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Hyperhiodrosis California?

Hyperhidrosis California is often assoicated with the hyperhidrosis capital of America. Maxim antiperspirant provides relief for people with Hyperhidrosis and around the world.

Why do we ask this question? This is because much work on Hyperhidrosis has been done in California, but ETS surgery is not necessary when you use Maxim.

How should I apply Maxim*?

Hyperhidrosis California - Apply Maxim at night time to treat hyperhidrosis before you go to bed (yes at night time). Why is this? You need to let it form a plug on your pores to effectively treat hyperhidrosis. You can shower in the morning (you could probably get away with showering an hour after application, but wait the whole night). In the morning, follow your normal hygiene routine whether that includes applying your regular "antiperspirant" or deodorant; it will not affect Maxim. You should see results the first day. If you don't see results immediately, continue to apply for one week. If your skin becomes too itchy or irritated, stop applying and wait until it goes away, then start applying again.

We have recently introduced our new Maxim® wipes which are convenient for travel.

Should I be concerned about any side affects when using Maxim for hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is worry enough. This is one question that frequently comes up to our support staff. Should you be concerned about any side affects? In reality, there is a small percentage of our customers who do report some side affects. However, they are pretty minor. The most common side affect can be itching or burning, particularly if you apply the antiperspirant to broken or irritated skin. We recommend to avoid itching or burning, do not apply Maxim to irritated skin or broken skin. Discontinue if rash occurs. Some customers will discontinue use if the irritation is too much. After a few days when the irritation stops, people will try to apply a very small amount to a very localized area of the axillea armpit, most often, right in the center and they have reported good results.

The body has over 2,700 square inches of skin on which to perspire compared to about 6-10 square inches under the armpit. The armpit is not necessary for thermoregulation. So to stop sweating under the armpit will not effect your health. Personally, very rarely I will experience some minor itching but again, it is a minor inconvenience and very tolerable compared to the alternative.

Can or should I apply a deodorant while using Maxim?

Since Maxim is an antiperspirant that should reduce your hyperhidrosis, many people do not require a deodorant. However, some people, including myself apply a deodorant because the armpit is typically a breading ground for bacteria, that's what causes the odor. If you do apply a deodorant, try to avoid deodorants with fragrances because fragrances can cause further irritation if you already have sensitive skin. The best deodorants that I have found tend to be sticks like with baking soda. People also use baby powder.

Hyperhidrosis throughout the day is a nuisance to many people around the world. Studies show that 1%-5% of the population suffer from hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating. Underarm perspiration is a major cause of frustration, embarrassment and quite frankly, a costly life style due to the amount of dry cleaning, washing and ruining of clothing that one who experiences hyperhidrosis will endure.

Our bodies were designed to regulate temperature. One way in which we do this is through normal perspiration (not hyperhidrosis). A thin layer of sweat covers the skin and evaporates. Evaporation causes cooling. Hyperhidrosis (or hyperhydrosis) is a condition whereby the body for one reason or another produces too much sweat wherein the amount of sweat that covers the skin is essentially too much to cause efficient evaporation. Often times the excess layer of sweat or hyperhidrosis will cause skin temperature to rise, in essence, acting like a layer of insulation, warming the body rather than cooling.

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