guys need to advertise! Andy Sacramento, CA

4/01/05 - Subject: Thank God i found you Thank you very much for your wonderful product!!! i can truly say that it saved my life!!! it has given me the new beauty that i only dreamed about!!! Maxim made my clothes clean and dry and i am greatful for God's answear to my prayers...your product!!! Thank you so much for being so smart and wonderful. The deadarant started to work on the first day!!!! -maria

4/4/05 - Just a little note to tell you on how well your product is working for me. It has been just short of a week but I find it great. I can wear any top or shirt I like and not have to worry about being wet and underarm sweat marks. I work with the public and this could be a problem most of the time. So thanks for all you help.

4/06/05 - I recently ordered Maxim for the first time. I was more than a bit skeptical as I had tried nearly every over the counter anti-sweat product on the market and had little to no success. I read various things about Maxim online and finally decided to take the plunge. Literally within two days of using it, I was walking around on a warm, sunny afternoon, with a dress shirt on with NO UNDERSHIRT underneath it and had absolutely no sweat stains whatsoever! I was completely shocked. Thinking that it was a fluke or maybe because I was in a low stress environment that day, I figured the next day at work would be the real test. I must add here that I work in an environment where dress and appearance standards are held in very high regard. In that same week, I had to give two very important presentations in front a decent amount of people and like my first experience with Maxim, I had no sweat stains! I would run to the bathroom on breaks to check and I just kept checking because I couldn't believe I was finally without sweat stains. Unreal! I have worn dark shirts and baggy shirts literally for years. Sure, I was always fashionable but there was no getting around the stains. I had ruined clothes with various other products designed to stop sweating and wasted tons of money. I rarely give such glowing endorsements but Maxim is indeed the real deal! All of this success was experienced with very little side effects. The only effect I noticed was during the first couple of nights of applying it, my arm pits itched a little bit. That went away after a few usages. No big deal. Small price to pay for such success. I have already recommended the product to others and will continue to do so. Thanks! Gary M.

4/09/05 - Hello. I am 18 years old and I currently attend college studying theatre and
acting. Around my 10th grade year in high school, I noticed that I could be sitting in a freezing room and my shirt would be just COVERED in sweat. So all during high school and half a year after... I was always wearing multiple layers of clothing or speacial fabric to hide the sweat. When the time came around to act and wear special costumes, I was always scared I was going to ruin them... and that was sometimes the case. During the last
play, I stained a WHITE shirt from sweating so bad. This time around, we are performing "The Laramie Project" about a murder in Laramie, Wyoming. In this play, we wear casual modern cothing. I was scared until I recieved your product. I can now wear one shirt and I feel good about my appearence. Everything has been so much more positive. Thank you for everything.

4/14/05 - I just wanted to say thank you for such quick shipping, it arrived in only a few days. The product is amazing! It worked the very first day, after using it the night before. I am only using it now a couple times a week. This is a such a relief for me! I have ruined dozens of shirts with yellow stains, and I am sooo happy that will never happen again!
Thanks! Amanda

4/15/05 - I just wanted to say, that I found your product on-line when I was searching for remedies on how to effectively treat excessive sweating. I read the testimonies of others who used your product, and as usual with every new product, I was skeptical about trying it. Thinking, "if it is this good, why don't they sale it in stores? How much do they pay these people to say this stuff?" But I thought, what the heck for $20, I will try it. After all, what did I have to lose? I am 26 and about 4 - 5 years ago I developed the excessive sweating under the arms. Now, since I am a female, this really became a problem when wearing light colored clothes. I quickly changed my wardrobe to dark colors or tank tops. Even tank tops, were questionable at times. I would envy all the girls who wore light colored baby t's or cute shirts that looked good with a tan, because I knew that I would never be able to wear those. I became very self conscious about my little problem... I tried everything from powder, to the stopping of all metabolism boosters thinking that maybe that is why I was sweating. My body was in overdrive all the time. Then after a month, I saw no difference so I knew it wasn't the metabolism pills. I was starting to become less happy. I had guys telling me all the time that if I would wear pink, or baby blue, that it would make me look even hotter with my tan that I have and my eye color. But, it was dark colors all the time so that I wouldn't be embarrassed when I got big wet stains under my arms. Well the good news is.... I found something that actually works. Your product rocks!!! Just after 3 days, I noticed a huge difference. In fact, I don't sweat under my arms at all anymore. I bought some light colored shirts just a couple days ago and I am completely excited to wear them. Makes me want to throw out all my dark clothes. If I could be your spokes person to convince people that this product works, I would do it in a heartbeat!! I have never believed in any product as much as I believe in yours! Thank you so much for your help. I am a much happier person now! As soon as I get a good picture, I will send it to your company (of me in a light colored shirt)!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! Sincerely, Shawntel

4/19/05 - Hi, I just wanted to let you know how awesome the Maxim product is. I used another product which worked for about 8-10 months (dry-sol, worked great for about 6 months, then faded out), then I started to sweat again, not as much, but definitely showed through my clothes. I used this product the first night, and when I woke up the next and day ever since I have been dry as a bone! I only use 2 swipes or so and that is it. I think that I may take a few days off and see how I do. How long does it usually last without using it for a while? I think that I may purchase the 4 pack really soon, so I can stay dry for the rest of my life! This is truely a life-saver. I always used to say to myself "what shirt can I wear that won't show sweat stains" and now I can wear whatever I want! Even if it is hot outside, or indoors, I can wear a snug shirt and no sweats or wetness at all! I love this. Please write me back when you get a chance. Thanks so much, Mick.

4/21/05 - Hi I just want you guys to know that I think your product is wonderful.
From the first time I used it I was amazed the next day with the results that I told my sister about it and she want to try it out for herself. Before I would never wear sleeveless blouse unless I was at home, but now I am confident enough to do so. I have actually gone shopping. This product has change me so much. I am now able to walk in a crowd and not have to worry about people staring at my underarm or even about them smelling me. Living here in the Caribbean can kill with all the heat. Now that summer is coming its going to get worse. But now that I have this product I don't have to worry. You guys are the greatest. Cordelia

4/30/05 - Hi, Just a short note to say how happy I am after using Maxim ; my only problem is that Maxim is too strong for me and I've decided to get a 4 pack Maxim Sensitive. I tried many other Anti-Perspirant before I came up with that product and decided to try it after nothing else worked for me. You might not know where I'm located in the world!!! (The Caribbean) but I want to say thanks soooooooooooooo much. I can go out in public and not having to worry about that patch under my arms. I would be happy if you would publish my testimonial. LMC - St. Lucia, WI I am now looking for help in some other area. I have a serious Gas problem and it seems to be all over my body. When I last visited my Doctor he told me that he could actually feel the gas bubbles in my stomach but whatever he gave me didn't help much. I would be very happy if you could recommend something.. Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon. Lauresta Modeste-Charles

5/07/05 - Hi, I just wanted to say this product is amazing! I read the testimonials -
all of them - and of course was a big speculative at first. But I decided to give it a shot....this REALLY works! I couldn't believe it. I even forgot it one night and I was still dry the next day. I have been putting up with this problem for soooo long - just wish I'd gotten this product sooner! If you're reading this and you suffer from excessive sweating - do NOT hesitate - get this product immediately!!! It really works! Thank-you!!! Catherine

5/11/05 - The only think that I can say is Thank u Thank u. U changed my life. I thought that I had to live with my sweaty armpits forever. I was almost thinking about surgery or botox to fix the problem, but then I read about their side efects and I got terified.After 2 daysof using MAXIM I saw a huge difference .I only have to use it twice a week and I'm checking my underarms every day and I can't believe my eyes...not even a drop of sweat.... none. This is the second miracle of my life: the first one was lasik to my eyes to correct the vision. Thank you again and hope u never run out of this wonderful product.

5/12/05 - I’ve had the embarrassing problem of sweaty armpits for all of my adult life. Before I make it to church or work in the morning, the circles have already formed and by mid-morning I dare not raise my arms. I’ve had to purchase and select shirts simply based on armpit sweat. A couple of months ago, my girlfriend found and purchased your Maxim product for me. I used it every day for the first few days and have been applying it every other day since. We have noticed a huge improvement; in fact, it seems to have completely stopped the sweating under my arms. The proof was this past Saturday. My girlfriend convinced me to run in the Indianapolis mini-marathon with her. By mile 10 I was completely worn out, feet and legs dragging, and soaking wet from head to toe. In a gesture of humor (which was lacking at that point), I raised my arms and said, “at least my pits are dry.” We completed the 13.1 miles and met up with some friends in the corral area. What I didn’t realize until the race was over was that my armpits really were dry. They really were the only dry spot on my clothing. It would have been a great time for a commercial. Thanks for a great product. Sincerely, T. Cole

5/18/05 - I just wanted to say that I've been using your Maxim product for around
two weeks now and have found it to make a huge difference to my sweating! I'm very, very pleased. Your product has had a very positive impact on my life and my only wish is that I found it earlier! Thank you so much. Yours faithfully, Gareth

5/20/05 - I see you have a lot of testimonials, but I have to add my own out of sheer appreciation. I have spent the last 17+ years of my life (since puberty) wearing 2 shirts, only certain shirts and/or bringing a second shirt with my everywhere. I have had to wear heavy clothes to cover up, which made life very uncomfortable. I didn't even know I had a condition until a few years ago. Then, I thought I would need surgery or that I was just going to be plagued with this the rest of my life. I am thrilled beyond words that this product is working for me. I started it a few days ago and noticed yesterday and today no sweating. This is completely foreign to me. I had to keep checking because I couldn't believe it. I have brand new shirts in my closet that I loved in the store but never really dared to wear. I can't wait to finally dress fashionbly instead of always wearing layers and oversized clothes. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Sincerely, AM

5/26/05 - I just wanted to write and let you know that your product is the best. I have tried everything on the shelves at the stores with nothing working. My problem got dramatically worse after the birth of my second child and became very embarrassing. I found your product over the internet and decided to give it a try, although a little skeptical. Boy am I glad I did. I have one word, AWSOME!!! I no longer sweat at all and I only have to apply once a week now and I have only been using it for about a month and a half. It has helped me to gain so much self confidence back. Thanks again!!!

5/30/05 - i'm just writing to tell you what a fantastic product you have. I have just received it this week and so far have only had to use it once!! the effect has lasted 3
days, completely dry and no irritation at all. I think your product is wonderful and can drastically improve the lives of so many. I wish I knew about it before and hope to be able to purchase it directly in my country in the near future. wishing you continued
success! S

5/30/05 - THANK YOU!!!!!!! oh my gosh you guys do not know how thankful i am!!!!!
i was always sooooooooo embarrassed about my armpits. i couldnt raise my
hand during class, give high fives, or even wave hi to someone. now thats all gone away!!!! thank you soooooooooooooooooo much!!!! i also have a question.....THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

5/31/05 - Hello,
I have suffered from excessive sweating under my arms since high school, which has been 10 years, and I didn't think anything could be done about it. I tried every deodorant on the market and they all were the same. I would sweat for no reason at all and then my nervousness for the wet appearance under my arms would make me sweat that much more. I was embarrassed about my problem so I would wear 2 shirts all the time to hide the perspiration but it still soaked through. Then one day I was browsing the internet and read about your product, Maxim. I had nothing to lose so I bought some. The first night I applied your product I was very doubtful that it could help me. The next morning I put on 2 shirts as usual and went to work. But something strange happened. No sweating! And I haven't had a problem since. I can't believe it worked! I apply it about once every two weeks and I stay dry. I am a customer forever! No more multiple t-shirts needed. Thank you for an amazing product. sincerely, Jeremy T.

6/09/05 - I wanted to let you know that your Maxim TM product is great! My
daughter has been troubled with excessive underarm perspiration since she was 12 years old. I kept thinking she would outgrow this, but she hasn't. Maxim TM worked after the first application. My daughter, who is almost 14 now, is so excited about the freedom she now has to purchase clothes she avoided in the past and to be worry-free in public
settings. I've told several people about your product and reordered four bottles
to always have a supply on hand. Thanks! G.H.

6/09/05 - Dear MAXIM, I needed to let you know that this product is the only thing that was able to stop the flood gates of my armpits! I am a 19 year old female and I suffered with excessive underarm sweating for about three years, and every day wished that maybe that day i'd be dry, i never was. I wouldnt wear t- shirts or any type of shirt with a sleeve because i would just sweat right throught it, and was forced to limit my clothing
options to tank tops in the summer and huge fleeces or sweatshirts in the winter. i would have to constantly wipe my armpits probably every five minutes, and would constantly feel so uncomfortable becaused they were soaked. When i was brave enough to wear a shirt with a sleeve i would make toilet paper barriers to put in my armpits, and would sweat
through them too! Its hard meeting people when all you are worried about is YOUR SWEATY PITS! my life is so much easier now that i dont have to deal with this problem! Thanks so much this product is a lifesaver! -A from NJ

6/14/05 - Hello Corad, I am a skeptic by heart. I can’t tell you how many times I have been disappointed by a good marketing pitch. I started doing research on underarm wetness and was linked to your cite. Completely embarrassed by constant wetness stains under my arms on my business shirts I figured the cost was well worth trying. How surprised and relived I was when I suddenly realized it was actually working. I was even more amazed when I forgot to put it on for three days and a row and found it still working. This stuff is magic. I joke with my wife about becoming a sales rep for your company. This stuff would be so easy to sell once people realize how well it works. I am forever a client of yours. Steven


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