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More On Maxim®*

Sweating treatment - Short of prescriptions or in extreme cases, a surgery called endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS), Maxim® is guaranteed to be the most effective over the counter anti-perspirant on the market, or your money back. Even with ETS surgery, the success rate for treating axillary sweating is only 30%. Like any other surgery, ETS it is not without its side affects (including irreversible compensatory sweating).

Hyperhidrosis treatment - This incredible anti-perspirant roll-on is an aqueous based solution containing an extremely powerful and safe chemical, aluminum chloride. It is also unique in the way it is applied. Maxim® is unlike conventional antiperspirants. You apply it at night- time, before you go to bed. Maxim® has no odor and is colorless. It does not wash off in water the next day.

Most people find exceptional relief from Maxim®. Some people require daily applications, and some require only 1-2 applications per week. You may want to apply your normal deodorant in the morning.

Maxim® is now available in our wipes applicators.



Public speaking/Presentations

Nervousness, Anxiety

Job Interviewing


Romantic Encounters

Are there any side affects? Personally, very rarely I will experience some minor itching but again, it is a minor inconvenience and very tolerable compared to the alternative of a life long irreversible side-affects associated with ETS surgery.



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