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11/9/02 - I received your product just two days ago, and I am already embarassment-free! Excellent work! I'm sure millions of other Americans feel the same way.
Thanks for an anti-perspirant that actually works. Adam

11/9/ 02 - Thanks for the product, it's awsome. It works and it works good! I've already recommended it to a few of my "leaky" friends! -Steve

11/9/02 - I have to say your company is the best i have come across or even heard about dealing with customer satisfaction . Hopefully your product maxim will be successfull for me as you deserve an endorsement for your excellent customer service alone .
Thanks . Stephen mcm

11/13/02 - I just wanted to let you know how much Maxim has changed my life. It is an incredible product and I will be ordering more. I can apply every 2nd or 3rd day within the first month of use and never a drop of persiration, Finally I can wear the clothes I have longed to wear for so long without the embarrassment of SWEAT. Thank you for creating such a great product. L. Carter Abbotsford, BC Canada

11/13/02 - Hi. I just recieved Maxim yesterday afternoon, put it on last night, and can already tell that it's working. This product is a miracle! I can't thank you enough for making Maxim so easy to purchase! I've been waiting for something like this to come along for years. Now I'm excited to buy the clothes I WANT to wear, not the clothes I NEED to wear. Thanks again! Sincerely, J.W.

11/14/03 - I have been using Maim for about 2 days now and my underarm sweating has really decreased. I can't believe how great it works. I been through every deodarant and anti-perspirant that you could think of and nothing worked for me. I thought that something was really wrong with me until I visited this wbsite and found that there are other people out there just like me. Thanks for Maxim my dreams are now finally coming true. L.C. Cleveland

11/18/02 - Keith, You DO have excellent customer service! WOW! It is fine to use my testimonial but please no names/addresses/email addresses ok? And then let me make it good ok? Here it is: I am 44 years young, attractive and healthy. I have suffered with wet underarms, yellow stains on my white clothes and embarrassment for almost 30 years. NOTHING WORKS. I had to accept this life-style of ruining beautiful clothes, lingerie, and sometimes changing shirts more than once a day . I got so mad recently I went on line to find a effectively treat/answer. Short of surgery, maxim was all I could find. I figured why not? So I tried it-I knew it would not work, but there was a $$-back-guarantee. Well it is amazing. IT WORKS. I will never go without it - EVER. I need so little that I can dab on a few dots with a q-tip. A little itchy for about 1 hour at night after application but DRY DRY DRY all day! My two younger sisters are skeptical, but are going to try it after seeing me in a white top at 5pm! I also had a small problem with the shipping and their Customer Service was top-shelf in their handling! Thank you MAXIM!

11/25/02 - To the developers of Maxim, I received maxim on a Thursday and I applied it that night. Since Friday I have not had any problem with sweating at all. I think that I may not even have to wear deodorant at all but I still put a little on. I don't have a severe sweating problem but I found that when I was nervous, or when I would have on a sleeveless tank top my underarms would sweat very bad. I could just be sitting, not over working myself at all and I would sweat. Now that this really works I can wear what ever I want. I really didn't think that this would work at all considering that I found it on the Internet but I am extremely happy to have found that it really does work. I just
wanted to say thank you. This product has made me 100% more confident when I go

11/26/02 - Just wanted to say how happy I am with Maxim. I had not realized how much my underarm sweating had shot my confidence. Maxim worked IMMEDIATELY and I feel like a whole new person! I was skeptical when I read your ad but this stuff works INCREDIBLY well. It itches like hell for an hour after I put it on, but that is petty compared to what it gives me in return! Thank you for giving me the confidence to be the life of the party again!

11/30/02 - Just wanted to say how pleased and relieved i am about Maxim. Just
recently ordered it by mail to Melbourne, Australia and the results were fantastic.This is the only product thats worked for me, and its made my life a lot better. Thankyou so much. from Marc S.

11/30/02 - I live in Ecuador and I just got my Maxim three days ago and I have to tell you that your product is the best of the best. I am really glad that your company had created such a great product. Since I am a Hospitality student I have had a lot of problems regarding with hyperhidrosis and in this three days I am feeling so free again and I have the confidence to be around people again. I just want to say thanks again and to tell you that I will be purchasing Maxim in the days to come, I am so glad that you may send me your great product down here to South America, it has really been a blessing for me. Thanks again Pablo Durango ( 21)

12/02/02 - Just a note to say thanks for your product. Sweaty underarms were horrible for me. I'm a workshop facilitator, so I spend my days speaking in front of groups of people I don't know and I always had to dress to accommodate my sweating problem. Jackets over sweaters all the time and that didn't even work all the time. I would make trips to the bathroom to wipe my underarms with paper towel, apply deodorant and sometimes even turn the hand dryer on my clothes to dry them out. The worst part was, the more I became aware of the sweating, the more I would sweat. Maxim has changed that. One bottle of Maxim has lasted me for months, but I would like to re-order now, so I don't take a chance on running out. Thanks for making my life much easier.

12/4/02 - Dear Keith, This is an email to say thank you for your excellent service. I have already received my product….and might I say, it takes longer sometimes to get items sent within Australia….I am very impressed. And I a more impressed with the quality of your product…infact, I am amazed. I have only used it for 1 night, and I thought it would take longer to work, but so far, it is completely successful…..I could not be happier. You have changed my life… I can now wear all those nice tight tops that are in fashion, that I was unable to previously, due to sweat marks. Thank You, Natasha

12/5/02 -I would like you to know that this product has been a God Send,. in every sense of the word! Every day is a gift from God, use it wisely. Sara V.

12/5/02 - I found your product on the web after searching and looking at all types of remedies. I too had to use paper towels and Kleenex under my arms some days because the sweating was so bad. Mine was more of the nervous or "busy" sweat when I was running around. I always had a hard time with wearing tighter fitting clothes, polyester and sweaters, they would smell after just a couple hours. My first application of Maxim was all the evidence I needed. I don't even use deodorant anymore and I can wear a outfit without a washing!! This has made my self confidence perk up. I experience a bit of itching and irritation and use a bit less and also apply powder and this helps. Thanks so much for the life change, Im no longer worried about the sweat on my wedding day!
MG-Milwaukee, WI

12/6/02 - I ordered your product last Monday out of shear desperation and frustration, and prayed that it would arrive as quick as possible. Thankfully, it did! It arrived that Thursday and I was so excited, and apprehensive, to try it that night. And even that weekend, I was still wearing some of my "safe" clothes just to be sure that it did in fact
work. I am thrilled to say that I have had wonderful results and feel my confidence slowly returning. I know that it will take a while for me to get use to being able to raise my arms without hesitation and to feel totally comfortable wearing some of the clothes that I haven't been able to for a while, but I am starting to believe that I can with confidence! I have had this problem off and on for a few years, but recently it has simply gotten to a point of shear desperation, that I was willing to try anything. When I found your website, I was ecstatic to find out that other people had experienced that exact same things that I had - wearing two layers, stuffing tissues in my underarms, etc. Well, no more! I am so thrilled and excited with the results and with the new possibilities of wearing the clothes I have wanted to for so long! Thanks again for this wonderful product - it truly is a Godsend! Mary

12/16/02 - This product is awesome! I highly recommend it to anyone fighting a sweating condition. Thanks for developing this product! God bless, Andy Rowles

12/16/02 - I want to thank you for the e-mail, as I thoroughly love your product, and am overjoyed to read any information you e-mail to me. PLEASE keep me on your list. I also want to take this time (as I haven’t before) to thank you for making this product available to people (like myself) with this horrible predicament. I have referred your product to others, and will continue to do so, as you have changed not only my wardrobe, but also my self-esteem. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your help! This product HAS changed my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Stacey

12/16/02 - I just had to drop a note to you guys!! I recieved your product friday. I Applied it friday night, and saturday after my morning coffee I noticed that I was dry under my arms. The T-shirt I was wearing was absolutely dry and I was absolutely blown away.I am 40 years old and have been suffering form over sweating since I was a kid. I have been dry ever since. Monday at work was great too. I am a sales rep and I have always had to wear two shirts, the right color and pattern the whole 9 yards!! lol. I happened to see a bit on the today show about the over sweating procedure, ETC i believe. I learned that i had hyper hydrosis,, did a search on the web and u guys were there. I tried and thought what the hell do i have to lose. This truly is life changing,,, I think i will be able to start using it less!!! Any way thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rockin Robert from Michigan.

12/20/02 - You have an amazing product! It seems to good to be true. Are you a publicly held company? If so I want to buy stock! TODAY! Thank you for coming up with such a great product.

12/21/02 - I found out about MAXIM purely by accident--I was looking for another product for the same condition and just happened to discover the MAXIM website instead. I figured it coudn't hurt to try it, so I ordered a bottle--if it didn't help, I'd be no worse off then when I started. I've tried just about every brand of anti-perspirant you can buy at your local pharmacy or supermarket, including those that CLAIM to offer "the best protection against odor and wetness." LIARS!!!!!! MAXIM is the best protection against odor and wetness!!!!! It's only been a couple of days since I received my order and started using it, but WOW...what a difference!!!!! After a full day of work, I head to the gym and even during my workouts, I'm still dry. I did experience some itching last night, and wondered if it was because I didn't apply it immediately before bed...I sat up and read a bit. I'll avoid that and see if the problem resolves. If it doesn't, oh well...I can learn to live with it compared to the embarassing and uncomfortable alternative, and if I can cut back on the frequency of applications, so much the better, itching or not!!!! Even as I write this, I'm in a sleeveless undershirt and I'm bone dry!!!!! Thank you for an AMAZING product!!!!!!!!

12/26/02 - I just wanted to take a moment to say "THANK YOU!" I have suffered from sweaty armpits for as long as I can remember. I always wondered what was wrong with me as I noticed nobody else had this embarrassing problem. After finding Maxim, I have used it for over a year and it has never let me down. Regardless of the humid weather (which can be a problem in Florida) or stressful situation, Maxim has always come through. I just want to say thank you for giving this woman self-confidence to wear anything she wants and toss all the black shirts out of her closet. For anyone who suffers from excess perspiration, try Maxim, it will be the best investment you'll ever make. Thank you a million!!!

1/1/03 - Hi Keith,thanks so much...this stuff really works...finally an answer to my brother has it as well so we'll tell him about it too...thanks again and Happy New Year !!! Anita

1/1/03 - I just wanted to tell you how GREAT your Maxim product works! I have used it for 2 days and absoutely no sweat! I even went shopping for myself today because i can wear clothes now that are tight around the arms. I feel like a new me. Thank you again for your great product and making it available without a prescription!
Thanks, Kayla B.

1/1/03 - You may post what i said if you would like to. I want everyone to know how great Maxim works. I am an 18 year old student and have been living with hyperhidrosis for as long as i can rememeber and with knowing what it was, i wasnt able to do anything about it without being embarassed by talking to a doctor. So, thats why I was so thankful when I read about Maxim. Thank you again

1/3/03 - hello my name is anat hobel i am form israel i am 23 years old I am a student in Israel and I want Thank you . my inglish is not vety well but i am writting this is e- mail becuse i am using the maxima Antiperspirant for a few month and i am very satisfied of your product i tall all my frinds abut the product and they bay this too continuan the good work once again i am sorry abute my inglish but when I want to say Thank you i can do it in any language anat hobel David San Diego, CA

1/4/03- I just wanted to say thank you!!! I have suffered with excessive sweating for years. And like so many others, I have spent countless dollars on deodorants and clothes. I suffered a lot of embarrassment when any little activity would saturate my underarms. I received my order the day before Christmas and I was amazed that after only using it one night I could tell a dramatic difference. Christmas was a hectic busy day with tons of family and activities, but I felt more confident than ever and I had virtually no perspiration compared to before. This is truly a phenomenal product!!! Thank You!!

1/6/03 - I just wanted to let you know how awesome your product is for me. I've
had excessive sweating under the arms now for over 10 years. In high school I had to wear 2 shirts hoping it would soak it up. Now I'm in the military and there is no hiding it. I ordered Maxim about a week ago and I applied it the first night. I stopped sweating the next day! I do have to say every once in awhile I'll sweat about the size of a quarter but that is a heck of alot better than the size of a lake. I am getting ready to order the 4 pack to make sure I do not run out. Thank you again for making my life easier.

1/7/03 - I am a teenage girl and ever since 7th grade I've had the problem of excessive sweating.. About 6 months ago, I was online looking for any deodorants that might work and came across yours.. At the time I thought it was too highly priced and probably wouldn't work anyways, so I didn't bother buying it. Then about two weeks ago, I went online looking again. I was so tired of having to wear jackets, tank tops, and sweat shirts all the time because t-shirts and long sleeve shirts would have sweat stains. I decided to give it a try after reading some of the testimonials. I ordered it and in only 4 days it arrived at my house.. The day after New Years. I was amazed at how fast it had arrived. After the first two days of trying it, my sweating had reduced a great amount. The third day I forgot to apply some before I fell asleep, but the following day the sweat still wasn't as bad as it used to be. That night, I applied some again, and I have been sweat free for two days now. This product is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone with this problem.. It was embarrassing in social scenes, and I never got into serious relationships because of it. I'm still very shocked at how well this works because I had many doubts about it at first. I'd like to thank whoever made this, I just got home from school and took off my jacket and have no sweat. Before Maxim, my shirt would have been covered with sweat stains. THANK YOU MAXIM!!S from FL

1/16/03 - I wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with this product, it is quite amazing actually. I have only had it for a few days and already there is a difference. Thank you so much. I also wanted to say that your staff is so friendly and efficient I had a little confusion with something and they helped me right away. Again thank you.

1/21/03 - after i recieved your product Maxim 4 days ago i was hopeing so much that it would work. and sure enough it works like u say. i am dry all day it took a few days to work but after it started working, it worked like a charm. sure once in a while mostly only when i'm really nervous does any sweat come out but only very very littlle expecially compared to what it used to do.for and example i have been working for this company for a few months now and i have never ever gone home with out at least a little sweat under my arms but two days ago i went to work and kept checking and once i left and got home still nothing, my arms wern't even damp. so thank you and i will be ordering some more soon.also like everyone else say's u should put it in stored becuase u would make a lot more money. i have a good friend that sweats bad in the middle of his back and i told him about it and he would like it but he's scared for somereason to buy it off the internet so keep that kind of stuff in mind thanks again.

1/26/03 - i talked to my mom about maxim and we ordered it over the internet last week and it just came in yesterday. i have only used it for one night and it still made a difference! i am really happy with it so far. i just wanted to say thank you for your suggestions.

1/26/03 - Hi Keith, Awesome results from just using your new Maxim. I just apply to my
forehead before I go to bed and the next day absolutely dry even in the hot NZ sun. Can I ask you to send me 6 x bottles charged to the same credit card details as before. Thanks again, you know the as well as I what its like to rid this curse from our lives. Francis

1/27/03 - I ordered your Maxim product and it works great! Feels so good to be able to walk around the office with a dry shirt and not have to hide under a sweater all day. I only have one problem, my bottle seams to be leaking around the top edge where the lid and the bottle meet. I think its wasting more than I'm using and would hate to spend that much to only use a little. I am worried that if I return the bottle to get a replacement I will begin sweating again during the time it takes to exchange the bottles. Is there any way for you to send me a new one? I'll gladly return the defected one after receipt of the new one.

1/28/0 3- Ok, I cant believe I'm writing this but here goes.. I ordered Maxim on the web a few weeks ago, and received it Last Tuesday. So its been a week. On DAY ONE (after applying the night before) NO SWEAT... oh my god! FOR AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER my underarms have sweated like a tap, I would get dressed, walk out to the lounge room and feel a drip of sweat. I couldn't go out without choosing a colour that wouldn't show the sweat, or wearing an t-shirt underneath, which added to the heat and thus increased the sweat.. I thought at first the weather was working in my favor. But have since had to start walking to work, and despite working up a sweat (on my back and face as most people do when you exercise) NO SWEAT UNDER MY ARMS!!!? Simply amazing. In the last week I have walked 35 mins up hills in 38-40 Degree heat (Celsius) and NO SWEAT... I am SO VERY HAPPY, this has changed my life.. Next Pay day I am GOING SHOPPING for new clothes - that wont get ruined.

1/29/0 3- I recieved my order of Maxim(tm) for treating underarm hyperhidrosis,
and I wanted to extend my gratitude for how well it works. I used to perspire alot for no apparent reason, even when I was obviously cold.I would have to wear loose fitting shirts and tank tops (whenever possible) to try and help with this discomfort. No other anti-persperiant was even able to attack the problem. I noticed a 100% improvement after just one use of Maxim. Now I am able to wear long sleeve shirts without the embarassment of sweating uncontrolably. It's just amazing how well this product works. Thanks for helping me be able to wear real clothes with total comfort once again. -Scott B Heath, Oh

2/1/03 - I don't know if this is the right place to send this, but I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product. I have only used it two times and I have already seen a dramatic difference. This product is a blessing. I only wish I could have found it 10
years ago. I used to have to wear two shirts and I still would sweat through them both. But now I can wear anything I want with no worries. And its only been two days!
Again thank you.

2/2/03 - I just want to say thank you for your product - it has been incredible for me. I have also recently introduced a friend to it who is equally as grateful. It has been a very long time since I have been able to wear a shirt that is "form fitting" without worrying. Also, my white shirts are now lasting more than one season! What a pleasure.
L.R. New Jersey

2/3/0 3- I don't normally buy off the web or even believe what I see there but you guys are an exception. I don't need to tell anyone else who might read this what I was going through with sweating and ruining clothes and being embarrassed blah blah blah...
I got my first Maxim a few months ago and it even got to the point where I didn't even need it anymore. But the other day I went to a wedding and I thought "well it's starting to show so use it". I have to be honest... that first night itches a bit and isn't the most pleasant of things but the result is beyond my dreams... I'm writing this five days later and not a hint of sweat under my arms.

2/5/03 - I just wanted to give two thumbs up and a YIPPEE for how great Maxim
really works. I have had hyperhydrosis of the underarms since high school (I'm 21 now) and have always been too scared to mention it to anyone. I asked my mother once about it, and she told me that I wasnt applying my deodarant correctly, etc. I knew that was not the problem, and knew I really needed help. Ive even had a blunt friend embarrasingly point it out in public, not understanding that it is a highly secretive condition for those that have the problem. Finally, I got the nerve to ask a physician about hyperhydrosis, and asked him for a prescription. He told me that he 'honestly couldnt remember the name
of the prescription, and to call back Monday'. Well, I had just bought a new wardrobe of tops, and Monday was a week away, so I decided to do a search on the net. I stumbled across Maxim, and this is the second day Ive been using it. By now, 2 PM, I would have taken several trips to the bathroom to wipe my arms off with a paper towel, been pulling my shirt out from under my arms, and been dripping to my hips with underarm sweat. Fortunately, I am sitting here dry as a desert, wearing my new tight shirt with pride, ready to hug my husband right when he gets here, and show him that 13.95 for a bottle is A STEAL!!!! Thanks, Maxim! MG

2/5/03 - Are you kidding me? Why isn’t this stuff in the stores? It’s nuts just talking with my buddy about how we even found out about Maxim. Just typed in “excessive sweating” for the heck of it on the net one day and look what we found….I have been a nightmare sweater for as long as I can remember…I’ve kept Fruit-0-the-Loom in business the last umpteen years with all the t-shirts and have had to wear all the appropriate colors out in public as to not show off my fancy “rings” under my arms….. How about grapefruit sized rings before you even get out of the driveway? Uuuughhh! I’ve used it two days and I can’t believe this….It’s magic potion……I love it!

2/6/03 - I would like to thank you for having a great, affordable antiperspirant. All of a sudden, it seemed, at age 22 I began suffering from what I now know is hyperhydrosis. I cannot begin to explain how embarrassing it was for me. I would be wet under my arms even if it was cold outside. I actually had to avoid girls. I am in the military also and when you have to wear a uniform and be in a situation where you cannot change your undershirt three times in one day it was humiliating. I got your product three days ago and it is irritating my skin just alittle but I am not sweating, AT ALL. Thank you for playing a role in my repairing my social life and self confidence. Sincerley, D.O Hawaii

2/10/03 - Im not sure if this is the correct address to send this to but I just wanted to say that I recieved my order of Maxim on Friday and applied it that very same night, the next day I sweat'd under my arms pretty bad but not as bad. Today being sunday, my second day using Maxim, I didnt sweat not a SINGLE drop. I love this product, I feel A LOT more comfortable now, and I dont have to worry about my underarms anymore, I am ordering a 4 pack right away! Brandon

2/11/03 - Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you so much!It arrived so quickly here in England,
Maxim is a definate life saver. I can go to college and wear tops I like! I also don't feel so self concious about my sweating anymore! Though there is one question. When I put it on at night, I get a real itching sensation, which sometimes can be very uncomfortable, but it's
gone the next day. Is this normal, or is it an allergic reaction? Do you have any advice on what I should do? Thanks for all your help, Kind Regards, Daniela

2/14/0 3- Hello Staff at Corad! I am writing about your hyperhidrosis product! I have never felt it necessary to write any company before, but this product is just too special to not want to inform others about it. Anyone who is wavier in the decision on weather or not these result are real, I GUARENTEE they are! I was an at home Mom. When my children got older I went back to school. When I started school I noticed I had this sweating going on. It didn’t matter what situation I was in, just the act of talking to people would turn on this “waterfall.” It was humiliating. So much so, that even on hot days I would wear a black jacket over my clothes. I later became a professional, but the problem had only gotten worse. I had to stand with my arms crossed. I would leave at lunchtime, to go change my clothes. My co-workers thought I was crazy or something. I must have tried a million different deodorants. I’d carry deodorants around with me, so I could apply them over and over again throughout the day. It didn’t help. It just left horrible stains on my clothes that looked like the salty marks you see on the road. I eventually locked myself away in my house. I had even gone to my doctor, who had no idea what to do with me, other than prescribe anti anxiety drugs. I believe he thought it was mostly in my head. Frankly so did I. I thought one day it would stop, but it never did. It came down to a “quality of life” issue. I already suffer from depression, and this “excessive sweating”, made my life a miserable living hell. I started scouring the internet trying fruitlessly to find help. Finally I went to a medical site and found the medical term for my problem. “Hyperhidrosis” Truthfully, when I came across Corad, I thought, great another company, that must be preying on people like me just to make a buck. I had tried everything else, what could it hurt to try one more thing. Then a glimmer of hope. I used the product, which happen to arrive 2 days earlier than expected. I used it, the first day; I was down to about ½ the normal amount of “waterfall”. By the second, I was hardly sweating at all. I actually started crying from the pure joy of being released from this horrible affliction. Still was the fear, that this would only help short term. Soon, it would fail like everything else. I am so glad I was wrong. I have been using it now for 6 months. I have never been SO GLAD to be wrong about anything in my life!!!!!!! Thank you CORAD! You gave a mother back to her children. A wife who can finally throw her arms around her husbands neck and hug him. A person whose depression over this humiliating problem, almost put her in the hospital, hope then success in a entirely new way. Your product didn’t just stop some sweating, it saved a life. Thank you, every single one of you! Keep up the good work, and get the word out there! IT WORKS! Deb M. Cleveland, Ohio

2/18/0 3- Oh my God!thank you so much!i didnt expect that you will give me a free bottle!i thank you mr.roberts,your company and of course the Lord for this.If you could only see how happy i am right now!i know that Lord God is also very happy!people like you will never be forgotten.i assure you that.NEVER.i hope you will continue touching and helping other's lives through the Almighty.I am a member of Youth for Christ here in our place and i will continue being a servant of the Lord.I will also do what you have done.helping other people the best way i can.again, thank you so much and may God bless you all!

2/20/03 - I have been dealing with excessive underarm sweating for years, I dealt with sweat dripping in the arm pit area right after my shower before I got dressed in the morning, didn't know there was anything I could use to stop it. I even tried 2 deodorants at a time. My son suffers from the some condition and he found you online. He ordered Maxim, told me how it worked for him, so I placed my order about 2 weeks ago. After only 2 days the sweating stopped!! This product is everything you say it is! Thank you so much!! J and J TN

2/5/03 - Hello...I just wanted to add my own little testimonial about Maxim. I've been using it for two months now and have had great results. I only use it about every 4 to 5 days. At first my armpits would break out, burn and itch after applying so I kept using smaller and smaller amounts because I didn't want to stop using it because it works so well! I used it last night and left armpit itched a little but it didn't burn and my right armpit experienced no side affects, so I am extremely happy. It is so weird to have dry armpits especially when I'm under stress! Now I don't worry about anything I wear because I know there won't be any embarrassing sweat rings! The other thing that is so great about it is that you use such a minimal amount, it will last a very long time! You guys deserve a medal! Please don't ever stop making the stuff. After reading some of the testimonials there are many of us who will be customers for life. I've already given one of my bottles to a neighbor who has hyperhidrosis So she was very pleased to see how well Maxim worked. I can't thank you enough. Lisa R.

2/28/03 - hi, just wanna say maxim is amazing. I dont actually sweat as much as all the people on your wbsite cos they really sweat, but I found its good for job interviews, meetings and going on dates (when you need it most). I think its quite expensive for the size of the bottle but if it works hey who care. It sometimes give me a rash, so when it does I apply a really small amount and then it fine. anyway yeah its good but could it not be cancerous?

2/28/03 - May daughter who is almost 15 is an actress and has to wear many costumes. She had to be sure to have a shower and put on anti perspirant just before leaving for the theatre in an effort not to stain or get the costume smelly. I had given up buying white tops or nylon tops as the white would stain after 4 or 5 wears and the nylon literally smelled so bad it was a real effort to get the odor out. She had a tremendous improvement within 3 or 4 days of using your product. She's very fashion conscious and your product has allowed her to choose any outfit regardless of color or material. I honestly thought it would just be a "better antiperspiant" but it is so much more. It literally stops the wetness and accompanying odor. A.G. in Washington State

2/28/03 - I am almost finished my first bottle of Maxim AP, and I want to say thank you. It has worked wonders for me, and I am so happy. I am actually just mailing my second order today. I live in Ontario, Canada, so if you can just let me know when you receive my order form that would be great. I'm anxious to get the new bottle! Thanks again! You guys are great!

3/8/03 - I found out I had an excessive sweating problem in the beginning of sixth grade. When I was done with gym, my shirt would have large sweatmarks under my arms. It was so emberresing and noticable!!! A few months later I found out about Maxim. The next day after I bought it and put it on, I didint sweat at all! Literally, my problem was solved. Thank you so much for making my life easier! I still use Maxim! This product rocks.

3/9/03 - wish I had known of Maxim a long time ago!! I have been putting up with heavy underarm sweating for many years. I think for a female it is even more embarassing. I never thought there was anything I could do about it. Ive tried every brand of anti-perspirant in the stores and nothing helped. Then recently while trying on bridesmaid dresses for my best friends wedding, I had the dress wet under the arms within 10 minutes. How can I stand up in this wedding with huge pit stains. Then I looked the problem of excessive sweating on the internet and found your product. I was amazed at how fast it got to my home and was eager to try it. The first night my armpits felt like they were on fire. Gradually it got easier and found that Maxim actually did work. I felt like a new person. I could wear clothes I never could. Thank you for developing this life changing product. Roberta R

3/11/03 - I recently purchased maxim antiperspirant; first of all I’d like to say how it has changed my life. This product has allowed me to have freedom that I have not experienced in years. For years I tried to find a product that allows me to feel free; however there is no such product on the Australian market that even comes close to maxim. We were hoping for the opportunity to market and distribute your product in Australia, basically working as an agent on your behalf. We would hope to advertise in print media and on local radio and Television. My-self and my associate have completed our tertiary education in International Business , this opportunity would not cost you anything except access to marketing information such as product photos ,pamphlets etc… If you are interested in this proposal please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail Thanks for your time Yours Faithfully,

3/12/03 - I just wanted to thank you for making Maxim! I have suffered through excessive underarm sweat for as long as I can remember. The types of shirts that I could buy, as well as the colors, were extremely limited. Today, after only two days of using Maxim, I am wearing a red blouse that is tight around the armpits and no sweat stains! I can’t believe it! Before ordering your product, I had read many of your testimonials on how it worked on the first day, but was very skeptical. I figured that your staff had just sat down and made up a bunch of testimonials to post to your site. I have been proven wrong! Maxim really works and if anyone reading this is still undecided, buy it! It works! It’s definitely worth the money. I should add that the past two nights after applying Maxim, I have experienced some minor burning and itchiness, but it’s gone by the time I get to work the next day and just knowing that I can wear any shirt I want without those horrible, disgusting sweat stains is worth a little discomfort. Again, I want to thank you for making Maxim and making it available to the public without a prescription and at a reasonable price. Your product is fabulous and your customer service wonderful. Before ordering the product, I emailed a question about side affects and was pleasantly surprised when I was answered the very next day! Also, I received Maxim only a few days after placing my order. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will definitely be back to buy more. Sincerely, Kristi


3/15/03 - Hi, I bought Maxim about 9 months ago, and I have not had a problem since!
Before I started using it, I would sweat ALL the time. Sitting, standing, working out, it didn't matter. Even when I was cold and shivering, I would still sweat. I bought the four pack you offer, and the first time I used it, it worked! I used to use it everyday, now I use it about once every two weeks or so. I searched everywhere for a year and tried ALL deodorants, mens and womens, and nothing worked. I hope you will be around for a long time! Thank you for helping me, L.J. Oregon

3/21/03 - I know you probably get this all the time, but MAXIM IS THE MOST AMZING PRODUCT I'VE EVER USED!!! I have tried just about every antiperspirant
out on the market, who all claim to be the best, but not one of them helped at all. My first time using Maxim I was waiting for the sweat to start to come and to toss the product in the pile w/ the others that didn't work but it never came. I only bought one to start off trying seeing how amazing it is I just bought the four pack. Thank you once again!!!---Matt

3/21/03 - Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I have only been using for about 4 days but it works awesome. I was sure it wouldn't really work but it did. I can't thank you enough for making me feel human again! Please don't ever stop making this product. Thank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank you.


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