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Stop excessive sweating with the MOST POWERFUL prescription strength antiperspirant on the market


Maxim® is formulated and distributed by CORAD Healthcare, Inc. and is our hallmark product. Maxim has been developed specifically for excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis and is the only kind in its class. The active ingredient in our proprietary anti-perspirant is recommended by leading Dermatologists to treat extreme underarm sweating. Excessive sweating is being treated effectively with Maxim® which is prescription strength. Thousands of dermatologists are recommending Maxim® and their patients are enjoying the benefits of one of the best antiperspirants to ever be formulated.

Types of customers that benefit from Maxim:
  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Teachers
  • Public Speakers
  • Teenagers
  • Nurses
  • Surgeons
  • People who wear uniforms and expensive suits
  • Anyone who suffers from excessive perspiration

Excessive perspiration and sweating affects approximately 3 million Americans alone. Are you one who suffers from this condition known as hyperhidrosis? Are you tired of embarrassing underarm sweat stains, odor, costly dry cleaning bills? If you are like myself and thousands of other Americans, you know what it is like to face uncontrollable, embarrassing underarm perspiration.

Moderate underarm sweating is natural as we are all aware. However, extreme cases of underarm sweating can inhibit social development and can lead to isolation.

Many people including myself (I am one of the founders of CORAD Healthcare, Inc.) have been using what we consider to be a God send for underarm perspiration. Since my late teens, I have experienced embarrassing underarm sweating. It was the cause of immense discomfort in social situations, pungent odor and the ruining of countless shirts and expensive suits. Like most people, I never had the time or nerve to let my physician know of my problem. It wasn't until I was introduced to a prescription brand of anti perspirant by a friend when my life literally changed. The prescription brand is effective but very irritating and it is hard to tolerate using regularly. However, it contains a similar active ingredient to that in Maxim. Maxim has been developed with a lower concentration of the active ingredient to be more gentle to the skin, while maintaining its effectiveness.

We developed Maxim to incorporate a non-prescription dosage of the active ingredient that is just as effective as the prescription concentration (the prescription brand is called Drysol for those of you who may have experienced the irritation). In fact, many of our customers claim that Maxim is more effective than Drysol. We have thousands of customers who use our product every day and they have never been happier.

This may sound like a cliche, but Maxim is literally changing the way people feel about themselves. Our customers report improved self esteem and self confidence, and more freedom to be the best they can be without being inhibited by the embarrassment of constant underarm perspiration stains. Read some of the incredible, real testimonials by pressing the hyperlink below and discover how our revolutionary anti perspirant has changed the lives of so many for the positive.

One more thing to know is that many of our customer's perspiration comes from nervousness or anxiety. These same people are prone to experience facial blushing, palm, facial and foot sweating, rapid heart beat in addition to the arm pit sweating. If you experience facial blushing or rapid heart rate when you're in social situations, you're not alone because again, this is what I had suffered from from for nearly 20 years. That's changed now because of some other things that I have done to conquer the associated anxiety and ancillary effects and we would be happy to share what treatments your doctor can help you with. If you think you would want to talk to someone, contact us and we'll get you going in the right direction.



Maxim* is a trademark of CORAD Healthcare, Inc.