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Irritable bowel (nervous stomach) If you suffer from alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation, if you have abdominal pain, gas and bloating, mucous in the stool or all of the above you may have irritable bowel syndrome. It is a widespread condition. As many as one in five adults get it. Over half the people who visit gastroenterologists suffer from IBS. Three out of four sufferers are women.

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What causes irritable bowel remains unknown. What seems to bring about a flare-up, in people predisposed to the condition, are emotional factors such as stress, anxiety and depression. Most people can treat the problem themselves by avoiding unnecessary stress, by dietary changes, or by making use of the over-the-counter remedy widely available at drug stores Equalactin. Equalactin is the only non-prescription medicine formulated, positioned and marketed for irritable bowel symptoms.

Equalactins active ingredient is calcium polycarbophil, a bulk-forming fiber which helps absorb water in the intestinal tract

Too much water? Diarrhea
A flare-up can mean too little water. Result? Constipation
In the normal colon, water is in balance.
Equalactin equalizes equalizes the balance for effective relief


In the diarrhea phase of irritable bowel, Equalactin helps equalize the water balance in the intestines, thereby normalizing fecal inconsistency, and so relieving diarrhea.


In the constipation phase, Equalactin binds water to the hard dry stool, creating bulkier, softer stools that are easier to pass. A change of as little as 10% in the water content of the bowel can make the difference between diarrhea and constipation. Accordingly, Equalactin can serve as a single, simple remedy for people with alternating bouts of constipation and diarrhea.


Once normal bowel movements are re-established, abdominal discomfort usually subsides. Thousands of sufferers from irritable bowel symptoms have confirmed the effectiveness of Equalactin. Its available in pleasant-tasting, easy-to-chew tablets at your drug store.

Unsolicited letters from users of Equalactin

A.T., Portland, Oregon

I am writing to you concerning your product, Equalactin. It was suggested to me by my doctor after other medications and over the counter products didn't work. Since I have an irritable bowel problem, this has been a godsend to me. I also have family and friends who I suggested it to, and they really appreciate the relief it has given them. Equalactin has changed my life style completely -- knowing there is something for relief of pain, discomfort and embarrassing moments that irritable bowel problems bring.

E.A., Meridian, TX

"Kudos" to the inventor(s) of Equalactin tablets! I had been suffering from irritable bowel syndrome for some time when I saw your ad on t.v. one night. I called my pharmacist and found out they had the product. It really helped me, believe me!! Thanks again.