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-I just received this e-mail after I requested the cancellation of my order--if it's not too late just disregard the cancellation request. I'll take your "free bonus" offer--I would rather order from a company that is as helpful as you are and responds as quickly as you did. Thanks!

-Well, I didn't want to respond too soon, but now I feel confident to let you know that the product you sent is wonderful! My 16 year old daughter is amazed. You were prompt on shipping the product before school started. It works! It really works! My daughter comes up to me and says..."Look!" or worse..."feel's not wet!". She has much more confidence and doesn't feel like a wet, drippy freak. Thank you. I am so glad to have found your website. I had never heard of your product before now. Thanks again.

Sincerely, B.T.

-I stopped using your anti perspirant for a few days and then started using it every other day after that and it seems to be working just fine now. This product really is a miracle for me, I just can't thank you enough. Thank you, Tracee -For the past 7 or 8 years I have sweated profusely in normal, everyday social situations. I never feel nervous or uncomfortable, until the sweating takes over. For the past month, ever since I started using your product, I have become much more social and I am now able to go out whenever I want with friends instead of turning them down and making up excuses. Thank you so much to anyone and everyone working for your company. I cannot thank you enough.

- A. in Texas

-Thank You. I received the order. The product works excellent!! First time in years that I haven't had to worry about sweating. I was wondering if there is a way to buy " in bulk" at a lower price? Please let me know, because I do not want to be out of this product. Thank You. J.E. -Thank you very much and you can be sure I will tell everyone of your exceptional customer service. Thanks again. -MAP is working wonders! It's a great product and I'm really pleased with it. I'll be back for more when this one runs out.

-Thank you for your responce.The address you have is correct.I will notify you when I receive my order.I also must say that I am very pleased with your customer handeling and friendly nature.

Thank you Adam Hopkins

-I would just like to thank you for answering my inquiry.I would just like to let you know i plan on purchasing Maxim now and you should keep up the good work.People who have this problem should be quite grateful for your company. Thank You Again,

Mr. E.S.R.

-I found your product about a while ago. It works great! For the past year I have not been able to find it but I recently got the net and bought four bottles which arrived Monday. As I work in an art gallery I have to wear expensive clothes. This product has saved my wardrobe and my sanity. I love it. Thank you! It has boosted my confidence and has certainly proven to get me out of embarassing, "sweaty" situations! Be assured that I will continue using your product. Your professionalism is greatly appreciated!

Thanks again, C.

-I love your product! i didnt think it would cuz no other has but it really does!! thanx soo much!*Lendsey

From a customer where we goofed on the shipping and we re-shipped his order UPS Second Day Air to make up for our mistake: Dont worry about it, it happens-nobody is perfect. I appreciate you taking care of it so quickly and convieniently-that's good buisness. Keep it up and youll go a long way. Thanks again M.S.

-Maxim AP really works! Before I used it I would have huge "pit stains" and it would embarrass me to no end. I changed my shirt at LEAST twice a day because they would get so bad. When I'd sweat like that I felt so gross and self consious...not ever hugging anyone or raising my hand in class because I wouldn't want the class to see my sweaty underarms. I still do "pit out" a little bit but it is so minimal that I only notice if I look really closely. I've been going into the bathrooms between my classes to see how unsweaty my armpits are, this is such a breakthrough for me. I do have one comment however.

Best Regards, Angie

-I know this is general info, but can you put this on the testimonial page!! I recently ordered your product. Before Maxim, I was looking into Drysol, which costs 90.00 dollars. So I decided to research Maxim AP. Believe it or not, its working. I was never able to wear white shirts because of the sweating. I was always confident, it was the sweating. I've tried everything in the book--you name it. Well I guess all of my troubles will stop now. I am pleased to have this product. I can wear whatever I want to wear without having to worry if I'm going to sweat and be embarrassed. Thankyou to the makers of Maxim AP.

T.B from Kansas City, Mo

- To Whom It May Concern: I am a very pleased costumer of your product. I have been using this product for the year now, and have recommended it to practically all my friends. Before, I could never find an anti-perspirant or deodorant that worked effectively during my physical activities. I am a runner, and do so most of the year. When I discovered your product, I was extremely appreciative. Since using it, I could never go back to any other products. I could really feel (and see!) and difference, and the possible side effects have never been a problem. I am a pleased costumer, and forever grateful of this product. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to read this.

Sincerely, A.W.

-I bought your product and applied it last night, and it worked already today! I didn't even have to put on my regular anti-perspirant this morning. Haven't sweat once under my arms and I love that security it gives me! I am so excited about this product. Do you offer any specials or coupons for it I plan to continue buying it. I couldn't find it in the stores, I had to buy it off the internet. L. I've been using it for 3 days and I'm 100% satisfied with this wonderful product. I didn't really believe it would work, but I was desperate for a solution. And it DID work!! I can't thank you enough! Here's my question: do you ship your products internationally? I'm moving to China in a couple of months and I'd like to know if I'll be able to order it from there, or if I need to purchase several bottles before leaving. Again, thank you so much for this GREAT product! Anne

To whom it may concern: I just wanted to let you know that about ten days ago I ordered your product. To say I was skeptical is putting it mildly. I just knew that it wouldn't work, and the only reason I ordered it is because you offer a money-back guarantee. Well, that was then. And now, after a week of using the deodorant, I am writing to say it worked just like you said it would, and I couldn't be more thrilled! By the second application, I noticed a difference. By the fourth application, I was brave enough to go to work without my homemade dress shields. And over the weekend, I didn't even apply it for three nights, and it still worked!!! Now, I am just waiting to see if these newfound results last. I'm afraid that my body will get used to the deodorant and that it will over time become ineffective. I hope that doesn't happen. And as of today, I couldn't be happier :-) I'm even going to buy some for my brother-in-law, who also has excessive sweating. And, by the way, I have tried Dry-Sol before (which is much more expensive), and Dry-Sol did not work at all. It stung my skin and irritated me and was money wasted. It sat in my medicine cabinet and dried out from me not using it. Don't waste your time with that stuff. Get Maxim !!

-I just wanted to let you guys know that this stuff is wonderful. It really works. I would bathe everyday and apply deodorant, it seemed like hourly, and I would still sweat really bad and have an odor. It would bring me down and embarrass me. Maxim is wonderful and just changed my life, really!!! The only problem I have is that it is a little irritating for me. I can not use it everyday. I have to use it every other day, sometimes every two days. Thank you for this wonderful product. I will be a customer for life. R. B.

-I don't know how to describe it, but I see Maxim is working!!!!! Thanks alot~~~ Sincerely, H.

-Thank you very much for your great customer service. It is rare today to find a company and its employees who are so responsive and caring. I appreciate it and will continue to shop your website. Sincerely, D.W.

I really appreciate your quick and concerned response to my inquiry. I look forward to ordering from you again soon! Thanks again, K.B.

-My sweating was so bad that when I went to meet with clients, I would bring extra shirts along for the drive, and change in the car when I arrived. I always wore undershirts, even in the 115 F heat. I would actually stuff a sock under each armpit to soak up the sweat while I was driving to meetings. Three soiled shirts a day makes a lot of laundry. I bought a bottle of Maxim from you folks, and my life has changed. I spent the first day after applying it poking around under my arms, waiting for the sweat. Very little came, and only one arm! The next day, I was dry. Really dry, all day. Totally dry. I almost cried. My wife was a little worried at the price, because we had tried every brand in the store and they all failed. Now she says buy as much as I want. I would recommend this product to anyone - it has changed my life.

Thanks. BM, Phoenix

-Dear Ketih, Thank you for your e-mail about confirming my order. I am so amazed how this product is working for me. It has almost effectively treatd my excessive sweating problem (around neck and scalps area) and I am totally satisfied with this product. It feels so wonderful not having to worry about dripping sweats when I am around people and since you had excessive sweating problem too, you know how that feels. Thank you again for your continued effort in improving this miracle product and let me know if you need any kind of testimonial in promoting this great product. Sincerely, R P

- I would like to let everyone know that your product works great. My sweating isn't that bad, but I knew I had to find something that works. I really appreciate all the effort everyone involved has put forth to make Maxim.

- I would just like to say thank you so much for putting this product on the market. I'm a 15 year old girl and I've found my sweating problem unbearable. When I saw your web site I began to cry. I wasn't sure if I wanted to try it, but after reading the testimonials and the studies, I had to try it. I figured even if it didn't work, at least I gave it a chance. I have gone through only 3 years of my life with this problem. . .trying EVERY anti-perspirant I could find. Nothing worked. For my prom, I walked in with drenched pits and I smelled like a man because of my deodorant's scent. I can't remember the last time I have been able to wear one shirt. In the past, I commonly sweat through four shirts at a time, no problem. I sweat through fleeces, sweatshirts, you name it, I sweat through it. I don't own a gray shirt. I have used paper towels, napkins, tissues, and even maxi pads frequently in my arm pit area, attempting to preserve my clothing from my terrible problem. I have only used Maxim for four nights, and already I'm completely dry. I never thought I'd find a product that works. I can't wait to go on a shopping spree and buy clothing I could never wear before. My wardrobe has always accommodated my sweating problem. I've told all my friends with the same problems, and they are excited to try your product too. I just wanted to let you know that you have completely changed my life around. I can actually raise my hand in class! I can't thank you enough! A M.

- I have dealt with this problem for nearly 16 years, I received the product yesterday and have had only one application and the problem is all but gone . . . this product reduced my perspiration by 95% after one application - and I applied it sparingly as directed!!!!!!! I never even thought it would work . . . I thought at best if it reduced the problem 50% it was worth it. I (had to) wear T-shirt's under my dress clothes daily but that never even helped. I send (use to send that is) my sport coats to the cleaners every few weeks because I would get stains on them from the excess perspiration. The amount of money I will save on dry cleaning and buying new T-shirt every few months will make this a huge moneysaver. Not to mention the ego boost I got the first time I passed a mirror today and noticed that I had absolutely no sweat under one arm and so little under the other that I had to squint to notice it. Thanks for your product and I look forward to seeing more results tomorrow, and buying a case of the stuff in the near future! PS - I discovered another side effect . . . an uncontrollable urge to look in the mirror to see if it's still working!~It is!! Thanks again, D.M. PS - Are you a publicly held company with stock for sale?? If not you should be!!!

Dear Kim, thank you so much for informing me. You dont know how happy iam to here you got my order. I cant wait to get Maxim, you have no idea what its like to be worrying about you sweating all day. I have to go to the bathroom after each period and take out the wet towel i have under my arm. Constantly looking for wet stains under my arm. I also want to take a moment to thank you and Kim, you have been so kind and helpfull. You really care about your job. I also want to see if you could thank Zachary Reagan who also has been more then helpfull, and answered many questions i have send to him over and over, lol. Thank you again and cant wait to get Maxim, Sincerly Kevin

- Hi!!! Just wanted to let you know that your product worked the first night I used it. I could not believe it. Since the first application I have been totaly dry! I have been looking for something to stop My excessive sweating for years. I can go any where without worring about my armpits. All I can say is THANK YOU !!!!! I will always appreciate what your company has done for someone like me.I will always be a customer! Yours truly, Mary M. ,S.C

Thank you soooo much for this product! I thought that I would never find a solution to this problem, little did i know that the answer was Maxim. After the first day it was working! Thank You sooo much... I really apprecaite all you do! - Anonymous

- Your product should be called "The Miracle Worker". I've only been using Maxim for a week and I absolutely love it! I can't believe it, I don't sweat! My excessive sweating was such a problem that I was planning to having surgery when I decided to try to find one more product. That's when I found Maxim. I'm 100% satisfied and will continue to purchase your product. My only question is, why don't you market this in drug stores or Home Shopping?? I'm certain your sales would go through the roof!! If you ever decide to do a commercial, I would be more than happy to give my testimonial! Thank you again, J. - Cleveland, Ohio

- Zachary, thanks for your help. You are an exemplary businessman and a great representative of your company's ethics and commitment to the customer. This is a rare attribute in today' world.

- Amazing. Pure and simply amazing. Maxim worked with the very first application. Amazing. D. L.

- I would like to say I have never had better customer service for anything, than from you. I really appreicate you caring so much. Corad healthcare is a Great company and I will turn to you first if I ever need another heatlh care product. Thanks again, Kevin.

- I just received my maxim anti-perspirant just three days ago. I am already amazed at the effectiveness...Excessive sweating has been an embarrassing problem for years of my life. I have tried everything in my power short of seeing a doctor. Your product is the first that has ever been a help to me. I hope that the results will continue as they have been for the past couple days. This could change my life. Thank you.

- Good morning, Kim. Thank you so much for being understanding. I really appreciate it. Thumbs up on CORAD customer service! Thanks again. M.A.

- ...I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. I've suffered from excessive sweating for years, and could tell many of the same stories as all these other people...I've done it all, from carefully choosing shirts, being embarrassed, changing shirts before and after an interview...etc. etc. I've used the product for a week now, and noticed a difference after the first day!I'm wearing shirts that I never would have worn before...this is great! Thank you!!!! K.P.

- I am 5'9" and 170lbs...not overweight or our of shape yet I sweat incredibly in my underarm area. Do you suffer from sweating puddles right after you put on your regular antiperspirant/deoderant? I do! Or I should say, "I DID!!!!" I applied Maxim the first night I got it last week and the next day I applied my regular deoderant...dry all day!!!!! Man! I wish I had found out about Maxim earlier. I am dumbfounded at how well Maxim works. Skeptical? Give it a try! It is well worth the money for Maxim when you realize the money you will save on shirts that would have been ruined with perspiration. It has given me comfortability through the day not having soggy pits and it has also given me confidence knowing that if I stretch my arm out during a casual conversation, the other person's eyes won't get huge as they stare in amazement at the puddle under my arm. It's no longer there! AR

- Thank you very much for the quick response to my email.It is nice to see that when someone writes about a problem it is actually looked at and acted upon.I myself work in a customer service job and not all companies would write back and do what your company is doing.I look forward to doing business with you in the future as the product i am using is excellent and this company seems to be a great company as well, as i said b4 not all companies reply and act as quickly as you do. Again thank you very much and i hope the changes you are making to the bottles works out very well also. R.W.

- I used your anti-perspirant a few weeks ago and I love it! I suffered from excessive sweating . I tried every single anti-perspirant available( I'm not kidding) and none of them worked. I always used to wear two shirts so one of them could absorb the excessive sweat but this didn't always do the trick and both my shirts would get stained. After I used your product for one night, my problem was solved. I kept on looking at my shirt during work and it was dry all day. After a few days, I gave up looking because I knew I was dry :) I knew your product would be different because the first time I applied it, there was a funny feeling on my underarm. Everytime I apply it and feel this, I know its working. Now I can where whatever shirt I want whenever I want and no more jackets on those hot days to cover my wet shirts. Thank you!!! I will order more of your fine product. P. Montreal

- Hi, We would just like to say thanx alot for this great product! It seriously is glorious! We are good friends and have been sweating constantly for several years. Its terrible! Everyday we would walk into school already sweaty by first class! We noticed that all of our friends never sweated like us and thats when ew realized that we had a problem on hand, a serious one. It would get really bad for us, we would always be hesitent to raise our arms in public. At our homes we would just be sitting there and feel a drip run down our stomach, it was getting worse! We easily sweat through 3-4 t-shirts a day. We would have to bring in jackets in the middle of summer to cover it up, it was so embarassing! When we saw the product we thought WOW this might really be our solution! We did have our doubts indeed. But the day we saw the UPS truck pull around we felt like children at Christmas morning! We were so excited. The first day we applied it and it worked like a charm! We love it, thanks alot! Annonomously- "The Team"

- I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product, Maxim! I just started using it this week and I am so thankful for it! I have been plagued with excessive underarm perspiration for my entire life. I have ruined so many shirts and dresses and been embarrassed by underarm stains. I tried everything to hide this problem. Underarm shields were no use and I was at the end of my rope when I found your product while surfing the web! I was doubtful that Maxim could solve my problem but even after just the first application I noticed a difference. Now I no longer have to worry because I don't have embarrasing stains! Thank you so much for developing this product! I will be a loyal customer and plan on spreading the word to friends and family! You really changed my life! L.S.

- Hello Kim, Just wanted to say thank you for your product. It is absolutley amazing!!! It began working in just two days. I am a Trainer and am in front of a lot of people most of the time. When I am not in front of a class, I am still in a very visual position in my office. Not having to wonder if I have sweated through a shirt when working with people adds so much more to my confidence! Not only at work but also in my private life. I'm no longer cautious about my wife giving me a big bear hug and her feeling a sweaty shirt. Thank you very much for giving me peace of mind. J.S.

- Truth in advertising is often an oxymoron, but in the case of your product it is truely amazing. It took a couple of days to work, but after a few applications it did exactly what it said it was going to do... I'm in sales and excessive sweating is a bad thing to have, especially when the deal is on the line. I'm happy to say that hot days in business attire will no longer make me cringe! I'm glad I found your website. D.

- Hey, I received my order, and I used it once, last night, got the order yesterday...I've had the day from Hell and I'm not sweating. Normally I would be in the bathroom with paper towels soaking up my sweat and I felt a little wetness but nothing to "SWEAT OVER"...I'm in total shock. I even ran across the bridge to go to the bank and nothing. I don't stink, I could raise my hand and be proud. This is too awesome! I just joined a gym and I'm so excited! It's coed and I don't want to look like a Sweaty Freak! I blowing * * * * cyber kisses to you! Thank you! PS...I'm a very attractive person...most people wouldn't know I have this problem cause I've always covered it up...THANKS

- I am one of the hardest people to please when it comes to excellent customer service. I have worked with Nordstrom for over 3 years and I am now over quality assurance with a mail-order company for contact lenses. I just wanted to say that the customer service you have given me is rare these days! Everytime I called I got a very friendly, courteous, and professional person (not just another agent) on the other end who really cared about the problems I was experiencing with receiving your product. I spoke with Kim today and she took care of the problem immediately and without any questions. After receiving my second damaged bottle, she offered to credit me the full amount I paid and also resend a new bottle! I cannot even begin to tell you how pleased I am with your company! I will be sure to tell everyone I know about you and your product! Your company truly knows how to take good care of their customers. Your company bends over backwards to please the customer and I am so appreciative. You are living proof that great customer service still does exist. I commend your company and for a job well done!! Thank you!! M.W.

- I received my first order on March 30th. I started using it the next night. Can you imagine my surprise when the next morning I was dry. I'm 39 years old, and I can't remember ever having a dry day. I read some of the other coments on your testimonials. That's what got me to try. I haven't been able to wear alot of light colors because I was always wet, I mean really wet. I would have very big wet spots under both arms. I can't begin to Thank you. I even had a girl in the office feeling my underarms today, she couldn't believe it either. I really had tried everything on the market, even men's brands thinking they would be stronger, even 2 different bands at the same time. By the way I just ordered your 4-pack. Thanks again. K. B.

- Dear Maxim Providers: I just had to write to thank you for saving my life. I am only 25 years old, and about to lock myself in my room for the rest of my life before I found this product on-line. The sweating wasn't unbelievably bad, but it was visible through my clothes and for me as a hairdresser, it was unbearable. Now, nothing, zippo, zilch!! I don't even have to wear deoderant unless I want a fruity fragrance under my arms! I had tried EVERY single over the counter product imaginable, but nothing worked until I found Maxim. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Sincerely, D.

- Your products works great thank you. I enjoyed doing business with your company, you were very prompt in answering questions and product delivery. Not to mention, I believe your prices are quite reasonable. Thank you, I will be ordering again soon.

- I am 32 and just started a new life with an incredible man. It was so hard to cover my sweating armpits while we were dating and recently I threw out so many shirts due to armpit stains. I felt so frustrated, my favorite time of the year is coming and knowing I would be sweating even more. I dreaded going shopping for Spring clothes because there are so many things I could not wear. I went on the net and looked up "excessive sweating" and there you were! I was skeptical at first but I went on your website and read all of the testimonials which I could relate to. Well, I have been using your product for less than a week and I am DRY, DRY, DRY!!! I could not believe I was dry by the second day of application. There has been some irritation, burning and redness so I was thinking of applying it every other day now. I don't even need any other deodorant, just a little powder in the morning which by the way helps with the irritation. I just wanted to say thanks, it has been such a relief to finally find something that works. I am going to order my 4 pack soon too! Very truly yours; SE in New Jersey

- after reading all of the testimonials. The Maxim came in the mail yesterday afternoon and I was counting the hours(in a drench)until bedtime when I could try it out. Today is the first time since I can remember that my shirt has no wetness and that I can have hope of not having to worry what to buy in a store based on the material or "what might show." I have hope for the first time in years that I might actually be able to wear a silk shirt or a normal cotton shirt. I have hope that when I get a hug, I won't have to worry about the embarrassment anymore. All this after just one day. (I keep checking because I can't believe it is true lol!!!) I can finally feel like a woman again! Yippee!!!! Thank you SOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!! L.

- Last month I ordered your product Maxim with the belief that if it's too good to be true, it probably is. Well, you proved me wrong and I'm happy to say it. My product arrived within three days of ordering it, which speaks volumes about your customer service in this day and age. I've been using it every night since and the first results were within two days! It's truly changed my life and I am so grateful, so much so that after seeing the results I was ready to hug the maker of this product! I'm just so elated and can't believe this product IS as good as your web site suggested - congratulations for your honesty which is rare these days. You now have a very faithful customer and I would recommend this product anytime, to anyone anywhere.

- I am sooooo happpyyyyyy..........I ordered maxim on a Thurs. and received it on Mon. By Tues. I was dry as a desert. I was so confident I applied for a promotion at work that same day.I never believed anything could work for me, since I tried every product on the market. Thank so much for your fabulous product, sincerely, E. PS.finally a product that does what it says it will do

- I just wanted to write you guys to say thank you, your product is fantastic! Take care and again thank you! Billy 4/19/01 - The Maxim anti-perspirant works great - I just ordered my second bottle. No more embarrassing sweating! T.R.

- The Maxim anti-perspirant works great - I just ordered my second bottle. No more embarrassing sweating! T.R.

- To whom this may concern: I recently received your Maxim deotrant last week. I am in love with it! It works so good! I am so happy I finally found something that actually works! I have tried every deotrant out there an none worked for me! Now I can wear tight shirts and everything an not sweat! Also no more wearing two shirts or not lifting up my arms because of the sweat! I am so satsified! Thank you very much! I have I think 4 other friends of mine who are most likely going to buy it to because they sweat!! Once again Thanks! Megan, PA

-I was pleasantly surprised by your product. I have to train people on the use and maintenance of our electric systems and work in front of groups. The stress sometimes caused excessive underarm sweating which was disconcerting and embarrassing. Your product works as advertised! Thanks for making and marketing a product that does exactly as advertised. Thank you. J.S.

- Just wanted to write to tell you how great your product works. I have been suffering from this problem for quite a while and have tried every deodorant there is. It is so embarrassing to constantly have under arm wetness no matter what I used. I received your product two days ago and have only used it twice. I did not have any underarm wetness at all. Thanks again!! Sincerely, S.W.

- To whom it may concern: Well, I am sure that you have heard this type of response time and time again but I felt I needed to let you know anyway. Your product is a life saver! Like many of the testimonials I read on your website I had to change my life style in order to "hide" my excessive sweating. However, none of these efforts ever really made a difference especially in how I felt about myself. The whole concept of anxiety-sweat cycle is one that I was overly familiar with. Often times I knew I would be worrying about my sweating and only making it worse probably but was unable to control my anxiety levels. The worst part was when I would sweat so much under my arms that it was like raindrops. I had become socially dead as a result. I hated leaving my home, going to school, and seeing friends. The majority of my clothes sat in my closet never worn. I felt like a freak!!! I mean who sweats through two shirts just sitting on their couch watching tv after just taking a shower or while driving a car, etc. I am happy to say that your product has far exceeded any result I had hoped for. I would have been satisfied if it had only reduced the amount of sweat. Thankfully, I have yeat to see any signs of sweat no matter the situation I have been in. I saw results after the first application but was still sceptical because it was a weekend and not as stressful as my normal weekday. Monday was the happiest day I have had in a long time. After a full day at Law school still no sweat! Thanks to your product I am starting to emerge from my seclusion and live again. I no longer have to dread taking aff my suit jacket to expose huge pit stains or replacing shirts every other week. I don't think I will ever be able to tell you how this has affected my life. You can bank on another satisfied and life long customer here! Thanks, Ryan F. Argentino

- I am writing to you guys to tell you how great your product works. I have tried just about every deodorant on the market for the last 10 years and nothing worked. I have been using Maxim for the past month and it is the best! I no longer have to buy black or white shirts to hide the sweating. I wish I had found Maxim 10 years ago. I will be a lifetime customer Thank you so much!!!!!!! Sincerely Billy P.S If anyone is going through all the frustration that I have been going through I recommend Maxim Believe me it works.

- i just started using you rproduct today and i have never been so dry! i was so anxious to get Maxim b/c of my problem. even though i knew there was a chance it wouldn't work i still gave it a chance. i was so excited today. i have always had to wear at least 2 or 3 shirts and a jacket over it even in hot room or something like that, and i am very hot natured. i am only 15 and have lived with htis problem for over 3 years and am so thankful for your product beacause i won't have to live with embarassing sweat marks anymore, and i can wear just ONE shirt now! J. from Alabama

-To whom it may concern: I have been sweating for 4 years. I am 21 and thought that something was wrong with me. A few months ago I got up the nerve to discuss this with my doctor. After all sorts of blood tests, he was stumped and didn't know what to tell me. I found your product on and "excessive sweating" search engine and decided to give it a try. When I got the delivery (which was incredible fast), I couldn't believe how well it worked. I DIDNT sweat after just one application. At my next doctor's appointment I plan on telling my doctor about this product and giving him plenty mail in order forms. I know many people suffer from this problem and your product is going to enable me to live again!! No more peaking under my arms to observe the embarrassing sweat stains; and no more smelling bad after aerobics!! I LOVE your product and will be ordering in bulk really soon!! P.S. You need to market your product in drug/super stores!!!! Id be interested in buying stock in your company too!! Once again, Thanks -AE

- Hi there... I just ordered a bottle of Maxim and am very pleased with the efficacy of the product. I was wondering if it can be used on the hands and the feet? If so, is it applied directly to those areas? Please advise on this. Thanks! N.

- To Corad Healthcare, I received your Maxim Antiperspirant on Monday and I couldn't be happier about this product. I feel like I'm a whole new person and can finally wear the clothes I love to wear again. I gave it the true test tonight working out at the gym, I expected some perspiration just due to my extensive workout, but I walked out of the gym with dry underarms. I was amazed. Your product is truly a miracle. I can't express my gratitude. And your customer service is just delightful. Thank you, Sarah B

- Dear Maxim, I can't begin to tell you what an amazing blessing your product is. I have suffered from excessive under-arm sweat my entire life, I am now 28 years old. I would wake up in the morning sweating and it would just continue all day long and then keep sweating until bed. I couldn't find anything on the market to help me, none of the anti-perspirants on the market would even come close to working. I couldn't own white shirts more than 2-months before I had to throw them away (due to the yellow, crusty stained underarms). I would just tell people it was because of my hyper nature and that it is very healthy to sweat - when the truth is, I didn't know what to tell them - that I'm a disgusting sweat freak. I have searched endlessly for something to put under my arms to soak up the shower of sweat that comes out. Nothing, absolutely nothing - I was taping womens pads under my arms so I would not be so embarrassed in public. I am now employed with a very large firm and I refused to let people see the real "sweaty" me. I searched again for something to help me, when I came across Maxim's website - I ordered the product thinking it will most likely be a waste of my time. Your product was delivered in only 3-days, I tried it on that evening and I could not believe the results the following morning. It has now been a week and I just can not find the words to express to you how much your product means to me. I read the testimonials and I thought I would never write one, even if this product worked. I just had to let you know that Maxim truly is a miracle to anyone who suffers from underarm sweat. Thank you so much, now your biggest and most loyal fan, Mark -We are not troubled by things, but by the opinions which we have of things

- A week after using your product, I find myself writing a testimonial. It sounds like info-mercial stuff, but it really works. Plagued with severe armpit sweating since 15, I figured I would just have to live with it. At 30, I found that my posture and maneurisims were very restrictive - trying to cover up sweat stains. Plus, laundry day was embarrasing because my wife would see T-shirts with gross pit wear. Maxim is the first hyperhydrosis product I've tried, and the last because it DOES work. I must sound like a salesman at this point, but please belive that I was just as skeptical as you, and that you don't have to put up with the sweating anymore! Today, I Gave a co-worker a high-five, wearing a beige cotton short sleeve shirt with no reservations. Can't remember the last time I lifted my arm that high in public. I don't work for Corad. I'm just like you - exploring any option to end the embarassment. Spend the $20 and get going again. --S

- Hey: Your roll-on product has really made a difference in my compensatory sweating! I am very pleased!

- I ordered your product on Sunday, received it on Wednesday, and today, Friday, I cried in the bathroom at work. I can't believe I'm not sweating! For the first time in over ten years, since I was 11, I have had to bring a sweater or second shirt with me whenever I leave the house. After only two days, I have no sweat stains on my white T-shirt. Thank you so much for all you have done and are going to do!!!

- Hey Kim, Thanks for the service. This is amazing! I can't beleive it at first but after I tried it, I was amazed it really works! I tried all the products in market but nothing works. I really appreciate your hard work helping other people. I can't thank you much more, because now I'm totally dry!! J.S Mp (must read)

- I ordered your product on Sunday, received it on Wednesday, and today, Friday, I cried in the bathroom at work. I can't believe I'm not sweating! For the first time in over ten years, since I was 11, I have had to bring a sweater or second shirt with me whenever I leave the house. After only two days, I have no sweat stains on my white T-shirt. Thank you so much for all you have done and are going to do!!!

- With great skeptism I bought your product about 10 days ago, fully expecting to return it and continue to buy my white shirts that I have done for the past 10 years or so. The only reason I took a chance was because of your testimonials. Well, to quote many of them, you people have changed my life. I simply can't believe how nice it is to sit around on a nice summer day, outside, with my shirt off and not have to have a sweat rag to mop the river floating from my underarms. I can't believe I am going to be able to wear colored shirts again. I used to sweat right though 2 shirts and a heavy sweater, and after using your product FOR 2 DAYS, I am totally dry. I hope you guys make a lot of money. J.F.

- It's been one month and two weeks since I've been using Maxim. I wrote you the first day I used it (03/28/01) and was dry. Well, I'm using it less and it's still working. I had ordered two bottles and gave one to my brother-in-law. He never opened it and I asked for it back because I thought for sure I'd go through the first bottle quick. It's still filled more than half way and I'm using it about twice a week. I work-out hard at a co-ed gym 5 times a week. Each time I go I start-off with 20 minutes on a stationary bike, then I hit the weights, do my abs, and end my work-out with 20 more minutes on an eliptical machine. I sweat in all the right places--which means no soppy underarms. I wear heather gray now! I wear anything I want!. I even noticed the hair under my arms grows back slower because I'm not sweating like a cavewoman! I'm very happy. I have been burdened with this problem since I was 12 and only once was brave enough to consult a dermatologist about it. I even had ordered those Drionic machines that give you electrical was so very very painful that I just stopped and just resorted to wearing sweaters or blazers over my pretty clothes. I agree with another testimonial I saw. Sell this stuff in the grocery store/department stores or Target or Walmart. It would go like hotcakes and many people of various ages would be truly happier. It's so nice to not have to worry about my "pits of death" anymore! lol THANK YOU !!!!!!!

- Well zak, i just received my supply three days ago. This is the first product i have tried so you know i had no intentions. The first night i got it i put it on and the next day i found myself perspiring. i got pretty pissed off to say the least. than the next day i tried it and there was surprisingly less. Now last night when i put it on, it decided to work like no other. I have had under arm wetness for two years straight every day and it was worse than any body i have ever seen in my life. but today i have been happier than i have been for a two years in terms of stability. The thing is i was completely dry and every ten minutes i would check and realize that i was not going to sweat. Obvioiusly a lot of people thank you as if your a god but obviously your making money off this product. But you know i put all that aside reguardless if you could care less about me, you have changed my social habits and thank goodness i bought fifty bucks worth of cause it'll be another year befor i have to buy my next set. for what its worth thanks for being honest. Your friend, Troy.

- hi, i would like to thank you sooooo much for everything. i got your package in only 4 days, and was dry the next day, all day. i can wear any color shirt i want now, not just black and it feels great. thanks you so much!!!

- Just another satisfied customer! As long as I can remember, I too always had the embarrassing wet circle under my arms. I was so used to not being able to wear tight shirts (especially in the summer) or nice dresses because of this problem. I want to thank you sincerely for your product. I had tried everything under the sun from men's anti-perspirants to Drysol, and nothing worked. This product literally gave me freedom to wear what I want, when I want. No more wondering or being afraid of the sweat circles or the drippings down the sides of my arms. When I looked up your web page, the very first testimonial from the gentleman took my breath away. It was ME and my problem. 3 weeks later, I'm dry and very happy! Please use this as more assurance of your product! M.S. in Wisconsin.

- Just to thank you very much for this product it has changed my life I know feel more confident then ever. Nice One.

- To make a long story short, you guys have literally changed my life. My sweating was so bad that even in the summer I would be stuck having to wear layers and layers of tee-shirts, or else within minutes a huge puddle of sweat would completely soak my underarms to the point where people could see it from literally 15 feet away. I couldnt stand it...on hot days my sweat would soak through 3 tee-shirts at once! Then last week I ordered Maxim. Right now it's 85 degrees outside, and I'm wearing 1 tight, thin tee-shirt, and there's not a single dab of sweat on me. YOUR PRODUCT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE, AND I WOULD PAY $50 A BOTTLE! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!

- Dear Corad: Just wanted to let you know what a miracle I think the Maxim deodorant is. I am 48 years old and have suffered from excessive sweating since puberty. All my life I have had to purchase white or black clothing to help stop the perspiration from showing on my clothes. Although I've complained of this over the years, no doctor has ever mentioned that there was a product that could help me. I had even thought seriously about having the nerves cut in an operation I read about until I also read about the possible side affects. I really didn't have much faith in your product when I placed my order, but I can tell you that within 24 hours I felt like a more confident, dry, happy person. I can buy any color clothes I want and feel seeffectively treat! Hooray! I only wish more people who suffer from hyperhydrosis and don't mention it to anyone could find out about your product. I'm one very happy and satisfied customer and thanks to all for this terrrific scientific miracle! Linda

- I just wanted to add my experience to the testimonials because they helped me decide to try your product. Like so many others said, I too have suffered for almost 15 years. Occasionally, one of the half dozen antiperspirants I always had on hand might work if I hadn't used it in a while or sometimes the electric current devices that required weeks of treatment might work too, but usually I was doomed. My wardrobe always accommodated my problem which was tough being in the business world. I always had two shirts and help from paper towels. I am fit and good looking but never able to do the things socially I wanted to. Winter was always better because layers were OK. Summer I always dreaded. In all these years I never said anything to anyone about my problem until I started doing searches on the Internet. I found that I was not alone and that there was help other than surgery. I ordered Maxim and spoke to my Mom about my problem and how hopeful I was that it would work. I got my order on a Friday and used it that night. I was dry all of Saturday and even went out to the bars with NO SWEAT. Being a pessimist about my problem, I wondered how long it would last. I am telling you this seven weeks later, I can go anywhere and anytime now. Maxim has opened up the world to me like it hasn't been since I was a young teen. Sometimes I still look or feel to see if the sweat is coming back, but then I relax because everything is great. I don't know how long Maxim has been around and I wish that I had found it sooner, but am so happy I did find it. One last note, I also enjoy buying clothes again because I can wear shirts like anyone else. Thanks again and thank you to all the people who sent their stories in.

- I'm so happy that someone has made a product for people like me. I'm 13 and VERY self-concious about myself with clothes. I always wear sweatshirts and black shirts so you couldn't see the sweat and it's getting to be the summer and i hope that i can wear a gray shirt [which you can see sweat on the best] this summer. My sweat wasn't as bad as it is now last January so I still have nice clothes for the summer. I really want to wear my new pink halter top. In September I'm going to a Catholic High School and I have to wear a uniform. I really want to stop the sweat in my armpit area because it will be embarassing in class. I might be on the cheerleader squad orbasketball team but only if this product [MAXIM!!] works. I thank you again. I will talk to you soon!! Thanks, Amanda

- Thanks for the service and product. I have been using Maxin for about 3 weeks and it works great. I'm finally able to wear light color shirts and my girlfriend loves that she can lay next to me without me sweating. Thanks Again, RV

- I ordered your product 2 days ago. My predictions were that it would never work, and I would be sweating like a pig the next day, as usual. But the next day i was surprised that I was completley dry! You have totally changed my life. I kept on going to the bathroom and checking if i had any sweat stains.. but nope, still dry as a desert! I'm able to wear the tight, sexy clothes I'v always wanted to! I have so much self-confidence now.. I'm back to the regular, crazy, outgoing me! Thnk you SOOOOOOOOO much!!

- I'm sure you have hundreds, if not thousands, of emails from satisfied customers. I have suffered from underarm perspiration for 20 years and even tried the electric shock devise that cost over $125 with no success. Thank God for the internet! I discovered your site and tried Maxim and found success immediately! You have literally changed my life. THANK YOU!! S. Jones

- Hi Kim, We received our order in time, the prom was a success and the deodorant is working well so far. Thanks for all your help!

- Hi Kim, I got your product, Maxim, about a week ago. Id been waiting for just over two weeks and I had become very exciting. I tried not to get too excited and tried not to get my hopes to high. Well, the night I got Maxim I put it under my armpit and hoped that next day would be the beginning of a new life. The following day I did everything I could to get sweaty. I vacumed the house, mopped the floors and so on and on. I STAYED DRY THE WHOLE DAY!! Im so thankful and I feel like my life has just started. I can now wear colorful T-shirts without being afraid of what other people might see under my arms! Maxim has changed my life, for good I hope. Thank you so much for helping me, I cant thank you enough. Mrs. S from Iceland

- I have already recommended Maxim to some of my family and a few of my friends. I know that if it can work on me than it can work on anybody. Is Corad a publicly traded company and if so do you know what the symbol or abbreviation is on the market. Thanks again for truly making my life more pleasant and enjoyable.

- I have been using Maxim for a about 1 month and it works fantastically well. I am very pleased with it. During hot stressful meetings at work, stressful times driving an automobile or any tension related situation it holds up very well. I am thankful that I found the product and I will continue to use it. Thanks, Maxim P.S. I'll be ordering a case shortly!

- This is my second order, (in bulk this time) and I have to say, your product is truly remarkable. I have for a long time struggled with trying to find a product that would work or at least help some. After using no less than a dozen of the most popular brand name products, I had pretty much given up and succumbed the fact that I would be uncomfortable for life. That is of course until I tried your product. I cannot express to you enough, just how grateful and thankful I am that I found Maxim. My life has certainly changed, and you may consider me a purchaser for life. Thanks! Jason

- I just want to say how happy I am with this product. About two weeks ago I was reading your testimonials, and I didn't believe most of what these people had to say about Maxim. Most of what they were saying was unbelievable how this product stop them from perspiration. I have had this problem for 8 years now, it was so depressing because there were certain clothes I couldn't wear. I've tried everything to stop my sweating. I've ruined many good clothes, so I thought why not try maxim. I am so happy that I tried it because it really works. Now I can wear light colors its amazing. Thank you very much Rachelle Winnipeg,Mb Canada

- I am a 24 year old college student and I started using Maxim about 4 or 5 days ago. It is amazing, for the first time in about 9 years I am staying completely dry. Not even the smallest amount of sweat. I was just blown away by Maxim. I never thought it would work as well as it does. I couldn't wear certain types of shirts because I was too embarrassed about the sweat stains. Now, I can wear any type of shirts that I want too without being embarrassed. Yesterday I went out and bought all of those shirts that I always wished I could wear. I am so thrilled about finding out about Maxim. You just got a life time customer and I mean that literally. I was going to go have the surgery but they want $12,000 in NYC. Forget that! I am completely satisfied with Maxim. Thank You Mark

- Delighted, pleased, satisfied, happy: these words pale in comparison to my feelings regarding your product Maxim! I am a 20 year old student and part time model who has suffered from the embarressment of excessive sweating since puberty. I had all but given up, resigning myself to black shirts on extremely warm days and become hyper-aware of my "status" at all other times, including winter months. My sweating was a stop-at-nothing force of destruction in both my social and profession life. I'm a beautiful girl; but was forced to accept the "layered" look (dumpy sweatshirts in unseasonable weather, double-layer t-shirts that I STILL soaked through, etc) and adopt an unflattering posture in attempts to hide the horrific wetness and stains under my arms. I don't remember raising my hand in class, waving to a friend, or posing for a photo shoot with confidence in at least 7 years. I've tried every brand of anti-perspirant on the market; some products even seemed to make my problem worse. I had grown to deal with my problem; running to my dorm room between classes to dry my armpits with a hairdryer whenever possible, and when impossible, simply accept that people will stare. Until I did a last attempt search on the net under the keyword "sweating". Then a miracle happened: I found you! I ordered your product, and 2 days later was THRILLED to find the package on my doorstep after work. Last night I applied your product as directed, with undeniable skepticism. This morning, I went to my summer office job (a fast paced call center; high stress; high SWEAT!) and I went through the entire day as well as a night class with ABSOLUTE DRYNESS. This feeling was so foreign to me; I actually had to "check" to make sure I wasn't missing the "pitmarks"; I couldn't BELIEVE IT! Words can not express my feelings of outright elation knowing that I no longer have to deal with this horrible problem. Maxim works! IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!! My sister also suffers from excessive sweating. I will surely pass the word on to her. You've just made 2 more customers - for life! Please; don't EVER stop offering Maxim!!!!!!!!! This product has truely changed my life and I look forward to making my next order. (Thanks also for the extremely prompt service; I am VERY impressed!) I can't wait to hug my sister - once both of us have experienced the joy of dryness! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you x1000000000 - from the bottom of my heart, C.E.D.

- I just wanna tell you that you are saved my life in only one night! Thanke you so many times!!!

- I started using Maxim about 3 months ago. It is awesome! I no longer walk around with half wet shirts from my sweaty underarms. I must admit that I was skeptical, but because of your testimonials, I gave it a try. Thank you for a new outlook on life. Ches

- Thank you so much for providing your service over the internet. I finally piped up about my problem to my doctor and she recommended Drysol which didn't work for me, and I thought the only alternative was for me to get botox injections, which are apparently, very costly and painful. Thanks so much for Maxim! It has only been 2 days, and I have had absolutely no underarm sweating whatsover! I am amazed and can't wait to dig out a bunch of my clothes that have been waiting for this moment!!! Please sign me as, JH--Ontario

- Hello: I purchased your anti-perspirant about nine months ago, and I just wanted to give you an update. When I first started using your product, it worked wonderfully right away. But I was worried that somehow my body would "get used to it," and that it would become ineffective. Well, it's been about nine months, and it is still working 100% to keep me dry!!! I even skip a day or two sometimes, and it works!! If for any reason you ever go out of business (God forbid), please let me know so that I can buy as much of your in-stock product that I could afford. I never want to lose you guys or this wonderful anti-perspirant. Sincerely, Rena (From California)

- Your product is my miracle! After suffering from the humiliation of excessive sweating since I was a teenager, I found your product. I received it a week ago, tried it and was dry from the very first night. I can now shop for clothes without my main concern being how much will my underarm wetness show. I can actually buy blouses in bright colors and feel stylish and confident. Thank you so much! I only wish I'd found your product sooner. C.W. Orlando, Florida

- I just wanted to let you know that I received Maxim last Friday and used it for 3 days and ALREADY see a dramatic difference! Thank you so much! I have used several different deoderants/anti persperants and still had embarrassing "sweat rings". After 3 days of using your product, I am dry in 86 degree weather! I am planning a trip to Vegas in a couple of weeks and I now know I can wear cute little sleeveless outfits and NOT have to worry about it! I would have never guessed it to be so effective. Thanks a bunch!

- Hello! I just wanted to write to tell you how extremely happy I am with Maxim. I literally have tried everything, both men and women's deodorants and nothing worked until I tried Maxim. My family always made fun of my sweaty armpits and I told them that the problem was solved and they were shocked. Some of my friends are going to be ordering Maxim in the near future. I only use it about 1 or 2 times per week. I tried it about 3 nights in a row when I first got it, but it made my skin very irritated and burned very badly. So I read your directions thoroughly and took the advice to only use it every so often - it works wonderful. Thank you so much for this wonderful invention. It sounds very stupid, but it literally has changed my whole life. I can now wear all different types of clothes without feeling embarrassed. Thanks again! No Sweat

- I have been using Maxim for two days now and I must say that the results are AMAZING. Last week sunday I went out for dinner with some friends. The food was quite spicy and I found myself unable to stop sweating. I wore a new sleeveless top which was totally drenched under the armpits. I felt so ashamed. That night I came home and went straight on the internet looking for surgical answers, that was when I came across this site advertising Maxim I have had this problem for as long as I can remember. It has controlled what I wear, how I behave when I out and my posture was always trying to conceal the sweat marks, The sweating was taking over my life. Here in London we are used to cold weather, but even when it is freezing outside I still had sweat marks. I used to look at others and think why aren't they sweating. I orderd the roll-on that said Sunday and I received it the following Saturday. I am sooooo happy. I am completly dry. I spent Monday morning at work constantly going to the bathroom to check, but I stayed completly dry. I am definetly going to recommend this product to others over here. My confidence has rocketed. Its like a big relief has been lifted. I can't wait to wear my white tops this weekend. Thank You Maxim J - London

- I just wanted to write and say thank-you for changing my life. I just bought your product about 3 days ago and it have worked miracles. I've tried everything on the market and nothing worked on until now. My self assurance has change 100%. I now do not have to worry about an embarrassing sweat mark on my shirt. It really works!!!!! THANK YOU M.

- Hello, ok well i know some of you are readin all of these things and are thinking "yea yea yea.. the company probably just made people wrote these .. or these are fake or something" ....but they are REAL! .. because , i myself thought that at first..untill i tried it ...i got maxim about 2 days ago and i LOVE it!... i am 16 years old and i have had EXCESSIVE sweating since i was about has been controlling my life.. i would have to wear big sweat shirts in the winter and big baggy t-shirts in the summer.. i NEVER wore tight shirts and if i did.. i wore a jacket over it...even in 100 degree weather.. it WAS HORRIBLE!...all my friends would be like "why do u dress like a boy?" i hated it so bad...constantly worryin about if there was a huge pit stain.. but now... after just ONE application.. i am COMPLETELY dry! i go around my house with my arms up and say "look!! its dry! its amazinG!" haha.. i am sooo happy .. i am going shoppinh next weekend.. for shirts that actually FIT ME! haha =)... thank you sooooooo much for makin this product! i love it and it will totally change my life (in a good way =) ~ Annonymous

- I just wanted to write a letter to add to your growing list of testimonials. I never had a problem with excessive sweating until March of this year. I was under intense personal and professional stress and as a result, for the first time, I was dealing with shirts drenched in sweat. This, of course, only added to the stress--the more I worried, the worse it got. I tried every deodorant, cream, powder, etc., on the market and nothing, and I mean nothing, worked. I had seen the doctor and they had suggested that I consider surgery to correct the problem. When researching the surgery on the net, I came across your product and decided to give it a chance. I am so glad that I did. It may sound silly, but it really has changed my life--the way I dress, my level of confidence, etc. have improved since the second day I started to use it. Someone who has never had to deal with just simply cannot understand the embarrassment of excessive sweating. Thanks so much for making a product that lives up to its claims and beyond. NS Kansas City, MO

- I know you probably get hundreds of these letters daily, but I just thought you needed one more from me! I am a 21-year-old woman who learned about hyperhidrosis from your website. I never knew this was an actual diagnosis before recently. I noticed the excessive axillary sweating probably this past year. I would have huge pit stains when I wasn't even hot! I tried every deodorant/antiperspirant I could find and, of course, nothing worked. I was very skeptical about Maxim, but was willing to try anything at this point. I had all these cute little shirts in my closet that I refused to wear anymore because anything that came near my underarm area would be soaked in about 10 minutes. It was so embarrassing! Well, I've been using Maxim for about a week now and I'm happy to report that I went on a date last night with a guy I've had a crush on forever, wore one of my favorite tight little shirts, even went to a club where I know I would have drenched shirts before and didn't sweat a drop! It was great! Thanks for inventing a product that can live up to what it promises to do! Janae

- I received my first order four days ago and I've been using Maxim since then. I'm so satisfied and happy with the results that I ordered another bottle. For many years I used all kind of products with no results, I just want to say thank you for your quick service and for your incredible product.

- Like so many others, I MUST thank you for your MAXIM product. I have suffered with excess underarm sweating for over twenty years. The embarrassment is indescribable. Many others have written that they would have to wear a suit jacket, even in summer, to hide the wetness. I couldn't even do that! It would go through the suit jacket also! I was reduced to wearing just white shirts. The other day at work it was so bad that the wetness stain was entirely under the armpit, down almost to my belt and half way to the center of my chest. I couldn't even leave the office. I had had enough! I went on the Internet to research the surgical procedure I had heard about. I am phobic about hospitals but felt I had no choice. I came across your Web site and read about your product. I immediately ordered some. The first day after using it was a Sunday and I was amazed at how little, if any, perspiration there was. AND I WAS GARDENING OUTSIDE in 90 degree heat! I felt the real test would be Monday at work. I am sitting here writing this, COMPLETELY DRY! NOTHING AT ALL! Usually I would be drenched in underarm perspiration, but there is absolutely nothing! I can't wait to wear colored shirts! You have no idea how this will raise my confidence level. I don't have to go to meetings with my arms folded. Besides that, it is also the comfort level. Not having to go through each day, wet, all day! I can't believe this! Please feel free to use this testimonial. I am not an employee of this company or am paid or reimbursed in anyway. THIS STUFF WORKS!! Thanks again. JE

- Really hard to believe how this works UNREAL The only thing I don't like is you need to spread the word more! TV Radio come on let the whole world know how well this works I have been suffering in shame since I was 16 years old I finally got the nerve to ask my doctor and he had no answer. I am 40 years old and like many others my whole life has revolved around hiding this sweating problem and even turning down good jobs because I was afraid to wear the uniform that came with the job. After one night of Maxim I stopped sweating I just packaged up my electronic sweat device to send back to them because that didn't work. Last night I took my wife out to dinner and I wore a light gray shirt that was given to me some time ago and my wife was floored when I came out with this on. PLEASE advertise more I know people will try it. I will be happy to tell the whole world. THANK YOU FOR CHANGING MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER Tim G

- I just wanted to tell you that it worked really well for me. out of all of my friends, I was the only one to always feel uncomfortable with the "sweaty-pits". When I went clothes shopping I always had to avoid buying certain shirts that were close to my armpits because I would instantly sweat. Whether I was cold or hot it didn't matter, I would start sweating anyways. Then the whole day would be ruined because my shirt would have big sweat stains on them. Thank you very much

- Not that you need another testimonial, but I just had to write to tell you that your product has LITERALLY improved the quality of my life. I can't fathom how I got along without it for as long as I did. I thought doing a web search on "excessive armpit sweating" was an exercise in futility but I didn't know what else to do - I couldn't bear the thought of another summer in the punishing heat, having to wear jackets over everything to hide my armpit wetness. That, or having to exclusively wear linen - and even then be constantly diligent about whether or not anything was visible. I thought I must be the most vile creature on earth, sweating as excessively as I did - and the irony was I am always cold! Seasons were irrelevant - it could be the dead of winter and my armpits would be dripping. Your product came the day before I was to go on vacation in the Carribean - I couldn't believe how quickly it arrived! Immediately after applying the product the first night I was overwhelmed the entire next day at how dry I was. In the Carribean sun! I couldn't stop thinking about it - and, despite the potential embarassment, I couldn't stop raving about it to my travelling companion. I was in complete and utter awe - to the point where I could just cry at the sheer relief! Now, clothes that I love but that fit too closely to my underarms, and consequently have been occupying space in my closet, I am wearing proudly with no worries about rings under my arms or having to keep my arms at my sides the entire time. It is liberating. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over for the amazing difference you have made in my life with this incredible product. Please NEVER stop producing it - I can't bear the thought of living without it again!!

- HI, its 12:00 midday and by now on a normal day i am sweating under the arms quite badly. right now i am wearing a grey tight top which if one drop of sweat came out from my armpit it would show a sweat patch, but still i am checking and no sign of sweat, my underarms feel great and i have that confidence in myself already. i cannot believe this and can't thank you enough, this is definately going to change my life :)) i can now go shopping and buy myself some new clothes instead of looking for black tops always. i am sooooo happy , thanks for everything.

- I just wanted to THANK YOU for such a wonderful product. I have been leaving with Hyperhidrosis all my life. I was ashamed to talk about it with anyone including my doctor. One day I decided to talk to my doctor about it. I was referred to 2 specialists before I was diagnose with hyperhidrosis. I was put under different treatments including an Drysol which did me no good. I carried clothes in my bag every where I went because I would sweat right through them! Finally last week I heard of a surgery that my doctor said he could do, but would live me a scar & was not 100% guaranteed. It would of require of me to take time from work & not being able to care for my son for about 3 weeks. I was very scared, but about to go through with the surgery. I couldn't live any longer with the discomfort and embarrassing moments that I have been going through all my life. It was so bad that I used to go the bathroom every hour or so to change paper from underneath my arms!!! Many clothes I could not wear. I just received your product and tried it for the first time last night. I want to say that I can't believe it myself!!! I have not one drop of sweat. I go to the bathroom every so often and there is nothing!!! I really don't know what to day, but THANK YOU!!! I actually feel like crying cause I am so happy. I am not the type of person that bothers to write, but I think that is the least I could do, for all that your company has done for me coming up with such an amazing product. I am about to go shopping for shirts that now I am able to wear!!! Again, THANK YOU!!! Please give my initials EM

- I just wanted to say, THANKS! I never thought I would end the suffering. I have tried everything to stop sweating and nothing worked. You don't know what it feels like to wear what I want and to not feel uncomfortable around people. This product is the best thing ever...... I thought I would have a side effect that I would have to deal with, well I don't. I can't feel anything, I can't smell anything, or see anything. It started to work for me the very next day. I can't make myself sweat. I mowed the lawn and nothing. The most unbelievable thing I've ever been through. I can't express my gratitude enough. UNBELIEVABLE!

- Just wanted to say Maxim(tm) is fantastic. It's changed my life. What a wonderful product! It really, really, REALLY works. A.P.

- I would like to THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart for inventing this manificant product. It has really changed my life and dressing habits.(Thanks, Thanks, Thanks) I have suffered from this problem all my life. My sweating condition ruled my life, I was known for sweating and not for what I had to offer the world. I want to pursue a modeling career but was unable because of the embarassment of the sweaty underarm, hand and feet. I have found a solution for the underarm, your solution YEA!!! I have been using the product for quite a while and is overwhelmed on the results. I am offering my testimonial to tell anyone that THIS PRODUCT WORK!!!!! IT REALLY WORKS!!!!! I would not lie, if you are tired of being embarrased because of your condition, then be embarrased no more TRY MAXIM!!!! I will express those feelings later. QN ALABAMA

- Hi Kim: Hello Kim, your product already reached my home. I just do not have words to express my gratitude to you for taking the time to look up for my order. Maxim really worked on me. You just can't imagine how happy and thankful I am are right now, unless you had the same condition that I used to have. I just want to say that you have changed my life and now I am able to be myself under any situtation, and above all to feel completetly confident. You have a customer in me forever. Thank so, so, so much. P.D. Please thank everybody on your staff involved in the creation of Maxim, you're incredible!!!.

- Thank you so much for your wonderful product! You really have made a difference in the way that I feel. I can wear the clothes I want to without any type of problem.. My excessive underarm sweating was a problem and you have solved it! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

- I'm sure you normally only here about the complaints, so I thought I would give you an "atta boy" for the product. I have been using it for 1 1/2 weeks. It works great!!!! It has cut my perspiration by 90% (even at 110 degrees outside this week). Only in the most stressful situation is there a hint of perspiration. Given the small quantity, it has a chance to evaporate before it soaks through my clothes. I'm glad I took the leap of faith ordering a product over the internet that I had never heard of before. For 20 years I have been dealing with rings of sweat under my arms in both stressful and social situations. No standard anti perspirants even began to help. Now, I am not limited to the clothes I wear and I am sure they will last 10 times longer without all of the stains. I am a very confident and outgoing person even with the perspiration, however, the perspiration was the one thing that would cause anxiety. Thank you for helping to eliminate that anxiety. D.R. Fresno, California

- hi there, this is A.V. from the philippines. i just want to say that your product is simply amazing. my friends and i love it, that's why i'm ordering for the second time 4 bottles of maxim. my aunt, who's going to california today, will have my order mailed tomorrow. kindly send me an e-mail if you receive the same. thank you and more power....

- hi there, this is A.V. from the philippines. i just want to say that your product is simply amazing. my friends and i love it, that's why i'm ordering for the second time 4 bottles of maxim. my aunt, who's going to california today, will have my order mailed tomorrow. kindly send me an e-mail if you receive the same. thank you and more power....

- My friend and I started using Maxim a few weeks ago and it has changed our lives. No longer do we suffer the embarrassment of "pit-stains." It's really hard being a teenager and not being able to raise your arm in class. Now we can wear whatever we want. (Even gray shirts!) It's such a great feeling-being dry. We are now able to skip nights and still be sweatless the next day. We are completely thankful. MAXIM IS OUR GOD! k&J

- Dear Kim, I must say that your company has the best customer service I have ever experienced. You can turn an unpleasant situation and turn it into a positive. I hope to someday have the same level of customer service in my own company. Corad has demonstrated what customer service should be. Thanks for everything, F.T. (please forward this to the people in charge. They should be very proud of how you handled this situation)

- Mr. Roberts, sorry to have written you so soon. Ive seen results, and they are amazing! thank you very much for the great product that has given me my life back. i used to avoid certain shirts because i knew that they would be visibly sweaty. i would only wear plaid shirts and my friends started to notice that i always wore plaid. Thanks to your product, i can finally wear all the shirts i have, even if they arent plaid. Thanks again! -Rob

- IT'S A MIRACLE!!! - I don't know if this is going to the right person or not, but I have to let you know that your product is truly a miracle. As a 41 year-old, lifetime, self-proclaimed "excessive sweater", I've had the sweat rings that almost touch each other. I'm self-concious about hugging my children, and I can't kiss my wife without wiping my face off first. I've tried "pit socks", female hygene products, shoulder pads (used under the shoulder of course...). In spite of it all, I'm very competent and successful in my career. But I'm haunted every day with how much more confident and effective I could be if I didn't have to worry about this physical reaction that I felt no control over. One of my most embarrasing moments oceffectively treatd just this year when a sopping wet paper towel, that I had stuffed into my armpit for extra absorption, slipped down and out of my sleeve and fell onto the floor in the middle of making a presentation to a group of co-workers. I was mortified! That's when I decided I had to do something about this! After researching many alternatives, I finally decided to invest in your product and see what it could do. My order was waiting for me when I got home last night after a long day that stretched into the evening. I was so exhausted that I debated over whether to try the product then or just wait one more day. After seeing how easy it was to apply, and knowing that I would be giving a presentation in front of about 100 people the next morning, I decided to give it a try. And as a result, today turned into a day of firsts for me. It was the first day of the summer to reach 100 degrees in Dallas, AND it was also the very first day that I can remember, in my entire life, that I didn't have ONE SPOT OF SWEAT on my shirt! ALL DAY LONG! Wait, let me check. Yep, still dry! YAHOO! Just incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

- I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your product. It has done wonders for me!! I could never wear certain clothes because the sweat would show and it was very embarassing. Now I can wear whatever I want!

- Hello, Just wanted to let you know I received my order on Monday. I tried the product last night and I have to say I am very impressed today. I did not perspire a drop all day. This product really works! I'm amazed. Thank you

- Hi, I just wanted to write to you and say that your product is fantastic! I live in England and with this now being summer I was not looking forward to having to always wear a jacket! But Maxim means I can wear whatever I want! Even lycra (if I wanted to that is!!). The only small side effect is the slight itching, but the advantages far outway this. So this is just to say Thanx very much!!! L. England

- I found your website after looking everywhere for an anti-perspirant that I had seen on TV to stop excessive sweating. I am so glad I did not waste my money. I received your product on Saturday and I am happy to say I am perspiration free just two days later. For the first time today I wore a sleeveless cotton dress shirt without embarrassing wet spots just minutes after putting it on. At the end of the day today, I got on the subway and was able to lift my arm without the fear of embarrassment that I might be sweating. I had to keep checking, just because I was so shocked that it actually worked. My whole life I have lived with this problem. My mom also has lived with this problem her whole life, but not anymore!!! I really just want to say thank you. I have never been so excited over a product in my life. For anyone that suffers from embarrasing sweat stains, you don't have to anymore. I encourage you to try this product. It was the best purchase I have ever made!!! Sincerely, Lisa New York


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